Prevention of influenza and SARS in children

Flu and ARVI Prevention

Influenza and SARS are serious diseases that require immediate treatment. To prevent the disease, prophylaxis should be done on time. Influenza and SARS are dangerous diseases that lead to serious complications. Timely preventive measures can protect and prepare the body and strengthen the immune system. Compliance with preventive measures will greatly reduce the risk of disease. Especially in need of protection is a fragile children's organism.

General preventive actions

There are a number of actions that will allow you to perform protection against influenza and SARS, reducing the risk of disease. The main ones include:

  • Regular hand washing.
  • Daily rinse with mild saline.
  • Airing the room.
  • Compliance with the temperature regime in the children's room.
  • Conducting daily wet cleaning (it is advisable to minimize the use of household chemicals).
  • The inclusion of vitamins in the diet and the intake of an age-appropriate vitamin-mineral complex.
  • Walks in the open air.
  • Hardening.
  • Before going outside, sinus treatment with oxolinic ointment.
  • Restriction of communication with sick children.

The most effective folk remedies

lemons and drink

Treatment fees

Charges from medicinal plants are prepared independently at home.
Make the mixture in the following proportions:

  • Fruits of viburnum and linden flowers (1: 1).
  • Raspberry fruits, coltsfoot leaves and oregano (2: 2: 1).
  • Peppermint, elderberry flowers, linden inflorescences (1: 1: 1).

Pour 2 tablespoons of collecting 500 ml of hot water. Boil for 15 minutes, then strain. Take 1 glass at night.

The following fees are equally effective:

  1. Lingonberry (15 g) + Rosehips (25 g) + Nettle leaves (25 g). Place the mixture in a thermos and pour 250 ml of boiling water. Insist for about six hours. 200 ml is taken three times a day.
  2. Pine buds + Rosehip + Birch leaves + Eucalyptus harvest + Dandelion flowers + Flaxseed + Sage. Take 2 tbsp. l each component and add one spoonful of wormwood. Brew the medicine for 3 hours in a thermos, adding 800 ml of hot water to 15 grams of the plant mixture. Pour the contents into a container and bring to a boil. The cooled and filtered drink is taken up to six times a day, 1.5 cups each.

Teas, fruit drinks, infusions

Drinks made from healthy herbs are in demand. For example, linden tea, with mint, viburnum, honey. Among fruit drinks there are: lingonberry, cranberry, raspberry, currant.

Infusions are no less in demand for prevention. The most popular of cranberry twigs, rose hips, ginger, elderberry flowers, dried raspberries, chamomile flowers. Pour the plants with boiling water at the rate of 1 tablespoon of grass per 1 cup of water. Insist 20 minutes. Strain the liquid. Take ¼ cup four times a day.

Onion and garlic

The healing properties of onions and garlic have long been known. Thanks to their antibacterial qualities, they act as a prophylactic against flu and colds.

  • Onions are included in the diet, adding to dishes.
  • Garlic is useful for external and internal use.

Children do not like the taste and pungent smell of garlic, therefore, for the purpose of prevention, they place small saucers in the rooms with chopped slices. Also use gauze bags in which crushed garlic is placed. Such a method is also in demand - a clove is strung on a thread and the child wears such an “ornament” on his neck.

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Disadvantages of popular protection against colds

The lack of protection against the disease is the low effectiveness of folk remedies. In order for them to be effective, you need to use them regularly, the only way is it possible to strengthen the immune system and help the body resist the disease without the help of drugs. Decoctions and infusions have a restorative effect, but when infected, it is better to use traditional medicine.

