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Modern men devote a lot of time to appearance. In the process of forming their own style, they try to use the information obtained in the analysis of fashion trends. Let's see what 2016 men's fashion represents.

At the beginning of the article I will consider the top five trends in men's fashion. Not every current trend can fit into the wardrobe by force, since the solutions often offered by designers are controversial and non-adaptive. However, no one obliges to take elaborate models into service. The main thing is to catch the main direction.

Top 5 trends in men's fashion in 2016

  • Turtlenecks. The most comfortable and most cozy trend of men's fashion in 2016. Turtlenecks managed to squeeze shirts and jumpers. Products made of wool, cashmere or knitwear are combined with jeans, trousers, leather pants or formal suits.
  • Wide pants. Favorites of past seasons - tight pants, began to leave the catwalks en masse. They are still present in some collections, however, this is only a sluggish attempt by designers to remain faithful to the direction. The trend is wide pants and traditional pants with a wide cut with arrows. The male flare is slowly gaining popularity.
  • Marsala color. In the 2016 season, color schemes are suitable for both boys and young ladies. Green, gray and black classics are in fashion. An undeniable favorite - a shade of burgundy - the color of Marsala, characterized by saturation and depth. Clothing made in such a color scheme - a sweater, pants or coat, is ideal for creating a home, sports, business or everyday look.
  • Velveteen. In 2016, a retro trend came to men's fashion - velveteen, which the designers adapted to the modern cut. Stylists recommend fashionistas to purchase olive trousers, a stylish black coat, a blue jacket or a burgundy suit.
  • Fur outerwear. For the attention of men, designers offer sheepskin coats, high-quality fur coats, fur jackets, tanned leather aviators, long tanned coat, reminiscent of an army pea jacket and cropped jackets with fur.

The men's fashion industry in 2016 is diverse, vibrant and non-standard. Fashion lawmakers have put a lot of effort into making men look great. It remains for them to go to a fashion store and purchase something new that meets the listed trends and their own tastes.

Video fashionable spring men's bows

Mens Fashion Spring Lookbook 2016 | Gallucks

Men's fashion spring-summer

People living in our region love warmth. They look forward to the onset of spring and prepare in advance for its arrival. I decided to please the impatient and thermophilic representatives of the stronger sex, telling me what trends are characterized by men's fashion spring-summer 2016. In the course of analyzing a large number of collections, I collected and systematized useful information.

10 fashion trends spring-summer 2016

  1. Bird drawings. Embroidery, patterns and applique in the form of various birds are incredibly popular in the spring and summer of 2016. Designers have chosen for the collection of images of small birds, complementing them with tree branches and floral ornaments.
  2. Children's motives. A man is a big child.Fashion lawmakers are offering men clothing reminiscent of preschool outfits. Thanks to the candy coloring, funny little animals and cartoon characters, the man will feel care and love.
  3. Auto mechanic style. How to characterize a person repairing a car? This is a sloppy hairstyle and bulky jumpsuit. In the 2016 season, stylists offer men everywhere to appear in this image, supplementing it with a large bag in advance.
  4. Total denim. Designers in the spring and summer of 2016 rely on jeans clothes. Even fashion houses that previously did not like denim fell under the influence of the trend. The spring image of a man is the perfect combination of jeans.
  5. Flower pattern. Once again, floral patterns dazzle in the collections of leading designers. Men should take a closer look at drawings with medium-sized flowers of restrained shades that are as close as possible to the natural colors of nature.
  6. Layering. Not every spring pleases with warm days. Therefore, men need to warm themselves without compromising fashion and beauty. A long-sleeved shirt paired with a shirt over it will provide this effect. The main thing is to maintain the contrast between the layers.
  7. Striped sport. Sports motifs managed to find expression in men's clothing in the form of stripes on the sleeves and trousers. Thanks to the contrasting stripes, even too monotonous image looks everyday and lively.
  8. Translucent fabric. At the end of the last century, mesh material gained incredible popularity. Then the youth willingly wore T-shirts and T-shirts of translucent texture. Designers decided to return the trend to fashion this season, creating huge collections of translucent things.
  9. Vest. T-shirts with long sleeves, reminiscent of an ordinary vest, are always at the peak of popularity, and this season is no exception. Black and white and blue and white colors are relevant.
  10. Long scarf. To make the image mysterious and romantic, just put on a long scarf.

Video showing Dolce & Gabbana Summer 2016

Dolce & Gabbana Summer 2016 Men's Fashion Show

Now you can imagine what advanced fashionistas will go for during the spring-summer period.

