Fashion spring - summer 2014

Fashionable summer dress

The fashion season spring - summer 2014 brings an incredible amount of innovation. Designers worked hard to satisfy the needs of even the most moody mods.

Experts recommend taking blouses out of grandmother's chests and acquiring bright sweaters with fun patterns. According to leading designers, in 2014 a woman should remain romantic, mysterious and tender.

Fashionable colors spring - summer

Year to live in bright and extravagant colors. Do not be afraid to experiment and combine unexpected shades.

  1. Bright everyday life. The color palette of the dress should in the best light emphasize the merits. Warm and sunny tones enter the arena. Bright orange and juicy yellow did not bypass any display. These colors are filled with incredible light and depth, they will give warmth to the first rays of the spring sun.
  2. Shades of purple are not far behind. From delicate lavender to sugary purple. This range will complement the evening outfit, even christmas dress. Fresh shine of satin decorations of lilac ebb will surround the owners with incredible chic. An evening outfit in purple tones will attract admiring glances, and will add variety and refinement to everyday clothes. This color is suitable for the upcoming season - white.
  3. A classic of white originality. White color, the color of tenderness and innocence, once again won the championship. Models went popular catwalks in dresses of snow-white color. Not only pure white in authority.
  4. Not far behind and gray. If you think that gray overshadows, you are mistaken. Pastel, even color, will become the basis for the image. Ideally it is combined with other favorites of the year. Gray is independent and often acts as the main color. In addition to clothing, it is recommended to use it in makeup.
  5. Sandy shades of tenderness. Along with gray steps in the foot and sand tint. Sand-colored dresses smell of luxury and elegance. The representative of pastel colors is suitable for an evening out and for everyday life. Using beige as an independent element, get a strict and warm look. Diluting with saturated purple, you get an unusual outfit.
  6. The charm of pastels. A number of pastel shades of blue and mint color continue. These shades are not the first in honor. With their help, fashion designers emphasized the tenderness and sensuality of the female soul. The palette of pastel colors reveals a woman as a surprisingly vulnerable and defenseless creature that needs care.
  7. Attention lovers deep shades of blue and passionate coral. This color scheme is acceptable for girls of various appearances. To stand out, to reveal the power of internal energy, to dazzle with internal beauty thanks to these colors is not difficult.

Retro style in fashion

In all the 2014 fashion collections of famous designers, a certain landmark is visible - a retro style, even in christmas hairstyles. A fashion that will never come off the top of Olympus.

The fashion for retro outfits returns every season. In particular honor the sixties. Favorites - trapezoidal outfits, strict geometry and unusual patterns. Fashion of the 60s entered other outfits. Casual and business style is saturated with this era. Against this background, a large strip is popular.

Remember, striped outfits change shape. Vertical stripes are considered appropriate, which stretch the silhouette, make it triple and fit.

Stylists advise not to be limited to black and white stripes.Choose outfits with bright stripes. They will give the image of madness and spring freshness.

Dresses, dresses and dresses again!

Fashion shows are oversaturated with dress models. In the spring fashion of 2014, direct, strict dresses are relevant. Clear forms replaced the waves. Given the popularity of men's style elements in women's wardrobe, such dresses are appropriate for creating a business style for a business woman.

In order not to lose femininity in such rude outfits, stylists reveal the chic place of women - the neckline. Large V-shaped cutouts reveal the power of the female soul.

In addition to cutouts, such outfits are successfully and stylishly complemented with ruffles and bows. For the hottest days, fashion designers prepared pastel-colored chiffon dresses. In addition to lightness in materials, many models were struck by transparency. Incredibly attractive models made of feminine materials will not leave indifferent men in the hot fashion season.

Flying openwork dresses, luxurious guipure evening dresses and a flying chiffon outfit will take you away from hot days, giving the owners the freshness of a cool morning. The simplicity of such outfits can not but like. In these models, any girl looks romantic and young. Complementing the options with extraordinary elements, the guipure-chiffon-lace trio continues to dominate the fashion podium.

