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2020 White Metal Rat is not far off, and you can already begin to determine the design of nails for New Year's Eve. It is interesting to learn about fashion trends that will be relevant in the new season, to prepare in advance, to buy varnishes and decor. This is not only about manicure, but also about pedicure, because our legs should also be well-groomed and beautiful.

What manicure and pedicure to do on New Year's Eve

Nail polish in different colors

New Year's Eve is a real mystery, in preparation for which you need to think through all the details. Nail design is no exception, so let's consider how best to decorate them on the eve of New Year's Eve.

2020 is the year of the White Metal Rat. From here flow colors and shades that will be relevant for the holiday:

  • Yellow (honey, canary, linen, mustard, saffron).
  • White (white, beige).
  • Silver (any non-acidic shades).

The colors are natural and combine well with each other. They are suitable for lovers of bright nail designs, and for those who prefer something more rigorous and discreet.

On New Year's Eve, you still want something unusual, so you can try the original and sophisticated nail design. We will leave a strict jacket and moon manicure for office everyday life or for weddings, and for the New Year 2020 you can try something bold and interesting, for example:

  • multi-colored nails (for young girls);
  • Ombre
  • with drawings;
  • with rhinestones;
  • with broths.

For pedicures, it is better not to use rhinestones, as they can damage nylon tights or stockings. But everything else is quite appropriate. If you plan to celebrate the holiday in a sauna or other place where your legs will be open, do manicure and pedicure in the same style.

Timeless classics for New Year's nail design are themed drawings. Do not be afraid to use Christmas and winter colors (red, white, blue, silver) and boldly draw snowmen, snowflakes, Christmas trees and mittens.

Manicure trends in 2020 - opinions of stylists


Manicure fashion never changes dramatically and dramatically. In the new season, something of the old always remains relevant. In 2020, for example, pastel muted shades are still trending:

  • Light gamut: nude, peach, blue, sand, milk.
  • Dark gamma: wine, marsala, bordeaux, grenadines, emerald.

But the boring and bored almond-shaped nails are gradually abandoned, so lovers of sharp nails can rejoice: in 2020, pointed manicure will be fashionable. The length also increases, so building is a must-have of the new season.

The longest and sharpest nails combine the most daring nail art techniques:

  • "Waterway" (water);
  • “Color Block” (more than 3 colors of varnish on one nail);
  • Marble Stone (marble design);
  • "Negative Space" (manicure with transparent inserts);
  • "Metal Tapes" (metal design with foil).

Another distinctive type of manicure next year, stylists call the style "bracelets". This is when the nails are decorated with decor in the form of thin beads and various elements (flowers, stars, drops, geometric shapes). Moreover, they overlap across, that is, not in length, but in width. And the nail, previously painted in a nude color, plays the role of a wrist, on which iridescent bracelets flaunt.

Fashionable pedicure in 2020


Pedicure requirements are always less stringent. The main thing is that the nails are carefully filed. And the form, color and design fade into the background. In 2020, as always, you can paint your toenails in pastel colors appropriate to the season. Bright acid colors are also not prohibited, especially if they match a swimsuit.But contrast is undesirable: for example, if you have a red bikini, then a green pedicure will not be very appropriate.

For the pedicure of 2020, the marine theme is still good. Feel free to decorate the nails on the legs with blue and white stripes, draw shells and palm trees on them, focus on one nail, painting it in a different tone. In a word, experiment according to the fashion trends of the season, and don't be afraid of original solutions.

A step-by-step plan for the best manicure at home


To have beautiful nails, it is not necessary to go to a manicure master. You can create beauty at home. Let's try to make a classic manicure with a picture in the form of a White Rat - a symbol of 2020.

You will need:

  • nail file and grinding (buff) for nails;
  • varnishes: colorless, milky, pink (2 shades), black;
  • thin brush;
  • Toothpicks
  • needle pin with a ball on the end.

If you are young, you can quite afford to carry such a mouse on at least one nail. For respectable ladies, this design will not work. And teens can decorate all nails, or make such a simplified manicure with pink dots.

Video plot
Manicure at home

How to make a pedicure for yourself

With manicure, girls sometimes have problems associated with a non-working hand. That is, right-handed people do not get a very neat design on their right hand, and left-handers get it on their left. Pedicure in this regard is easier to do.

Unlike manicure, home pedicure begins with a foot bath. It should be soapy warm water in which you need to hold your feet for 15 minutes. If the nails are very dirty, rub them with a brush to remove excess dirt. After that, rinse the legs with clean water, dry with a towel and proceed. Tools will need the same plus nail clippers or nail clippers. For example, we will perform a pedicure in a marine style, so take white and blue varnishes.

  1. We cut the nails with nippers or scissors, aligning them along one length. Attention: it is impossible to trim the corners, otherwise the nails will start to grow! The maximum that can be done is to file a little to give a rounded shape.
  2. Buff the nail plates with a buff.
  3. Apply white polish. To get the color saturated, apply in two layers (the first should dry for 3-4 minutes).
  4. Now gently draw the transverse stripes. You can do this with a varnish brush or use a special thin brush.
  5. In this way, not all nails can be painted. Some can be emphasized.

It turns out a very beautiful and bright pedicure in a marine style, which is very relevant for 2020. Even if you are not yet on vacation, such nails will remind you of the imminent onset of summer and a trip to the sea.

Video instruction


Manicure is an integral part of the image of any self-respecting girl. And even if you don’t like bright colors and designs, you need to take care of your nails and do a classic manicure. Nails should always look neat, be the same length and even color. And in the mood you can always pamper yourself and perform some of the proposed types of nail art. In 2020, do not be afraid of experiments, but try to adhere to certain trends.

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