Effective antiviral drugs for children

We treat children with antiviral drugs

Moms protect children from possible viruses and infections, but they do not always cope with the task without effective antiviral drugs.

In a child, the body is weaker than in an adult, so the reaction to the factors that cause the disease is faster. Restoring their health is more difficult, since many effective drugs are contraindicated due to side effects.

If you fail to appear to the doctor, proceed with self-treatment to stop the development of the disease. Cold or ARVI is recommended to be treated with antiviral agents.

CAUTION! The wrong medicine will not help, but worsen the condition of the baby. It is better to call a doctor at home and act on his recommendations.

Usually children have the flu or SARS. Pharmacy counters are bursting with pills that will cope with diseases. I present a list of drugs that in practice have demonstrated effectiveness and are recommended by doctors.

  1. Remantadine. Cope with the flu, regardless of stage. It is ineffective with acute respiratory viral infections, is contraindicated up to seven years.
  2. Interferon. A miraculous powder, on the basis of which a solution is prepared, with which, during the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections or influenza, the nose is buried. There are no age restrictions.
  3. Arbidol. Assign for preventive purposes. Take up to 3 years is not recommended.
  4. Nurofen, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol. Used as a non-steroidal antipyretic. Doctors did not agree on the appropriateness of these drugs. Some do not recommend their use, while others recommend it as a formidable weapon.
  5. Kagocel. Means in the form of tablets from ARVI and flu. Effective if taken on the first day of the disease. Children under three years old are not allowed.
  6. Aflubin and Anaferon. Homeopathic remedies that have been proven safe for children. For unknown reasons, pediatricians doubt their effectiveness.
Consult with your doctor at least by phone before buying and taking medication.

Preparations for children under 3 years

Photo of pills

In autumn and winter, pre-schoolers often have colds. The root cause of the phenomenon is a virus infection, which can be picked up in a public place, transport or kindergarten.

The immunity of a child is not as strong as that of an adult, so the risk of contracting the flu or a respiratory infection is great. If the child is ill, show it to the pediatrician as soon as possible in order to avoid the complications caused by improper self-medication.

Adults often rely on their strengths and the properties of antiviral drugs, buying advertised tablets that are advised to be used by parents of children who have had SARS.

Let's figure out what doctors recommend to use in these situations. Their advice deserves more attention than the recommendations of friends.

  • Relenza. Counteracts various forms of flu. Accepted no later than two days after the appearance of the messengers of the disease.
  • Ribarin. It is prescribed for pneumonia and bronchitis. Doctors recommend using in special cases, due to its side effects.
  • Gryprinosin. It blocks the spread of infection, activates the immune system during viral infections.
  • Vitaferon. Antiviral, which is allowed to give babies up to three years. The composition includes substances that stimulate the children's immune system.

Research results show that Vitaferon defeats viral hepatitis, mumps, smallpox, measles, flu, rubella and fever, runny nosecoughing. The only inconvenience is sleep disturbance.But to reduce the situation helps reduce the dose.

Some drugs from the list are prescribed in the winter for the prevention of viral diseases.

Tablets and preparations from 3 years

Pills on a leaf

Weather in the fall-winter season clears the bridgehead for the development of infections. During this period, caring parents try to strengthen the immunity of children, since it protects against viruses.

The first symptom of a weakened immune system are persistent respiratory diseases. If a child is sick at least six times a year, try to increase the level of resistance to infections. Food allergies, lack of appetite, fatigue, fungal infections, colds without a fever - all this suggests that it is time to activate the protective function. An immunogram helps to accurately determine weakened immunity.

Medicines should always be in the medicine cabinet, even if you are traveling for summer holidays. Pharmacies offer four groups of children's antiviral drugs: chemical and homeopathic remedies, interferons, and immunity stimulants.

  1. The most famous chemical antiviral - Remandatide. It is characterized by a modest spectrum of action, helps with flu, like Arbidol. Ribavirin use even with acute respiratory viral infections. There are contraindications, use only after consulting a doctor.
  2. Immunity stimulants: Immunal, Methylarucil, Imudon, Bronchomunal. They are active several weeks after the start of administration. Recommended for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza.
  3. Interferons: Viferon, Derinat, Anaferon, Kipferonpossess immunostimulating effectiveness in the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections. They increase the level of interferon, stop the development of the disease at an early stage. Take after the first symptoms.
  4. Homeopathic medicines: Aflubin, Viburkol, Oscillococcinum. The safest ones help to turn on the protective functions of the body when the messengers of the disease appear. Sold in the form of drops and candles.