In addition to tenderness, fashion designers are betting on the power of metal. Outfits with a metallic sheen have won millions of rave reviews. Unusual in such collections was the color. Fashion creators were not limited to the usual shades. In addition to gold, silver and bronze, dresses were covered with bold ebbs. Without stinting on the brilliance of precious metals, models dazzled the audience.

Fashion prints

In addition to delicate and romantic images, a separate place under the sun was won by models with fashionable prints spring - summer 2014. Of the prints, flowers, large peas and abstraction became popular. Large animal-style patterns and large slogans remain at the height. Models endowed with similar prints will help the owner stand out from the crowd and emphasize beauty.

Prints can show the mood. Fun or inexplicable abstraction models without any difficulties will bring a lot of impressions to the everyday look. Do not disregard such a popular print as crow's feet.

The print of crow's feet returned to fashion catwalks and spun at the peak of popularity. The most daring and unusual tastes of ethnic style prints, small mosaics and models with portrait prints.

Fashionable skirts spring - summer

Dramatically change the direction of the skirt model, so pay more attention to them. Fashionable skirts spring - summer 2014 are pleased with high-waisted options and unpredictable patterns. Designers offer fashionistas to choose an individual tailoring of a skirt, regardless of lifestyle.

Short mini and long maxi are in fashion. Straight skin-tight skirts are in fashion regardless of length. In addition to straight skirts, experiment with shuttlecocks, assemblies. Fashion gurus did not stint and confessed their love to Spain.

Models of skirts that attract with originality of color schemes and a variety of materials will find fans. Do not leave the fashion catwalks maxi style. To say that the A-silhouette occupied the tops of the shows, to say nothing. A long floor-length skirt of bright orange color, combined with various, but less bright shades of blouses, will elevate the owner to the top of the world.

In order not to hide the amazingly seductive female legs, floor skirts took other forms. Now a mini-skirt made of dense material continues to the floor with a transparent guipure train. The most eccentric fashion designers offer to wear asymmetrical cut skirts. The less symmetrical the model, the more fashionable the owner. A fashionable animal print did not pass by this part of the women's wardrobe.

fashion footwear

Shine of metals is not missed and women's shoes. Gold and silver complement outfits for an evening out. It is not necessary to wear varnish shoes.Fashion designers favored options with a matte metallic color. Special attention in the fashion season. spring Summer designers devoted sophisticated female ankles.

Summer will please with unexpected shades fashion shoes. Brightness and catchiness are the features of fashionable shoes of 2014. Form - boats. A large number of catwalks drowned from the sonorous clatter of shoes. Although the models on thick, stable heels, which are appropriate in a woman’s summer wardrobe, did not lag behind.

A steady heel on bright shoes with floral print will emphasize the lightness of the daytime image of a romantic girl who can not imagine life without adventure and travel. Even in the summer arsenal beach fashion a business woman should attend such shoes. Particular emphasis is placed on the transparency and unusual shape of the heels.

New trends in fashionable shoes allow the girl to look like an icon of style and feel comfortable.

Fashion bags

Complementing the image is recommended with bags. Fewer than any roundness, strict, even lines and large sizes are the features of fashionable bags. The color scheme of a female assistant will conquer diversity.

Universal white will bring freshness and weightlessness to the image. Bright shades will give the image an originality and variety. Bags with bold designs made thanks to laser cutting technology for leather are gaining more and more popularity.

The clutch is trending again. Originality of clutches will not leave indifferent. Not only the colors, but also the shapes of the women's handbags will satisfy the enacted fantasy.

fashionable accessories

Among fashion accessories 2014, the leading position is occupied by bracelets. Choose volumetric models. Looks great bracelet in the form of a strap, which, like a snake, wraps around a female brush.

Accessories are striking in size and splendor, which will not go unnoticed. Massive rings, and the quantity is no less important than the size.

Spring and summer - a period of aggressive sunlight, time to take care of eye health with sunglasses. The shape of the glasses is unchanged. Wide-frame models, cat eyes and dragonflies are popular.

Fashion spring - summer 2014 will bring fans of style and beauty bold and unexpected solutions. In the season your slogan will be: “The more unusual and brighter, the more fashionable and beautiful”!

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