Men's fashion autumn winter

The results of my research showed that in the 2016 season both youthful tricks and men's severity are in fashion. I present a report on all current winter-autumn trends and rules.

  • The most popular in the autumn-winter season 2016 men's sheepskin coats of various lengths. Designers used patch pockets and massive collars to design creations. The highlight adds contrast to the colors of the inner and outer surfaces.
  • The relevance of the coat. Knee length is considered preferable, although designers paid much attention to longer models. Thanks to the double-breasted fastener and fur lining, the coats look extremely fashionable.
  • Men prefer practical and convenient things. Therefore, down jackets with massive hoods and warm jackets are a favorite of fashion. Particularly noteworthy are fur models.
  • Perhaps, fur coat - the most coveted wardrobe item among women. In 2016, men can afford to wear such outerwear.
  • Every man periodically has to attend special events. Especially for such cases, designers have developed costumes made in the spirit of the seventies. They include a fitted jacket and straight trousers. In a trend also harem pants and wide trousers. 2016 fashion welcomes costumes consisting of materials with different textures and colors.
  • The fashion for turtleneck sweaters that are recommended to be worn under a jacket or other knitwear is returning. The hit of the season is a coarse-knit sweater that looks great and warms perfectly. It can have a high collar or a crew neck.
  • Designers offer a large number of denim products, including sleeveless jackets, jeans, shirts and jackets. Especially for young people, they created jeans with scuffs, cuts and patches.
  • In 2016, stylists advise men to wear work overalls instead of casual clothes. To make the image unusual, a strict jumpsuit is complemented with a tie.
  • The fall-winter season is characterized by cool and cold weather. Therefore, clothes for men are sewn from dense, heat-protective fabrics - knitwear, cashmere, suede, drape. Camouflage pattern, thin strip and cage are in fashion.
  • Popular during the cold season knitted hats with inscriptions and patterns, and fur earflaps. There are few hats in the collections of designers.
  • From shoes, designers offer men classic low shoes, traditional boots and sports sneakers.

Video showing Dolce & Gabbana Fall-Winter 2016/2017

Dolce & Gabbana Fall-Winter 2016/2017 Men's Fashion Show.

Total. Men's fall-winter fashion in 2016 is extremely democratic. It allows you to mix different styles in a suit, wear turtlenecks instead of shirts, combine the bottom and top from clothes of different textured and color schemes.

Fashionable outerwear for men

Men who track changes in fashion and approach clothing choices as carefully as possible are admired. Designers know that men are interested in fashion trends no less than women.

Fashionable outerwear for men 2016 deserves special attention. This season, a sad tendency prevails - effeminate male images are considered fashionable.

  1. The main favorites are sheepskin coats. The length does not play a role. Designers paid special attention to product design. To adapt clothes and make them look aggressive, they resorted to contrast. Red leather harmonizes with black fur, and other combinations are appropriate.
  2. Season breaks stereotypes. If before fur coats were considered a female prerogative, now it is irrelevant. Men can safely wear fur coats. For men who consider a full-fledged fur coat to be overkill, fashion lawmakers have created models of jackets and sheepskin coats with fur inserts.
  3. In the warm weather segment, design offers are not particularly diverse. The trend is a jacket-jacket and a shortened jacket. When buying such clothes you need to choose the right length. A short jacket is perfect for slender and thin guys, and large men should look at long models.
  4. Coats of various lengths and colors are present in men's collections. Some designers offer bold models, decorated with applications. If such experiments are not to your liking, opt for models from drap and tweed.

The choice of men's outerwear is impressive. True, a little embarrassed by the unexpected desire of designers to bring a little femininity into the image of a real man. It is not necessary to go to such extremes.

Fashionable men's suits

The beginning of the warm season is a great occasion to throw off the down jacket and dress up in a light, new and fashionable. For men who, by occupation, are forced to wear a suit, and guys seeking to make an image solid, I propose to consider fashionable men's suits in 2016.

In the analysis of the latest collections, I managed to highlight a number of popular styles, fabrics and colors that designers actively use in the manufacture of fashionable suits. I propose a detailed review of these trends.