I have listed common antiviral drugs. I advise you to use children's vitamin complexes that strengthen the immune system. Their value boils down to saturating the developing organism with minerals and vitamins during the period of deficiency.

Track your baby’s nutrition, which should be varied and balanced. In the diet include meat, milk, vegetables, fruits. Temper the child's body. This will strengthen health, eliminate the need to use synthetic medicines. Vaccines are still effective, so learn make injections. These skills come in handy.

What drugs should not be given to children

Health is a treasure that needs to be strengthened and maintained since childhood. No one is safe from diseases, but the responsibility for the medicines used lies with the parents.

The number of bacteria and viruses that cause disease is constantly increasing. Therefore, always have information about antiviral drugs for children. This will help to use effective agents in the treatment.

Not every drug is suitable at a young age, and inexperienced pharmacists often advise them. Do not completely trust the pharmacy seller, be sure to consult a pediatrician. A poorly versed pharmacist can recommend “adult” pills that will not alleviate the condition, but will aggravate it. Remember medications that children are not recommended to give.

  • Bromhexine and Ambrohexal Helpingfight coughcontraindicated in children. They are suitable only for adults.
  • Tiloron. As the results of international studies show, it is very toxic. Often called Tilaxin or Amixin.
  • There are antiviral drugs whose effectiveness and safety have not been proven by clinical trials. These are Cycloferon, Neovir, Groprinosin, Timogen, Isoprinosine.

Nature has created many tools that help fight viruses. This is garlic, rose hip, aloe, honey. They are affordable and effective. If there are signs of a cold, drink a rosehip infusion or tea with honey and lemon.

Contrary to the odd taste, a good antiviral is ginger.Grind the ginger root, pour boiling water and wait a third of an hour. This miraculous composition will help in the fight against infection.

Whether to give the child antiviral drugs, it is up to the mothers. But remember, often the body copes with the infection on its own. If the medication fails, let the doctor prescribe them.

Video tips from Dr. Komarovsky
Antiviral Agents - Doctor Komarovskog School

If a child has a weak immune system, even an expensive antiviral drug will not cure. For prevention, strengthen your health with folk methods, exercise, and hardening. Do not be ill!

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  1. Anna

    We visited Laura, she said that all these drugs for prevention are completely useless. If the child “meets” the virus, then he will still get sick, did you give him something for prevention or not ... Therefore, it is necessary to treat after infection, and not to poison the children's liver once again

  2. Catherine

    I myself know how hard it is to treat babies. While my daughter was a baby, they ran to the pediatrician for every reason to be safe. When I grew up, it became easier here. At first, I immediately give Influcid - and so far it does not fail us. Recovering seamlessly. But while it was small - just a nightmare.

  3. Tatyana

    For colds, I give my 5-year-old son Panadol in syrup, Aflubin, smear my nose with an oxolina, and drink tea with raspberries and lemon. I also put a Barrier brief near his crib. It kills germs well, cleans nose and throat. Can be hung over the bed. Replaces an inhaler. Cool stuff.

  4. Alice

    Kogacel really helps.

  5. Anna

    It’s better for children to do without them, in my opinion, read a scientific article, it says that it is still unknown how these drugs will show themselves in the future. I put a barrier reef in the nursery to disinfect the air, and my daughter generally carries such a device with her at the institute. In my opinion, this is much more harmless than illness and medicine.

  6. Maria

    I also try to give my kids something effective. Now I settled on Ingavirin. It helps quickly and without a side effect ... The last 2 years, my people are not sick) But they are successfully studying at school))

  7. Lyuba

    Thanks to the author for the article. Kagocel gave the child, he did not help us, since they did not drink in the first days of the symptoms of SARS. In addition, he is only 3 years old. Recently, I treat homeopathic medicines positively. I discovered Influcid. He is also from the flu and SARS. He helped me and the child. Note to those who have recently become mothers, it can be children from a year old.

  8. Daria

    I give the child a baby ingavirin for prevention, so for sure. parents send often sick children to school (I don’t understand why you can’t let your child lie down at home), but we definitely don’t need someone else’s infection. and they began to travel very often in the subway, so we save ourselves with Ingavirin.

  9. Irina

    Children's arbidol should be transferred to the list of drugs that should NOT be given to children. It does not cure, time is running out, the virus weakens the body, and it is much more difficult to treat a running cold. I was hoping that arbidol would help, understanding of its inefficiency came too late.

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