Names of boys and girls for 2019 according to the Orthodox calendar

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Priests of the Orthodox Church stop the attention of parents on the importance of preserving Russian traditions when choosing a child’s name. Therefore, if there are Orthodox guidelines in the family, then mothers and fathers take into account the Orthodox calendar and study the names that are presented on the child’s birthday or on the days closest to him.

Names of boys according to the Orthodox calendar for 2019

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In this section, I will present only a small list of names according to the Orthodox calendar for 2019.


January male names

Let's start with the birthday of January.

  • Daniel from Hebrew means "God is my judge." It has such qualities as: calm, attentiveness, patience. He does not like increased attention, but at the same time, Daniel is polite and courteous even with strangers.
  • Vasiliy "Royal". Owners of the name are cheerful people who are kind to others and love communication. Basil can be simple and cunning, they combine restraint, curiosity, practicality.
  • Mark means hammer. Since childhood, has been complex. May lag behind in studies, but show a penchant for math and music. Charm of Mark can be crossed out by its excessive straightforwardness.
  • Gregory interpreted as "stay awake, not sleeping." He enjoys genuine authority since childhood, knows how to smooth out the conflict, but loves pranks. The mystery of the name reveals a purposeful, impulsive and aspiring person.
  • Michael translates as "like God." People with this name are incredible aesthetes who are attracted by beautiful and unusual things. Mikhail is generous and hospitable, because he is loved by others.

February February male names

We pass to the February birthday.

  • Zahar means "the Lord remembered." He has good nature, responsiveness and disinterested attitude towards other people. He is indifferent to luxury, because his nature endowed with an altruistic character.
  • Timothy treated as "worshiping God." He respects parents, loves intellectual activities. Timothy is unforgettable, balanced and often become the "soul of the company."
  • Stepan means "crown". From childhood, these are fidgets and playful little girls who love communication. As they grow older, Stepanov manifests such qualities as: charisma, observation, non-standard perception of the world. They know how to organize the process and honor traditions.
  • Arkady translates as "happy." This person has a subtle sense of humor, likes to communicate and takes an active life position. Arkady protects the weak. People with this name are fond of outdoor sports, have friends of interest.
  • Makar means "blessed." Has a rich inner world, intellectual. He solves all questions and problems quickly and is guided by the voice of reason. The difference between Makarov is colossal willpower.


March male names

It's time to go to the spring birthday. So, about those born in March.

  • Kuzma means "blacksmith". He loves risk, but is restrained in his actions, but sometimes falls under the influence of others.
  • Nikita - “winner”. Has a vulnerable character, hardworking, well versed in people.
  • Taras treated as a "rebel." Inquisitive, explores innovation, subtly feels others.
  • Benjamin - "son of the right hand." It has a soft, disinterested and sometimes naive character, tries to avoid any conflicts.
  • Adrian translates as "Adriatic." A strong-willed person who is not afraid of difficulties and strives to improve the world.


April male names

Let's talk about the birthday of April.

  • Hermann means brotherly. These individuals are complex, striving for leadership. To achieve the goal, they can resort to lies.
  • George - "the farmer." Good luck brings calm temperament and the ability to bring things to the end.
  • Plato translates as wide. The owners of this name are very extraordinary personalities, workaholics and enthusiasts.
  • Semen interpreted as "God heard." It is characterized by assertiveness, which helps to achieve heights.
  • Valentine means strong. She will always come to the rescue, has a high intellectual level, so she can achieve a lot.


May names for men

May 2019 birthday parties are changeable in nature, like spring itself.

  • Ignat means fire. He has a cheerful disposition that combines with intolerance of ridicule. Ignat has a good composure, and also he is a scholar.
  • Felix - "happy." A diplomat by nature. Felix is ​​quite prudent, so he tries to acquire useful connections.
  • David means beloved. Confident, persistent, proud and pragmatic. Friends are appreciated for his responsiveness.
  • Leonty means lion. He likes to study, has good intuition, and manifests himself as a good organizer.
  • Dmitry - "dedicated to Demeter." He has a very complex and firm disposition. It never fails and always achieves the desired.


June male names

We pass to the birthday of June.

  • Andrey means "man." He keeps everything under control, narcissistic, loves attention to himself and does not tolerate competition.
  • Mitrofan interpreted as "manifested by the mother." A person with this name has meekness, kindness, and responsiveness.
  • Julian mean "curly." By nature, responsible, freedom-loving and sociable. Bypasses difficult situations, but sometimes a real knight wakes up in it.
  • Savely interpreted as "unpretentious." Responsive and kind, easily makes new friends.
  • Tikhon means "fate". Despite incredulity, she likes to share her thoughts. By nature, Tikhon is peaceful, and he is also a good family man.


July male names

The following are those born in July.

  • Naum translates as "comforting." Highly intellectual personality, prone to philosophizing. Nahum manifests itself as flexible and loyal, but he can manifest these qualities only with a suitable woman.
  • Terenty means "gentle." By nature, kind, caring, disinterested and sensitive, economic.
  • Anton treated as "join the battle." He has the patience, kindness and responsiveness that attracts others.
  • Martin translated means "dedicated to Mars." The owner of the name is shy and silent, does not tolerate pressure, has charm.
  • Vladimir - "lord." Entrepreneurial, has leadership skills, loves to learn.