Pharmacy preparations for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza

The drugs that ensure the prevention of influenza and SARS are in demand:

  • Arbidol. From 3 years old. Contraindications: individual intolerance, allergy. Price - from 136 rubles.
  • "Rimantadine." From the age of seven. Side effects: headache, allergies, abdominal pain, nausea. Price from 90 rub.
  • Tamiflu. From one year. Contraindications: individual intolerance, renal failure. Price from 1150 rub.
  • Cycloferon. From 4 years old. Contraindications: allergy, liver failure. Price from 360 rub.
  • Amiksin. From the age of seven. Price from 520 rub.
  • Aflubin in the form of drops. From one year. Contraindications: intolerance. Side effects: increased salivation, allergies. Price from 460 rub.
  • Oscillococcinum. From infancy. Contraindications: intolerance. Price from 360 rub.

Also popular medicines are: “Grippferon” in drops (indicated for children from the first days of life), “Viferon-gel”, “Aerosol IRS-19” (from 3 months), Oxolinic ointment.

Nonspecific preventive actions and vaccination


A set of measures refers to non-specific actions for the prevention of colds:

  • Optimum air temperature and humidity in the room.
  • Ventilation.
  • A complete diet, including the necessary proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins.
  • Compliance with the drinking schedule.
  • Daily outdoor activities.
  • Charging.
  • Daily regime.
  • Restriction of stay in crowded places.
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Wearing masks.
  • Use of ultraviolet lamps.


Doctors recommend vaccinating children, reducing the risk of influenza, SARS, and acute respiratory infections. Drugs are prescribed taking into account the individual characteristics and age of the child. The virus has its own bacterial nature. During vaccination, antibodies are introduced into the child's body to form a stable immune response against SARS and influenza.

Verified vaccinations:

  • "Flu". Children older than 6 months.
  • Influvac. It is done from six months to 18 years.
  • Begrivak. Introduced up to 3 years.

Antiviral vaccinations for schoolchildren:

  • "Flu";
  • "Vaksigrippin";
  • "AGC vaccine";
  • Ultrex Fort.
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Pregnant Protection

Influenza and SARS are dangerous to the health of the expectant mother and fetus. The first thing to do is to introduce a vaccine that is suitable for pregnant women with a term of more than 14 weeks: Influvac, Vaksigripp, Bergivak and others that do not contain components that can harm a future mother and her baby.

Medications will provide good prevention of influenza and SARS. Use the following tools: "Oxolinic" ointment, "Interferon", "Viferon" in the form of a gel. Ointments and gels are used to treat the nasal passages 2 times a day.

General preventive measures are useful for pregnant women:

  • Regular hand washing.
  • Gymnastics for pregnant women.
  • Long stay in the fresh air.
  • Daily airing and wet cleaning indoors.
  • Deep sleep.
  • Exclusion of stress.
  • Vitamin complexes for pregnant women.
  • The required amount of fresh vegetables and fruits on the menu.

Features of prevention in newborns

Child's hand

The fragile body of the newborn needs antiviral protection.

General actions:

  • Compliance with sanitary standards in the room.
  • Minimize guest visits.
  • Sun and air baths are desirable.
  • Gradual hardening by wiping.
  • Adding to the water when bathing decoctions of chamomile or sage.
  • Exclusion of contacts of the baby with sick family members.

Medications for prevention in newborns are prescribed by a doctor.
When breastfeeding, the baby receives protection with mother's milk.

Flu Prevention Memo

  • A complete diet, including fruits and vegetables.
  • Regular sunbathing and air bathing, hardening.
  • Daily routine, healthy sleep.
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Exercise, exercise.

Useful Tips

For the prevention of influenza and SARS, it is necessary:

  • Live a healthy life.
  • Temper.
  • Get vaccinated on time in accordance with the vaccination schedule.
  • Refuse to visit crowded places in the season when the risk of infection is high.
  • Observe good hygiene.
  • Maintain a healthy indoor climate.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
Prevention of influenza and SARS in children.

Modern man lives in society, so it is impossible to exclude the risk of viral diseases. A medicine that would protect 100% does not exist. Therefore, follow preventive measures to protect yourself and children from dangerous diseases.

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