How to become the most fashionable and stylish girl - 6 rules of modern fashion

Fashionable and stylish girl

Fashion is capricious, fickle, changeable, but most people strive for it. What is fashion? More often this word is used when talking about clothes. In a broad sense, it refers to cultural manifestations, lifestyle, cars, gadgets, homes.

Sometimes, those seeking fashion are ridiculed, considered unreasonable. But, time dictates the rules and fashion in clothes requires a different attitude. There is no final ideal by definition, but it seems that with the next change in fashion, perfection can be achieved ...

6 basic rules of modern fashion

The first rule is knowledge of the figure. Take a little black dress. It looks different on women with different types of figures. An ideal hourglass shape, which cannot be said for the rectangle shape. This does not mean that women with a non-standard figure such outfits are contraindicated. Do not copy the style of others, girlfriends, sisters, it is better to develop your own.

The second rule is a perfectly fitting thing.. Do not buy outfit outfits. Unwanted deposits in a tight dress creep out for show. Pick up dress the right size and loose fit. If you buy an outfit one size smaller, believe me, you won’t become thinner, but you will call a light smile from those around you.

Remember, the perfect thing matches the contours of the body.

The dress should sit comfortably and comfortably. Clothing adorns a person, not vice versa.

Selection of fashionable and stylish colors by type of appearance

The third rule is fashion color. Women are sincerely mistaken when they think that all the colors of the rainbow suit them. Much depends on skin, eye color and hair colors. Classic colors, black and white, are optimal, but there are tons of other colors and shades that emphasize the positive aspects of your nevermind and appearance. How to determine which color is suitable?

There are 4 types of appearance.

  • Type of appearance - winter. Coldish skin color, pale pink or white, sometimes a skin of a transparent swarthy. Hair color is black or chestnut, but dark shades, sometimes ashen. Eyes of all colors, but pronounced. In winter, deep, slightly muted tones are suitable: turquoise, ink-violet, coffee, dark pink.
  • Type of appearance - summer. Pale skin pink, sometimes with an olive tint. Blonde hair, from natural blondes to dark blond. The eyes are light, blue, gray or green. Shades of green, brown, milk look good. Jeans wear look stylish.
  • Type of appearance - autumn. The most pronounced type. Golden hue, dark brown hair. The eyes are green, brown, with a touch of amber or cognac. Cold colors of clothes are suitable: white, blue, gray, black.
  • Type of appearance - spring. The skin is light, cream, milk or golden hue. Hair is the color of wheat, golden or amber tint. The eyes are gray, blue, green, light shade. Various colors are suitable: emerald, turquoise, shades of green, muted red or peach.

Considering the peculiarities of appearance color type, you can easily create a fashionable wardrobe, become a stylish personality even in a gray dress.

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Choosing the right accessories

Fourth Rule - Accessories. Choose stylish and harmonious with the outfit. Sometimes there is a picture when a pretty sweet lady has ridiculous decorations. It seems that she is wearing the whole jewelry box. Remember, even a couple of ridiculously selected accessories completely ruin the “delicious” and chic outfit.

Accessories are a logical continuation or completion of an outfit, and not a separate part. In the selection of accessories, there are some simple rules.

  • Accessories to choose, taking into account age. The younger, the less jewelry.
  • Accessories should be combined with a figure. Slender and slender ladies do not wear large jewelry, they will make it even smaller. Ladies of impressive shapes will not fit small and fragile jewelry, visually they will further increase the shape.
  • The more expensive and colorful the accessory, the simpler the outfit. The main rule: no more than two bright details in the wardrobe.
  • Accessories are selected based on location, time, season, occasion or circumstance. For winter, accessories are selected large in volume - bags or weighty jewelry. In summer, preference is given to natural materials: stones, leather, wood.
  • The more sophisticated decor elements the outfit has, the smaller and simpler the accessories.
  • Around the face no more than 3 accessories. If you wear glasses, enough chains on the neck and earrings. Other details will overload the image.
  • Leaving the house, consider the outfit, pick up matching accessories. Combinations are possible: scarf and handbag, strap and shoes, gloves and footwear.