August male names

August is rich in birthday people.

  • Ilya means "my god is Yahweh." Intuition, perseverance and intelligence will achieve in life all that is desired.
  • Yefim - "friendly." Smart, talented, outwardly kind, but this can be hidden by internal cruelty and obstinacy.
  • Paramon means reliable. Thanks to prudence and responsibility, he can achieve a lot.
  • Simon means "heard by God." Confident, has many talents, hardworking and assertive.
  • Jacob - "holding on to the heel." Prudent, does not tolerate conflicts, courageously perceives difficulties.


September male names

Now let's talk about the birthday of September according to the Orthodox calendar.

  • Raphael translates as "God healed." He is prudent, knows how to analyze the situation, has a non-conflict character.
    Vsevolod means "sovereign." Balanced, silent and with a strong character. Vsevolod appreciates the relationship, manifests himself as a reliable person.
  • Novel - "Roman."An optimist who sees good in everything. Differs in industriousness and independence.
  • Sergey means "noble." It is controversial, with the makings of a diplomat and analyst. It manifests itself as an open person.
  • Denis treated as "belonging to Dionysus." He is a leader in his soul, and therefore strives for leadership positions and managing people.


October male names

We pass to the October birthday.

  • Trofim means "breadwinner." Enterprising, pedantic, can come up with a certain charter for himself and live by it.
  • Vladislav - "owns fame." Soft, kind, fair. Respectfully refers to women, especially to the mother.
  • Anatoly means east. An inquisitive and hardworking person who is not afraid to start new business.
  • Arkhip - "reigning over the horses." It has good intuition, so you should never lie to this person.
  • Abraham interpreted as the "father of peoples." The holder of the name can have both persistent and firm character, and compliant and soft.


November male names

November birthday.

  • Nikolay translates as "winner of the nations." Self-confident silent, hardworking, conservative.
  • Artemy interpreted as "dedicated to Artemis" or "unharmed." Devotee, judicious. If you set a goal, it will be stubborn to go to it.
  • Valery means to be strong. He is friendly, knows how to communicate even with strangers, he is not afraid of unusual situations, because Valery quickly adapts.
  • Philip translates as "loving horses." Smart, independent, has many different talents.
  • Orest means highlander. He does not enter into conflicts, fights for justice, finds a common language with different people, which positively affects his life.


December male names

Now about those born in December.

  • Gennady means noble. He has good intellectual potential, a difficult temperament, is patient and loves order in everything.
  • Alexey - "protector". Modest, decent, consistent. Will come to the aid in difficult times.
  • Boris means "wrestler". Shows determination and independence, can impose his opinion on others, which worsens interpersonal relationships.
  • Yaroslav treated as "strong." Energetic, confident, wise, secretive by nature.
  • Victor - “winner”. He is lucky in life, he knows how to achieve his goal, and this contributes to Victor's high intelligence and goodwill.

Names of girls according to the Orthodox calendar for 2019

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There are also quite a lot of names for girls on the Orthodox calendar of 2019, so I will present only the most popular.


January female names

Birthdays of January.

  • Anastasia means "resurrected." Strong-willed personality, keen on work, responsive.
  • Claudia translates as "lame." Has an independent, mysterious and harmonious disposition.
  • Dominica interpreted as the "Lord". A homebody who prefers to go about their business away from others.
  • Tatyana means the founder. Has a set of excellent qualities: smart, decent, principled.
  • Maria interpreted as "coveted." At its core is multifaceted, reliable and hardworking.


February female names

Born in February.

  • Agnia - "innocent." Sociable, friendly, does not tolerate lies.
  • Vasilisa means "queen". The character is domineering, noble, cordial. Sociable enough.
  • Svetlana treated as "bright." A multifaceted personality. Character combines authority and gentleness, and others appreciate the Light for its hospitality.
  • Sophia means wisdom. A firm and decisive girl who disarms the enemy with just a glance.
  • Irina means calm. Eloquent, charming, makes plans and quickly reaches its goals.


March female names

For those born in March, the following names are suitable.

  • Marianne has several meanings - “sea” or “bitter grace”. Independent and optimistic, does not lose faith in the best.
  • Praskovya - “waiting” or “Friday”. Sensitive, soft, kind and cheerful girl who attracts others with these features.
  • Kira means "sun." Loyal and reliable, loves attention, has many friends among men.
  • Ulyana - "fluffy." Romantic and feminine. Due to excessive modesty, he cannot fully realize himself.
  • Nika means "winner". Does not interfere in conflicts, has developed intuition, leadership inclinations.


April female names

April birthday.

  • Daria means to have good. It has excellent taste, it makes an impression at first sight.
  • Taisiya - "wise." Smoothes out misunderstandings, does not tolerate intrigues, constantly develops and improves.
  • Pelagia means "sea". An eccentric, creative and pragmatic girl.
  • Galina interpreted as calm. He appreciates the situation, has diplomatic qualities, and forgives offenders.
  • Martha means "mistress." It has good intuition, high intelligence, but because of the sharpness it has difficulties in communicating.


