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Designers held fashion shows in 2015. Events have shown that dresses are the trend of the season. What is fashion for dresses 2015?

Given the love of fashion designers for dresses, highlighting the dominant texture, shade and silhouette is problematic, but fashion trends allow experimenting with outfits. I will give a list of current women's dresses.

  1. Leather. Leather dresses are a favorite among designers, who agreed that they should have a loose shape and short length. Models differ in laconic design. The color palette is represented by mustard, brown, red, milky and black shades.
  2. Linen style. Dresses that resemble nightgowns are back in fashion. Advanced designers gave the creations a little glamor, adorning with lace, beads, embroidery and flirty inserts. The length is medium and short, the list of colors is presented in beige and black shades.
  3. Volumetric texture. New from the season are tapestry and jacquard dresses. The listed materials have a beautiful texture and volumetric pattern. The length of the products is dark green, burgundy and mustard flowers to the knees.
  4. Layered dresses. Elven mysticism and light chiffon dresses are considered the trendy trend of the season. Models have several layers in the field of sleeves, a bodice and a skirt. Designers preferred the maximum length, bright and romantic colors.
  5. V neckline. The dress became the neckline. A similar constructive element has casual and evening dresses. Length plays a secondary role, and the color scheme is represented by shades of blue and red, floral print.
  6. Ethno style. At the beginning of the year, leading designers highlighted Mexican motifs and prototypes of the American Indians. Dresses are decorated with colorful ornaments, trimmed with fringe and elements of fur. Colors are white, red, burgundy and blue.
  7. Dress shirt. Practical and free outfits are always relevant. Dress-shirt has a loose silhouette, modest decor, several patch pockets and various textures. The color palette is shades of white, beige and blue.
  8. Office minimalism. A strict outfit in the style of minimalism was a surprise. Such products are distinguished by a semi-adjacent silhouette, neat collars, pockets, a bright and rich color palette. Classic tones were not disregarded. It is blue, gray, brown and black.
  9. Sweater dress. For several seasons, designers have demonstrated that fashion can be practical, and a sweater dress is an example. Such outfits are warm, cozy, funny and colorful.
  10. The maximum length. Outfits on the floor are models that have switched from last season. Designers were unable to allocate a color palette for such outfits, therefore monophonic products and print models are relevant.

Fashion 2015 pleases with variety. Regardless of the type of activity and hobbies, each fashionista will replenish the wardrobe with a fashionable outfit.

Fashionable summer dresses

The most stylish and feminine thing in a woman’s wardrobe is a dress. An inconspicuous person just needs to choose a beautiful dress and she will turn into a princess.

Fashion designers decided this season to please women with unexpected looks.

  1. Monochrome. Solid outfits combining white and black are in fashion. This color scheme is the solution for evening ensembles, business meetings, New Year's corporate parties. The average length, beautiful contrasting patterns, embroidery, lace and other decorative elements make the outfit individual and luxurious.
  2. Retro fashion. Outfits sewn from flowing, dense or dull fabric, which were popular in the 70s, are again in trend. Items with fasteners, pleated skirts and tiny collars are in fashion.
  3. Transparency. Such outfits owe sexuality to a transparent mesh, lace and lace embroidery. Beautiful prints and intricate patterns are not able to hide secret parts of the body from the eyes. Wear linen under a translucent red or black dress.
  4. Jacquard. Jacquard products in the coming summer are very relevant. The presence of silk in the fabric makes the dress luxurious. Designers preferred Byzantine motifs, a game of geometric shapes and a Baroque style.
  5. Colorful print. Animal prints are fashionable. Designers are of the opinion that a woman is an obstinate and wild cat. The items with floral ornaments and drawings imitating animals look great.
  6. Shirt. The model, which is characterized by a straight cut and a monophonic color scheme, is suitable for any girl. A belt and patch pockets emphasize femininity. Practicality and convenience are due to the free fit of the outfit.
  7. Maxi. In summer, flowing dresses are fashionable, regardless of color. The decoration comes down to embroidery, appliqués and lace. Beach, evening and casual options look great.