Learn to keep track of the smallest little things. If expensive mink coat and stylish bag, it’s ridiculous to put on an old shabby purse. As soon as the rules firmly enter into life, she will sparkle with other colors, you will become a fashionable and stylish lady.

Rule Five - Underwear. It is not for nothing that the linen is hidden under the clothes, since it performs the primary function, remaining invisible, supports and tightens the necessary parts of the body. Lingerie should be invisible on the body. You must admit that when panties dig into the body, it will not make you attractively sexy. Tight panties represent a lot of inconvenience and stop the eyes of others on one of the most attractive places on the body if you wear a tight dress or trousers.

The thong sticking out is absurd, especially when wearing low-waist trousers. If some consider it sexual and indescribable delight in men, they are mistaken. This causes a grin, and men misinterpret the extravagance of the girl.

Another part is a bra. Choose it correctly, choose a neutral color. The correct form and impeccable color will help to create the desired level of perfection, an aesthetic look and add sexuality. By purchasing this part of the women's wardrobe, do not hesitate to try on. The bra should sit so that nothing interferes, does not crush anywhere.

To check the correct choice of a bra, take a deep breath and raise your hands several times. If you don’t press and there are no traces of strapless left, feel free to choose it. Remember, it is better to buy a product from natural fabrics.

Rule Six - Cosmetics. Make-up in everyday life, apply moderate, this applies to young girls and mature ladies. In everyday life, bright makeup looks at least ridiculous. It’s enough if the foundation is applied on the face, a little powder, and lips are underlined by gloss. Mascara will emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. Do not select cosmetics for the color of the wardrobe, this only at first glance seems an acceptable option. You must admit that pink lipstick on the lips, pink shades to the pink blouse look funny and ridiculous.

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A bit of fashion history

Each era brings its own ideals. In the time of the artist Rubens, puffy ladies were considered the ideal of female beauty. In the modern world, men are attracted to slender girls. Everyone knows the common expression - "beauty requires sacrifice."History remembers many facts when, in tribute to fashion and beauty, they sacrificed. In China and Japan, the girls were tightly bandaged with their legs, put on wooden pads to make the leg miniature. The process is very long and painful, but fashion required this. In Europe, women tightened their bodies with corsets, so hard that it was difficult to breathe. Reached fainting. Fashion demanded more and more victims. In Spain, in the Middle Ages, flat chests were in fashion. To prevent breast growth, lead plates were applied. You can talk about fashion quirks for quite some time, but I want to say: “About times, about morals!”

The rules of decency in fashion for many centuries remained virtually unchanged. To bare a woman's legs began at the beginning of the last century, then it was called a fashion revolution. Now there is a tendency to expose the body more and more. If we talk about the feeling of shame, it is seriously different among different sectors of society and representatives of religious faiths.

Neckline, a very old element in women's fashion, is known in ancient Greece. Then it was not used for some time, and is reborn during the Middle Ages, when women lifted their breasts with corsets. During the Renaissance, they began to expose the body even more, and no one started talking about shame, everything was part of the canons of fashion. If you trace the history of fashion, an erotic element is traced everywhere, and modern fashion is no exception.

When a person realized that it was necessary to dress not only so as not to freeze, but to give the appearance a peculiarity or individuality, the language of fashion appeared. Then began to think about style and aesthetics. By clothing, you can determine the vision of the human world, ideas about beauty and fashion. Each era dictates its own rules regarding appearance and people obey these rules.

100 years of fashion in 1 minute

100 years of fashion in 1 minute

There is still a concept - style - talent, a sense of a certain measure and taste. This is easy for someone, but someone needs to explain how to correctly and competently make a wardrobe in order to look fashionable and stylish, and not become a laughing stock.

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By learning to follow these rules, you will gradually notice changes in your wardrobe and style. Do not forget about individuality: finding your own style, you will become a fashionable, sophisticated lady only because you are wearing things that really suit you. It is better to be beautiful and elegant, to feel confident in everything. Although the clothes are not the most fashionable, they are stylish. This is much better than being the most fashionable, always in trend, but looking ridiculous and ridiculous.

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