Choosing a name for a child by month of birth

List of popular child names in 2016

Name - an identifier of a person, a means of personalizing a person. When choosing a name for a child, you need to carefully consider and weigh everything.

According to astrologers, the name affects fate and health, so its choice is a difficult task that needs to be solved by future or new parents.

In some states, parents are required to name the baby immediately after birth. In Russia, everything is different, parents are allocated a month to solve the problem, they must register after the child.

Until 988, the children were nicknamed, which was often changed later. The nickname indicated the qualities of a person. Later they began to name the newborns according to the holy calendar, which simplified the task.

After baptism, new options appeared, with a Latin or Greek origin. At first, people for a long time got used to nicknames of foreign origin, but soon they became familiar, changed, got similarities with Russians.

A long period of newborns was called by means of a month. At the beginning of the last century, tradition changed when parents got the right to choose a name on their own. At this moment, neologisms appeared. Some are beautiful and interesting, others are completely absurd.

Neologisms are still used. Often, parents who keep up with the times register their child as “Hacker"Or" Google. "

Decide what to focus on when choosing. I offer some interesting ideas that will facilitate your fate.

  • Orthodox calendar. In the calendar, find the date of the birth of the baby and read the list of names written on this day.
  • Relative or celebrity. Children are called as a person who left a bright mark in the life of their parents. This is a relative, family friend or famous person - a hero from a film or a book.
  • Origin and meaning. Previously, caring parents called the child, in accordance with a superficial idea of ​​meaning and origin. Bookstores sell dictionaries that contain such information.
  • Esoterics. Scientists in the field of numerology and astrology have repeatedly proved that origin affects fate. Carefully analyze your favorite option. Find out how it relates to the date of birth. This method is not yet common.
  • Fashion. Fashion is insidious, sometimes only Sasha and Nastya play in one small sandbox.
  • Originality. Some parents love originality, ignoring fashion trends. Dads and mothers, using imagination, come up with a unique name for the child, this is wonderful.

I don’t know what technology you will choose, each has his own life and religious views. When solving this problem, remember that with the name the child will have to walk through life, it will determine successes and achievements.

Names of children by month of birth

Each family has its own technique for choosing a name for a newborn. Some use the church calendar, others follow signs, and still others relate to advice from a relative. There are parents who are interested in how to name a child born in a particular month.


  • Boys: Valentine, Pavel, Egor, Cyril, Fedor, Artem, Nikita.
  • Girls: Eugene, Irina, Vasilisa, Anastasia, Polina, Maria, Tatyana.


  • Boys: Gregory, Boris, Oleg, Yuri, Roman, Timothy, Cyril.
  • Girls: Maria, Zoe, Christina, Veronica, Valentine, Anna, Rimma.


  • Boys: Leonid, Anton, Matvey, Yuri, Yaroslav, Vasily, Alexei, Danil.
  • Girls: Christina, Marina, Nika, Galina, Margarita, Antonina, Marianna.


  • Boys: Danil, Zahar, Philip, Ivan, Nikolai, Samson, Antip, Peter.
  • Girls: Lydia, Anastasia, Alexandra, Maria, Eve, Sofia, Akulina.


  • Boys: Konstantin, Sergey, Vitaliy, Mikhail, Lavrentiy, Gregory.
  • Girls: Valentina, Zoya, Alexandra, Pelageya, Irina, Taisiya, Kristina.


  • Boys: Oleg, Mikhail, Dmitry, Jan, Gabriel, Cyril, Tikhon.
  • Girls: Antonina, Theodora, Cyrus, Kaleria, Theodosius, Valeria, Nelly.


  • Boys: Stepan, Efim, George, Eugene, Stanislav, Ivan, Roman.
  • Girls: Inna, Anna, Olga, Zhanna, Marina, Efrosinya, Alevtina.


  • Boys: Rodion, Yuri, Vladimir, Maxim, Konstantin, Denis, Boris.
  • Girls: Praskovya, Valentina, Magdalen, Milena, Maria, Svetlana, Seraphim.


  • Boys: Lavrenti, Denis, Arkhip, Victor, Ilya, Zakhar, Gleb, Timothy.
  • Girls: Vera, Natalia, Hope, Martha, Raisa, Lyudmila, Anfisa.


  • Boys: Nikolay, George, Pavel, Alexander, Khariton, Vyacheslav, Nikita.
  • Girls: Marianne, Praskovya, Jonah, Zlata, Pelagia, Ariadne, Veronica.


  • Boys: Dmitry, Taras, Vasily, Kuzma, Zinovy, Artem, Andrey, Athanasius.
  • Girls: Natalia, Zinovia, Maria, Nelly, Anna, Anastasia, Efrosinya, Claudia.


  • Boys: Artyom, Mark, Tryphon, Moses, Semyon, Valerian, Zakhar.
  • Girls: Augusta, Olga, Angelina, Marina, Zoya, Anfisa, Ekaterina, Anna.

Now you have a list of popular names at your disposal. Based on the month in which the baby was born, you will find a great option. Remember, the material is informative in nature, this is just a hint.