  • Evening costumes. A classic costume made of iridescent material with metallized threads will help to create an image for the ceremony.
  • Flower patterns. In 2016, a floral trend was reflected in men's clothing. The most successful are considered costume models with embroidery and floral patterns.
  • Contrast strip. A classic option for business clothes is a suit in barely noticeable stripes. This season, trendsetters are proposing to forget about these outfits for a while, preferring suits with a stripe of contrasting color and medium thickness.
  • Double Breasted. A self-confident man leading a healthy and active life should make sure that such a new thing appears in his wardrobe.
  • Jeans. Denim found nontrivial use. Fashionable denim costumes are present in every collection. In such clothes, you can simultaneously look stylish, modern and businesslike.
  • Summer option. The unusual combination of a jacket with long shorts plunged modern critics into a stupor. However, the massive appearance of such suits in men's collections indicates popularity.
  • Beige shadeand. Colorists believe that in the upcoming season the most successful combination of shiny material with a small cage and a beige pattern.
  • Red shades. Expressive and bright man will definitely like red color. When choosing such a suit, keep in mind that the color is slightly fuller and visually increases the silhouette.
  • Inedible chocolate. The chocolate shade combined with the burgundy color allowed the designers to turn an ordinary men's suit into an object of desire for modern fashionistas. A costume made in such a color scheme looks great on any figure.

Now you know how the most successful and most fashionable men's suits look in the 2016 season. By choosing the right clothes, you will increase the attractiveness of your image and make it extremely solid. Believe me, the surrounding ladies will appreciate your efforts. If you are not married, outfit will speed up the process of finding a good girl.

Fashionable men's shoes

It is important for men to choose high-quality and comfortable to wear shoes. Recently, this trend has changed. Representatives of the stronger sex began to appreciate the relevance and appearance of shoes.

Fashionable men's shoes in 2016 fully comply with the listed requirements. Designers worked hard and created an extensive collection of shoes, which is perfect for both an established businessman and an ordinary youth.

Trends in fashion shoes 2016

  1. At the peak of fashion, high-tech and natural materials. The hit of the season is leather shoes in gray, black or brown. However, designers offer men models made in yellow, purple, red and burgundy colors.
  2. The decor is represented by floral patterns, animalism and natural fur. The last element of decor can be found in all shoe collections. Experts decided to please brutal men with shoes with zippers, buckles and metal inserts.
  3. Over the course of several seasons, athletic shoes are extremely popular that do not allow moisture and take care of foot comfort in cold weather. Previously, such shoes were considered tourist shoes. Now, fashion designers have decided to combine it with classic clothes.
  4. Winter sneakers have remained relevant. Their popularity is so high that some conservative trendsetters have released models that look like footwear for training and running. The most successful options are suede and leather with original decor.
  5. Some fashion houses offer men suede desert shoes. Such shoes are in trend for a long time, since they have no competitors in terms of comfort and convenience. In addition, it is ideal for creating the image of an urban man. The color scheme is conservative and is represented in shades of black, beige, brown and blue.
  6. Chelsea leather and suede chelsea still hold high positions. In the 2016 season, designers did a little work to expand the color scheme. In addition to brown and black models, they offer products in green, blue and burgundy shades.
  7. A reason for joy was found among fans of the classics. Winter boots with slightly rounded toes were presented by many fashion designers. To warm such leather shoes, wool or a tsigeyka is used, and the decor is presented by straps and buckles.
  8. Massive-heeled boots are gaining popularity. Stylists were inspired by retro and military style. It is such shoes that will become in demand. Cowboy style in 2016 is not relevant.

Almost all fashionable men's shoes are practical. Each guy will pick up an excellent shoe.

Fashionable men's accessories

Men, trying to make the image perfect, use all kinds of accessories. Shape and color do not always matter. The main thing is that the little things match the style. Let's see which fashion men's accessories 2016 deserve the most attention.

  • Brooches. Previously, a brooch was considered to be a purely female jewelry, which was used to decorate shoes, hairstyles, handbags and dresses. Over time, the trend has spread to men who decorate their jackets with brooches.
  • Climber Points. The conquerors of the peaks inspired designers to create original glasses with elements of retro-style. An important role is played by the color of the glasses. At the peak of popularity, pastel colors with imitation of precious wood and reptile skin.
  • Classic cufflinks. This jewelry is always in fashion. In the 2016 fashion season, gold cufflinks with a concise design are relevant. This accessory is suitable for any man, regardless of age.
  • Pendants. A magnet pendant attracts women, especially if a man follows a figure and wears clothes with a neckline. Pendants made of gold on a thin chain are considered successful, ideally complementing a dark shirt with an oval neckline.
  • Bracelets. The list of men's materials used to make bracelets is presented in leather and metal. An ideal solution bracelets discreet design.
  • Smart watch. Some designers demonstrated a computerized watch that serves as a stylish accessory and personal computer. They are intended for people with a head immersed in the world of computer technology. Ordinary clock with massive hands, a contrasting dial and expensive decor are noteworthy.

You have read a list of fashion accessories that are perfect for men throughout the 2016 fashion season. I hope in my article you will find information that will be the key to creating a modern and original image.

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