How to knit a hat with knitting needles and crochet - training for beginners

Fashionable knitted hat

What warms a person in winter? Battery, cup of tea and warm clothes. In the article I will tell you how to knit a hat with knitting needles and crochet for a woman.

Preparing for the winter season is taken in advance. And if spring is outside the window, this does not mean that it is too early to prepare for winter. If you decide to please yourself with a knitted new thing, great. I note that a knitted product is goodNew Year's gift. Please your loved one with a gift that will take care of your health.

You can knit a hat at home with knitting needles and crochet. Which knitting tool to prefer, you decide. It all depends on tastes, skills and abilities. I’ll add on my own that no matter how you knit a hat and with which tool, the result will live up to expectations. In the article you will learn the techniques of knitting hats using knitting needles and hooks. Let's get started.

Knitting for beginners

Want a knitted hat? No funds to buy? Do not be discouraged, but tie it yourself! It will take free time, knitting needles and yarn. After reading the material, get to work. In a week, a knitted hat will appear in the wardrobe.

  • To start, select the knitting needles. The market offers knitting needles in an assortment of sizes and types that determine the appearance of the loops.
  • I recommend using the knitting needles of the fourth number. Although, thin knitting needles also allow knitting a hat. Even better, circular knitting needles are suitable for solving the problem.
  • Alternatively, use double-sided knitting needles, but I find them more suitable. for knitting socks and small items. Therefore, circular knitting needles are the best solution.
  • A crochet hook is indispensable. It will be needed at the end to finish the job.
  • Choose yarn. If you are knitting a hat for the first time, give preference to thick threads. It’s easier to work with them, and bind them faster.

There are knitting needles, yarn acquired, it's time to start knitting hats. First measure your head circumference. This stage is extremely important, since the number of loops dialed determines the size of the cap. Here's a detailed video on knitting hats with knitting needles.

Video tips
We knit a simple hat with knitting needles. hat knitting

Let's imagine that you are going to tie a hat and present to a loved one. Remember, the average head circumference is 61 centimeters.

It does not hurt to tie the sample and calculate the number of loops that fit in the centimeter of the canvas. So determine the number of loops that will be needed to create the base.

Step-by-step instruction

I will give advice. In the end you have to reduce the loop. To facilitate the task, I recommend that you round the number to a multiple of eight. And since the yarn is stretched, round to a lower number. I hope this is clear. Time to start.

  1. First loop. The above formula will help. After the loop, connect in a circle. Using circular knitting needles, this is easy. Gather loops carefully and carefully, since entangled loops cannot be corrected and the canvas will have to be loosened, and work should be started again.
  2. Keep knitting. From time to time, try on a hat to determine the number of rows. The use of circular knitting needles contributes to the creation of curled edges.Therefore, knit a little longer, otherwise it will not work to calculate the length of the product.
  3. When the base of the cap is ready, begin to decrease. Using pins, outline every eight loops. A few loops to the pin, remove one loop. When reducing loops in each row, notice that the size of the cap decreases. Customize the knitting needles. This will not affect the quality and appearance of the product. As a result, four loops will remain, and the work will come to an end.
  4. At the end you will need a hook or darn needle. To complete the work, pull the yarn through the remaining loops. To fix the crown, pull the tip of the thread to the wrong side and use the hook to pull through the top of the cap. It remains to cut the thread and sew the product with a needle to mask the seam and increase strength.

At first glance, the procedure is time-consuming, but it is an illusion. The hardest thing to choose is the color of the yarn. There will be no problems with this, since it will help in the matter knitted fashion.

Crochet hats

Crocheting is no less interesting than knitting, although the techniques vary. Products made by crochet are more elegant and delicate. At the same time, knitting needles allow you to knit warm gizmos.

As practice shows, in the wardrobe of a woman who wants become fashionableknitted hats are present. Therefore, continuing the topic of the article, I will tell you how to crochet a hat.

Tool and circuit selection

Yarn is required to create a knitted headdress. A specialized store sells synthetic and natural yarn of various thicknesses, textures and colors.

Next, select the hook. The information on the thread label will help. Manufacturers indicate which hook number is best to use. I recommend picking up a tool experimentally. To do this, tie several samples. If the tool provides comfortable work, then everything is fine. Otherwise, select a larger or smaller product.

As for the material from which the knitting tool is made, be guided by preferences. Metal hooks are too heavy, and the plastic version is deformed. Choose based on knit density and weight.

A few words about the search for drawings and diagrams. The scheme will be needed to work. If you are looking for her, then you have an idea about crocheting. Therefore, I will not consider technical issues. You can find the idea of ​​caps and a detailed diagram in print media andon sites. Any of the sources will offer many schemes. True, they are usually focused on needlewomen who have mastered the art of knitting.

Step-by-step plan

Having found the scheme, carefully study and then begin work. Sometimes on the diagram there are varieties of loops that have not been encountered. Find information about them.