Step-by-step selection plan

A name is a symbol of a person, reflecting character. When parents encounter this fascinating activity, difficulties arise. It is not surprising, since the option that the father likes is associated with an unpleasant person in the mother and vice versa. What to say about grandparents who strive to participate in this.

In this part of the article I will share recommendations, present some tips and points that you should pay attention to when solving the issue.

  1. Combination with a middle name and a surname. The junction of the name and patronymic should be without a large number of consecutive vowels or consonants sounds. Such a combination will not bring pleasure to anyone.
  2. Lack of dissonance. Often a name is discordant with a surname or patronymic. The reason for this phenomenon is a different “nationality”. Therefore, if the father is called in the Old Russian manner, choose the same for the child and vice versa.
  3. Exotic. Names of an exotic nature are combined with surnames that are rare among residents of Russia. The main thing is that it does not rhyme with the surname, since such combinations are comical and ugly.
  4. Abbreviation Name. There should be harmonious diminutive options. If they are not there, the children will still come up with something and no one will guarantee that the notion turns out to be good.
  5. Initials. During the selection, not everyone pays attention to the initials, but in vain. Sometimes such a trifle is unpleasant, especially if the initials add up to an indecent or ugly word.
How to choose the name of the unborn child. Part 1.

With a good name, the child will become an independent, confident person, conquering the peaks and achieving success.

How to name a boy

I don’t know which option you like best, but the main thing is that it is in harmony with the middle name and last name. Many people choose popular names, not paying attention to the fact that they sound bad with other components.

Fashion is unstable. What is now at the top of popularity, after a few years will become commonplace and common.

  1. Arthur. This universal variant has Celtic roots. Its carriers are usually hospitable, enthusiastic, emotional personalities. It sounds in any country, brings good luck.
  2. Hermann. Annoying, cunning, stubborn. But their patience, together with their aspiration, helps to achieve success in life and career. At the beginning of the century it was widespread, but then popularity declined.
  3. Lubomyr. Popular in the Czech Republic and Poland.Lubomirs are consistent, intelligent, pragmatic people who come to the rescue at any moment. If you stop the choice on it, notice that the child differs from peers in sonority.
  4. Nathan. A few years ago it was found only in Israel. Under the influence of fashion gained popularity among the Slavic peoples. The bearers of this universal and beautiful name are gifted, flexible, wise people. In the original, the emphasis is on the last letter “a,” although the other is also the correct one.
  5. Stanislav. Polish roots. Stanislavs are persistent, decent, kind people, with their own opinions. Stas is an abridged version, more harmonious. The female version of Stanislav is rare.
  6. Felix. Latin roots, very rare. Felixes are lucky in life and career. Gaining popularity, it was on the list of the most beautiful names in Russia.

This is a sample list of popular male names. Approach the choice responsibly, because it will accompany the son all his life.

How to name a girl

Many parents become interested in choosing a name from the moment of conception, since medicine helps to know the gender long before birth.

  • Anna. Will not leave the pinnacle of popularity. Ann has a big heart, delicate taste, golden hands. They are gullible, disinterested, attentive, accurate.
  • Olga. New Year prophesies popularity to this Old Norse name. Olga is a feminine, serious, ambitious, thoughtful person, an excellent hostess and wife. If you call daughter Olya, she will succeed and build a happy family.
  • Vera. Slavic roots. Faiths are wise, prudent, judicious, with logical thinking. Being an obedient, gentle and affectionate person, Vera sets great goals and never changes him. Her treasure is modesty.
  • Hope. It was common among the Slavs. Hopes are purposeful, adventurous, emotional, noisy personalities who value mother's authority and family values. Nadi's mind and sociability make her a support for family and friends.
  • Milena. Meeting a girl with that name is a rarity. If you want your daughter to be soft, kind, gentle, this is the best option. For Milena, there is nothing more important than family. For virtue and loyalty, her parents, husband, and colleagues love her.
  • Nina. I don’t understand why this Greek name is now a rarity. It is undeservedly forgotten. Nina is an independent, independent, self-proud, stubborn person who is ready for anything for the sake of justice. Thanks to punctuality, responsibility and integrity, she feels comfortable in the chair of the head. Softness, femininity, charm bring popularity among men.

I’ll add on my own that parents like to study dictionaries, looking for the meaning and origin of the name. I do not recommend unconditionally trusting interpretations. Use the generally accepted recommendations to make the right choice, and the child will get a reason for pride.

What are you guided by when choosing a child’s name?

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  1. Claudia

    When my daughter was born with a very low weight, I did not have any doubts about choosing her name. I called her Victoria i.e.Victory and she won - grew strong and healthy. Now I am inclined to choose names by month and so that it is combined with middle name and last name. And the choice according to the church calendar for baptism in the church will be his middle name.

  2. Alyona

    My husband and I are expecting a baby in late June or early July. We thought for a long time how to name the child. The husband wants to name the child Julia. I'm confused. So I went to your site and now I know what we’ll call the baby. I will show this site to my husband, let him see :)

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