What glasses are in fashion in 2015

Fashion Sunglasses

The assortment of fashionable glasses of 2015 is striking in variety. These products are divided into categories in which the latest trends are collected. Let's look at what glasses are in fashion in 2015.

I tracked six trends. Some are stylish and extravagant, others remain classic and traditional.

  • Cat's eyes. Cat-shaped glasses have been popular for many seasons, and 2015 is no exception. Assortment of unusual shapes and diverse fashionable shades allows you to easily create a playful or strict look.
  • Bizarre shapes. A new fashion trend, which designers are promoting. A rhombus, oval or heart looks chic and suits any girl who is not afraid to attract attention.
  • Round classic. Such models are chosen by celebrities. Designers offer lenses and frames in various shades, for decoration they use patterns and rhinestones.
  • Sporty style. Never went out of fashion. Suitable for people with an active lifestyle.
  • Gradient lenses. The trend is not new, but leading designers constantly come back to it and delight with new products.
  • Contrast. If you don’t like completely dark glasses, pay attention to contrasting products. The frame and lenses are made in inconsistent colors.


Fashionistas know that sunglasses must match the shape of the face, hair and clothes. Having reviewed many impressions, I identified several trends

  1. Geometric shapes. Ovals, triangles and other geometric shapes. When choosing such a model, make sure that it matches the type of face. Oval glasses fit a triangular face.
  2. The size. If you want to hide your eyes from other people, pay attention to the large sun products. Wearing large glasses does not harm the style and allows become fashionable.
  3. Cat eyes. Models with a frame in the form of cat's eyes are again on the list of current trends. Suitable for all skin tones and face types.
  4. Aviators. This season at the peak of fashion aviator glasses. They are not combined with all face types. They emphasize individuality. Fashion designers offer a wide selection of models with frames in various colors and configurations.
  5. Massive forms. A similar impression is formed thanks to impressive frames. Designers have created chic frames that can fit into any look.
  6. Creative Fashion lawmakers have conducted successful texture experiments. They used textiles to cover the frames. The result was products that, thanks to soft fabric on the frames, combine with fashionable clothes, including dresses and skirts.
  7. Dark shades. It's hard to imagine a fashionista without dark glasses. In 2015, sunglasses are large, covering half of the face. Combine with any clothes.
  8. Ombre. Smooth transition from a dark shade to a light tone.
  9. Goggles mask. Lenses close in the nose. Designers borrowed this feature from sports style.
  10. Transparency. Fashion glasses are completely transparent. The lenses of the products are made of quartz glass, which does not transmit the rays of the sun. It is recommended to wear them in cloudy weather or in the evening. Such models are not a protective tool, but an accessory for emphasizing the image.
  11. Light frames. At the peak of fashion, glasses combining light frames and dark glasses. This is not to say that this solution is unusual, but it is quite fresh.

Fashion frames

The spring-summer season is approaching and soon the time will come for hot days.While the body is bathed in the sun, the eyes will suffer. Take care of their protection. People use sunglasses not only in summer; there are models that protect eyes from flickering snow.

Aviator glasses. It has long been at the pinnacle of popularity, have everything you need to create a beautiful and stylish image.

  • Dark glasses paired with an original frame will suit anyone. The main thing is that the glasses are not small, because they are not combined with all types of faces. Look great on a round or oval face.
  • Stylists have created many options for frames. It is a classic form and glass products.
  • The frame for aviators is made of gilding or metal. The main thing is that the material does not cause an allergic disorder.
  • When choosing, make sure that the frame does not squeeze your face or hang out. In the first case, you will have to forget about the aesthetic appearance, and in the second - the glasses will fall and fail.
  • The frame of ordinary metal is combined with all types of glass. Gold - in harmony with dark glasses that emphasize the beauty and brilliance of the precious metal.

Butterfly glasses. Original and fashionable frame. It emphasizes the grace and grace of the face.

  1. Stylists recommend butterfly glasses to fashionistas with an elongated or round face. Thanks to the elongated edges, glasses do not burden the face, but give a little femininity and charm.
  2. Frames of precious and ordinary metals decorated with inserts or rhinestones are in fashion.
  3. On any podium, such a frame is beyond competition. Fashion designers are confident that such glasses will be at the peak of fashion and in real life, because they help to create an unusual and original image.

Cat rim. An interesting and attractive model. Street fashion welcomes them. Thanks to the frame, fashionable glasses become modern, impeccable and feminine.

  • Ideal for fashionistas with a square face. To soften the daring image, it is recommended to wear with inserts of stones or rhinestones.
  • Usually made of non-allergenic plastic. In 2015, at the peak of fashion, a natural wood frame.
  • For girls with a big wallet, expensive models are offered in a gold frame, which is combined with unusual temples.

Round frame. Not inferior in terms of popularity to the first three options. All options have one task - the creation of an image that is distinguished by its unique audacity.

  1. The round frame is recommended to pay attention to girls with a triangular face. The trend of this season has found a place in the wardrobe of different directions.
  2. It is considered universal. Regardless of clothing and accessories, glasses will complement the image, not a bit harming.

Fashionable men's glasses

Glasses are the most common accessory among men. If you are going to buy an accessory for the impending spring-summer season, I advise you to familiarize yourself with the material. I am sure you will find a ton of useful tips.

  • Mirroring The trend is mirrored glasses.
  • Round frames. They first gained popularity at the beginning of the last century, when men used them to protect their eyes from the sun and to create an eccentric image.
  • Sporty style. Suitable for people who do not sit still and are in the sun. Designers have worked hard and created a lot of such models.
  • D-frame style. The highlight of the season. While some manufacturers rely on flowing and smooth lines, the second focus on the manufacture of angular-shaped glasses. Add a little futurism to the image of a man.
  • Wayfarer style. Closes the top five. Designers introduced fashion for such glasses in the middle of the 20th century. Until now, popularity has flashed and calmed down, and in 2015 reached a peak.

I hope that after reading the article on fashionable glasses, you will find a place in the image for this simple and beautiful accessory. Men's fashion recommends using it.

How to choose glasses

In conclusion, I’ll tell you about the intricacies of choosing glasses, because to do this in a variety of models is problematic.

If you decide to get an accessory, during the selection, take into account the shape of the face.A square face fits an oval, triangular or rounded frame with rounded corners. This will soften the angularity of the face.

For a round face, the trapezoidal frame is considered the best solution, and the rigid features of the face in the form of a rectangle helps to correct the oval or round shape.

The oval shape of the face, which is considered classic, glasses with any frame are suitable: classic or extravagant. The main thing is that the top line of the frame coincides with the shape of the eyebrows.

Have a nice trip to the store. See you!

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