  • Dial a chain of air loops. If you do not know how to determine their number, re-read the first part of the article, where we knitted a hat with knitting needles. To get the ring, knit the last loop with the first loop.
  • Knit with a crochet. The height of the first block of columns should be eight centimeters. Reduce the number of loops. To do this, through eight loops, connect two loops into one. The height of the canvas made in this way should be three centimeters.
  • Loops through three loops. To make the product fit, after two centimeters, begin to sharply reduce the loops, otherwise the hat will turn out in the form of a gnome cap. First knit two loops together, and then three.
  • Knit until one loop remains. Tighten it well and cut the tip of the thread with scissors. Decorate the finished product with pompons or flowers, knitted with air loops. To ensure that the cap has a fluffy rim, tie the first three rows of loops with “straws”.

Video training

How to crochet a hat. Crochet hat with subtitles

If knitting is yourshobbyand fashionable things are weakness, you can do what you love and update your wardrobe with fashionable things. As a result, the image will be relevant without significant financial investments, which is important.

How to tie a hat with ears

It is difficult to dispute the fact that a knitted hat with ears protects and warms the head even in windy and cold weather. It is enough to put on such a hat, and the ears will not freeze. I think you guessed that it will be about knitting hats with ears.

To make the finished product light, warm and versatile, I recommend using wool yarn. I will tell the technology of knitting a baby hat, since it is children who are more in need of protection and warmth. Parents need to take care of their health.

If you intend to make a hat for your little son, I recommend knitting blue snowflakes. For the girl, shades of pink are suitable.

To create a headdress you will need white yarn, pink or blue thread. Do not do without the knitting needles of the third and fourth numbers. The basis of knitting is the front surface.

  1. Type one hundred loops on the knitting needles of the third number using the white main thread. Loop the crosshairs. Knit the first 34 rows with an elastic band.
  2. Go to the knitting needles of the fourth number and knit a dozen rows with the main thread. If you do not know, a dozen means twelve. Then knit twenty-one rows with a pattern called “Snowflake” using a colored thread.
  3. Knit four rows with the main thread and divide the knitting into two parts. There will be three snowflakes in front and two in the back. After the cap, sew a knitted seam.
  4. The time came to endow the hat with ears. The main thread dial 27 loops, after the elastic band, knit four rows. Start with the front eyelet.
  5. In the next row, make a decrease at the beginning and at the end. Continue knitting until three stitches remain on the knitting needles. Then knit thirty centimeters with an elastic band and close the loops. It remains to decorate the head outfit with pompons.

My method involves the use of blue or pink yarn. You can use other threads after learning what color is in fashion this year.

Video instructions

Knitting. We knit a simple hat with ears.

The technology is also suitable for knitting adult hats, as they are fashionable and relevant. True, the number of loops indicated above will be different. You already know the quantity calculation formula.

Needlework is a way to demonstrate care and love to a loved one, and knitting is a medicine against stress. As for knitted clothes, it allows a woman to demonstrate skill to relatives, provide comfort and coziness during winter walks.

How to choose the right yarn

The final part of the article will be devoted to the choice of yarn. The cost of threads offered by the market is practically the same. Therefore, choosing on this basis is pointless.

Pay attention to the composition, as synthetic yarns are often present in the yarn. This must be taken into account, especially if you knit a little thing for the child.

It is easy to make sure that the threads are natural. Take a piece of yarn and burn. After natural yarn, a heap of ash will remain. If synthetics are present in the threads, a solid ball is formed instead of the ash hill.

Choose your threads carefully, as not all yarn is suitable for creating a specific product. To make it clear, I will introduce the characteristics of natural threads.

  • Woolen yarn retains heat and is suitable for knitting winter clothes: dresses, skirts, gloves, sweaters, scarves. These threads are elastic and light, but become lumpy and roll.
  • Wool threads include synthetics. Such yarn is more resistant to wear. Wool yarn is used to create knitted clothes. The main thing is that the products should not be worn by children up to two years.
  • Linen yarn - a variant of summer clothes:dresses, sundresses, T-shirts. Flaxen threads are hygienic and do not irritate the skin.
  • Yarn with a pile is suitable for creating voluminous winter clothes that cannot be worn on a naked body. We are talking about jackets and pullovers, under which they wear T-shirts or T-shirts.
  • Cotton yarn is an inelastic, dense and heavy material, devoid of warming qualities. It is best suited for creating summer dresses, as it provides a cooling effect. In addition, cotton is not afraid of the sun and even bright outfits retain their original color for a long time.
  • As for silk yarn, it is practical and retains heat. It’s not suitable for creating winter clothes, but for knitting autumn dresses it’s the most. It is not subject to deformation and absorbs moisture.

The best yarn for knitting caps

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All that remains is to take the time and create a warm and comfortable outfit for yourself or your family. Good luck in knitting. See you!

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