May female names

We pass to those born in May.

  • Tamara means "fig tree". A vulnerable, intelligent person, with a rich inner world and a pure soul.
  • Glafira - “smooth”, “beautiful”. Her nature endowed with flexibility, patience and wisdom.
  • Elizabeth treated as "worshiping God." The girl has an imperious, but at the same time condescending and noble character.
  • Zoya means life. He is friends with everyone, feels people, has an independent opinion.
  • Nina translates as "great-granddaughter." Responsive. Kind, keeps his word, talented.


June female names

June birthday.

  • Kristina means "Christian." Cheerful, quick-witted, responsive.
  • Dina translates as "narrowed." Very charming and effective, has excellent organizational skills.
  • Alexandra means "protector." Fair, knows how to value friendship, she has “masculine” character traits.
  • Akulina means "eaglet". Purposeful personality, good hostess, achieves success in a variety of industries.
  • Vera value does not change. Active, courageous, direct, open. Vera has musical abilities.


July female names

July girls and their names.

  • Rimma means "Roman". Enterprising, pleasant in communication, caring wife and mother.
  • Olga translates as "holy." Active, closed, has a strong will, as well as intelligence.
  • Veronica - "bearing victory." Being materialistic in character, has a good inner flair. Witty, easy to talk to.
  • Valentine means strong. Kind, hardworking, able to find compromises.
  • Alevtina treated as "strong." She has a complex character, but still she has many friends.


August female names

Birthdays of August.

  • Eugene - “with good genes.” The vulnerable, stubborn, rational and economical Eugene does not like to waste money and time.
  • Anfisa means flower. Attractive to men who by all means try to get her attention.
  • And I - "violet." He has a sociable, active and strong-willed disposition.
  • Angelina means "angel." A dreamy girl who does not endure pressure.
  • Margarita “The pearl.” Tactful, feminine and courageous.


September female names

About born in September.

  • Ariadne translates as "immaculate." Has an inquiring mind, always helps if necessary, but never drowns in other people's affairs and problems with his head.
  • Susanna interpreted as "lily." Has excellent oratorical inclinations, altruist in essence.
  • Seraphim means fiery. By nature, the girl is cheerful, dreamy, sociable.
  • Natalya translates as "birth." Creative personality with developed intuition.
  • Raisa - "boss." A realist in life who soberly assesses the situation and those around her.


October female names

For those born in October, the following Orthodox names are suitable.

  • Iraida treated as the "daughter of a hero." Endowed with responsibility, punctuality, organizational skills.
  • Zinaida in translation means "belonging to Zeus." Often interested in someone else's life, over which he can ponder for a long time. Sociable, impulsive.
  • Hope - a name that has retained its meaning. Categorical, stubborn, independent.
  • Thekla means "God."Diplomatic and mild, but may show a temper.
  • Euphrosyne translates as "joy." Creative and amorous personality.


November female names

November birthday girls.

  • Anna means grace. Responsive, kind and sacrificial girl.
  • Evdokia treated as "goodwill." Proud, vulnerable, follows the call of the heart.
  • Aza - "solid." Scrabble, active girl, constantly changing her life.
  • Capitolina comes from the name of the locality. It acts consistently and calmly, which causes respect from others.
  • Neonila - "young." Stubborn, principled, appreciates the feeling of comfort.


December female names

Names for girls born in December

  • Marina - “marine”. An impulsive and emotional girl with many fans.
  • Catherine means pure. A well-educated and considerate woman with high authority.
  • Myrrh translates as "fragrant resin." Constantly improving, it seems to others that Mirra is a calculating girl.
  • Victoria - This is victory". The girl has excellent external data and an analytical mindset.
  • Barbara means "foreigner". Dreamy, romantic and strong-willed at the same time.

How the church advises choosing names for children

Choose a name according to the Orthodox calendar, that is, in memory of the saints, began in the time of Russia. But parents should remember that the name belongs to practical things. From the point of view of Orthodox priests, after baptism, the baby should be brought regularly to the church for communion. It is best when the godparents are doing this, because they have taken on such responsibilities. When the child becomes older, he will not only receive communion, but also prepare for confession.

Priests strongly support the choice of names according to the holy calendar, but emphasize that parents should choose a “comfortable” name that will be easy to pronounce, and you should not worry about clergy: they will easily pronounce even the most difficult ones.

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Useful Tips

  • If you decide that you will be guided by Orthodox traditions, do not choose one name for worldly life, and another for Christian life. Baptize the baby with one name so as not to contribute to confusion.
  • It is better to refuse exotic names, as they often do not harmonize with Russian middle names and surnames.
  • And another piece of advice from the priests: drop superstition. Often parents are afraid to tell others the name by which they baptized the child so that no one could damage him. All this is fiction: the child, who is taken to the church and communed, is protected from any witchcraft and magic.

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When we choose a name for the crumbs in honor of the saint, we read the life of this person, are interested in Christian exploits and deep down wish our child to live a worthy life as well. But for this we ourselves must serve as an example and engage in the education of the child.

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