What color is in fashion in 2015

Fashion colors

In 2015, world designers offer to relax and take a break, forgetting the hustle and bustle of life to enjoy the beauty of nature. This is evidenced by the colors and shades chosen by the designers for the collections. Let's look at what color is in fashion in 2015.

After the past fashion shows, it turned out that the list of fashionable colors is represented by soft and ethereal shades, neutral and pastel natural tones. Let's talk about them in detail.

  1. Aquamarine. In 2015, at the peak of fashion. A refreshing and delicate shade of blue relieves stress, combined with shades of green and blue.
  2. Turquoise. The shade of turquoise color reminds of the waters of the ocean. It gives a feeling of lightness and inspires dreams of mysterious sea depths and beautiful tropical islands. The best companion of turquoise is a soft shade of blue.
  3. Mint. A fresh shade of green managed to climb to the top of fashion. A soothing tone radiating a “mint glow” is combined with shades of blue and turquoise.
  4. Blue. The color is confident and calm, fills life with wisdom and harmony. It is completed with red-brown color.
  5. Toasted almonds. Timeless and universal, it acts as the golden mean of a cool palette of fashionable shades. Reminds of spontaneous feelings and luxurious tan.
  6. Strawberries with cream. The fashionable shade simultaneously warms, refreshes and captivates. An outfit of this color will make the female image shine.
  7. Orange. The soft shade is characterized by good nature, friendliness, joy and optimism. Due to self-sufficiency, outfits of this color look chic. Looks good in prints.
  8. Custard. A sweet shade of yellow gives a sense of delicious biscuit and have a nice summer vacation. Differs in ease, softness and attractiveness.
  9. Red brown. An interesting shade refined, like good wine, stable, like the root system of a huge tree. Gives self-confidence and pleasure.
  10. Gray. Heir to last year’s spring season. Due to modesty, this is a background shade that enhances other colors. Inclines to rest and relaxation in a calm and quiet environment.

When choosing new things for your wardrobe, you will not be mistaken. Your image this season will be beautiful, relevant and fashionable.

What hair color is in fashion in 2015

It’s hard to argue that hair coloring allows a woman to change her image for the better. To achieve this effect, it is enough to find out what hair colors are at the peak of fashion.

Fashion trends offer new and improved old staining options. Colors are varied: natural shades and unusual tones.

If you want to experiment with hair color, check out the following helpful tips to help you choose the right fashion color.

  1. Natural colors. Hairdressers recommend abandoning creative hair coloring. Natural beauty is emphasized only by a natural shade: red, blond, black with a purple tint, dark blond.
  2. Natural blond. When it comes to light colors, experts recommend giving preference to warm colors: copper, honey or sand.
  3. Puppet colors. It’s better to forget about them. Exception only short haircutsfor which the best solution is ashen blond. If you plan to lighten your hair, use a tinted shampoo.
  4. Saturated black. If dark skin and brown eyes, he emphasizes the beauty and make the image mysterious.To achieve a strong effect, make a purple tint.
  5. Shades of red. Red-haired beauties were lucky, stylists do not limit them. In fashion all the shades of red. Just choose the right shade so that the hair color matches the appearance.
  6. California highlighting. It looks especially gorgeous on red hair. If the effect of burnt tips attracts you, get it.
  7. Gradient staining. An option for women who want to experiment with several shades at the same time. The presented technique provides for several smooth transitions from color to color.
  8. Screen staining. The main youth feature of the fashion season of 2015. This method of coloring allows you to apply an unusual pattern to the hair: a geometric or leopard pattern.

If you decide to dye your hair, moving the natural color to the background, make no serious mistakes. As a result, the image will turn out flawless, and complement it good hairstyle.

What is the color of varnish in fashion in 2015

Many girls are interested fashionable manicure. To understand what color of varnish is relevant, check out the latest news and trends.

To begin, I propose to talk about the length and shape of the nails. For several past seasons, square and short marigolds remained at the top of the fashion. In 2015, oval nails became relevant.

For models, designers choose sharp and long nailsbut for everyday life this option is not suitable. The main trend is the natural shape of the nails up to 5 millimeters long.

  1. The list of fashionable colors of nail polish is presented in creamy, black, gold, burgundy and blue colors, wine and milk shades.
  2. Metallic shades are suitable for creating original accents in the design. A bright accent adds a twist to the manicure.
  3. Glossy and matte decorative coatings are relevant. To make the nails look perfect, I recommend covering their surface with shine.

We figured out the shape, length of the nails and the color of the varnish. I dedicate the final part of the article to manicure. Properly selected nail polish color is not enough.

  1. French manicure. Always fashionable, this season is no exception.
  2. Cosmic manicure. Suitable for daring and bright girls. Look into the salon, and a professional master will execute a unique design combining blue varnish and acrylic paints.
  3. Stamping. Make a stylish and fashionable manicure allows stencil. The popularity of this type of manicure is increasing. Even a girl who does not have artistic skills can create a manicure in a few minutes.
  4. An interesting combination. To make a manicure interesting and unusual, use several colors. In 2015, this one is relevant and provides for the combination of glossy and matte shades.
  5. Glitter polish. Snowflakes, frosty drawings and patterns on a winter theme look great on nails. The main thing is to create a foundation with the help of blue, violet or purple.
  6. Sand varnish. Originality is back in fashion. Experts advise to pay attention to the varnish with a sandy texture.
  7. Gel polish. This decorative coating has maintained its position and remains relevant. Coffee, peach or mint shades are in fashion.
  8. Gradient. Smooth transition from color to color. The presented art technique is popular among specialists in the field of manicure.
  9. Thermo-varnish. If short and well-groomed marigolds, pay attention to this varnish. The highlight of the decorative coating is the color change depending on the ambient temperature.

In 2015, the fashion for manicure is diverse and multifaceted. Any beauty will choose the perfect style. If you want to get a fashionable image, do not make the main bet on creative manicure. Follow fashion trends and act correctly, because in the first place is the health and natural beauty of nails, not color.

What color clothes in fashion in 2015

Recent fashion shows have shown that fashion trends this season are neon and vibrant shades. Let's consider them in detail.

  1. In the cold season, I recommend wearing clothes of neutral tones, a cold gray color is considered a universal shade. Coats and skirts made of gray fabric are relevant.
  2. A worthy counterweight to gray is a warm beige color that looks on cashmere outerwear. In fashion a bamboo shade that combines with purple.
  3. A bold trend has appeared in evening fashion - the use of brown. Such fashionable dress Looks great if the color has a chocolate tint.
  4. The color of copper sulfate is the brightest in the winter 2015 season. It looks paired with black shades and is suitable for coats, dresses, skirts.
  5. For courageous fashionistas, I recommend paying attention to clothes made of light green fabric. Color enlivens the outfit.
  6. The highlight of the winter season is a bright shade of orange. Even a bold fashionista is afraid to put on an orange coat, the color is challenging, which not everyone will decide to accept.
  7. An elegant and stylish solution - pastel shades combined with bright accessories.
  8. For designers, spring-summer collections are represented by neon shades of blue, orange and green.
  9. A great alternative is the contrasting pastel shades of blue and pink. Thanks to these colors, loose-fitting clothing becomes feminine and spring.

Remember, the color of clothes is recommended to be repeated in makeup to create a harmonious and balanced look.

I examined the fashionable colors of clothes, nail polish and hair. I do not recommend taking extremely bold steps. It’s great if such an experiment ends in success. But what if the opposite happens?

I advise you to change the image and follow the fashion carefully, given the social status, preferences and tastes. Only small steps will help achieve the result. Good luck in your endeavors. See you.

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