After studying the proposals of designers, I realized that any woman will not be left without a good dress, which my advice will help choose.

Fashionable dresses for full

Designers develop outfits for obese women so that a lady with a full figure feels comfortable. The selection of summer dresses is diverse. Outfits are offered that make the image of a full woman attractive.

Before buying a suitable dress, it’s good to arm yourself with information that will help you choose a fashionable and relevant option.

  1. Chubby fashionistas are of the opinion that a long dress is the wrong solution for the summer, and for spring or autumn is suitable. This does not mean that you cannot purchase a dress of the desired length.
  2. Summer dress is a free and light outfit that is comfortable. A short option is suitable for the warm season. Designers, knowing this, offer many options for style and length.
  3. The fabric should breathe and be light. Stylists prepared a lot of models with transparent inserts.
  4. The list of the best materials is presented by polyester, cotton, silk, spandex.
  5. About the style. For the summer, short-sleeved models that slightly cover the shoulders are considered the best solution. Off-shoulder dresses are relevant in the hot season. In late spring and early autumn, it is recommended to wear the option with sleeves, decorated with patterns and prints.
  6. Want to make the image comfortable, attractive and natural? Pay attention to the neckline. The bust is a strong place for women with a full figure. In 2015, dresses with cut-outs in the shape of a heart are in fashion. The main thing is to choose the right fashion shoes.
  7. Choose solid and dark colors, patterns with ripples, ornaments, patterns and prints. Do not disregard marine-themed dresses with floral patterns and natural landscapes.

Guided by tips, you will make the image amazing, regardless of shape. Review these options and choose what you like.

Fashionable dresses for every day

The range of women's dresses is diverse. Casual dresses are an option for any occasion. Such clothes emphasize femininity and retains a playful image. A festive dress is the solution for a special occasion.

It is good when the model highlights the virtues of the figure, emphasizes beauty, creates an individual, fashionable and stylish image. Casual dress is different from other models. It is about convenience and practicality.

  1. Relaxing in the park or taking a walk along the city streets will decorate a light dress made of chintz, cotton or linen. Knee length is enough.
  2. For cool spring weather, a fitted maxi-type knit outfit is suitable.In the coming spring, any knitting is relevant. The main thing is that the temperature regime allows you to wear a robe.
  3. If it is cold outside, give preference to the acrylic option. As the temperature rises, switch to chiffon and cotton products.

Do not stop at one option. Choose short and long dresses, varying in color and material. The main thing is that the spring model is matte and restrained, and the summer outfit is bright and colorful.

Designers offer a choice of different colors.

  1. The leader of the season is dark blue.
  2. In second place are the shades of white. They give off a tint of tan.
    Do not forget, this color is full.
  3. Chocolate shades close the top three. Wearing an outfit of this color is recommended for all girls.
  4. No less popular are gray tones.
  5. Shades of beige are not always suitable, because ladies do not choose the right tone.

I will give a little attention to fashionable prints that adorn everyday options.

  1. Geometric patterns are not in fashion for the first year, and this season is no exception. There are many options: triangles, squares, rhombuses.
  2. In the summer, the relevance of animalistic images increases. The choice here is gorgeous: panther, snake.
  3. A fashionable option is a dress that combines animal prints with plain shades.

I recommend supplementing the wardrobe with several outfits that differ in color and style. I do not advise buying a dress in advance. If gain weight or lose weight the outfit does not fit well in the figure. It is better to get a new thing on the eve of the season.

Not all women wear dresses, preferring jeans and pants. Yes, these clothes deserve attention, but in the first place should be a dress, because we are women.

As practice shows, men like girls and women in airy dresses, rather than in tight pants. When updating your wardrobe, keep this in mind. Enjoy the shopping.

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