How to get rid of fleas in the house

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Parasitic insects in the house are a vital problem for many people. And the situation is significantly aggravated if children live in the house. Therefore, people are so much interested in how to get rid of fleas in the house with folk remedies.

A flea bite is very painful and often causes allergic reaction. People widely use chemicals to control parasites, but in most cases they are ineffective. All because it is not known how to do it right.

Most often, the cause of fleas in the house is animals - dogs or cats. Parasites can migrate to the house from the basement or the neighboring apartment, in which unscrupulous people live.

Domestic fleas differ from their counterparts that live on domestic animals in size, color and aggressiveness. Most often, they live under skirting boards, on upholstered furniture and carpets. They like places where the person who is the carrier of eggs often happens.

A flea that has recently been born has a black color. A mature individual is characterized by brown color. The impetus contributes to the rapid development of flea larvae. In this case, insects feed on the blood of people.

Turn-based fight plan

A person, touching household objects, carries flea eggs without even realizing it. Just a month after the appearance of fleas in the house, he experiences pain in the ankles. The fact is that adult parasites feed on blood and bite their legs. I will teach you how to deal with misfortune.

  1. Cleaning. Clear-out all rooms. It is imperative to thoroughly vacuum the entire apartment.
  2. Wash. Things that theoretically can become a refuge for fleas, wash in hot water. Pillows and blankets ventilate and dry well in the sun, because they live in and home bugs.
  3. Aerosols. Aerosol products are suitable for controlling fleas. One cylinder is enough to process ten squares of living space. At the end of the procedure, do not wash the floors for several days. Otherwise, new parasites will appear.
  4. Infusions. Use herbal infusions with a specific smell. Making infusion is simple. In a small container, mix one part of eucalyptus, the same amount of tansy and two parts of wormwood. Pour boiling water over the ingredients, and after cooling, strain and spray the room using a spray bottle.
  5. Cold. Fleas don't like the cold. Ventilation will help get rid of unwanted guests. Dry things in the sun in the summer. Pests do not like bright rays.
  6. Salt. A mixture of salt and soda is also used to drive fleas out of the house. Dissolve the ingredients in equal parts in water and spray over the floor and carpets.

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How to get rid of fleas in an apartment

You got an idea on how to get rid of fleas in the house. After the process is complete, do not forget to put a few wormwood branches in front of the threshold. The pungent smell of the plant repels insects and will not allow them to nip the border of housing.

How to get rid of fleas in the house folk remedies

Fleas that appear in the house bring inconvenience and discomfort to all residents. It's about people and animals.If the family still has small children, the problem becomes especially dangerous.

In getting rid of parasites, new-fangled means aimed at the destruction of insects help. If they are ineffective, use folk tips and advice that will help overcome and lice. Read on how to get rid of fleas in the house with folk remedies.

  1. Herbal infusions. In the first place for effectiveness are herbal infusions that emit a specific and pungent odor. To prepare the product, pour boiling water over the mixture consisting of wormwood, tansy and eucalyptus. Ingredients take two, one and one part, respectively.
  2. Insist the resulting mixture in a cold place for about twelve hours. Using a spray gun to treat the room, paying particular attention to floor coverings and carpets. The tool is perfect for use and for preventive purposes.
  3. Sawdust. To combat fleas, pine sawdust is also used. Most often, parasite carriers are domestic animals. For this reason, fill the pillow or mattress on which the pet sleeps with pine sawdust. Believe me, such changes will not be liked.
  4. Cold. Things to periodically take out to fresh air. These include mattresses, rugs and pillows. In summer, things are dried in the sun.
  5. Soda. With the help of soda, they destroy fleas in a closed room. Mix soda in equal proportions with salt, and sprinkle the resulting mixture on the floor. The next day, clean using a vacuum cleaner.
  6. Wormwood and shavings of conifers. Wonderful deterrent. Perfect for use in a private home. Sprinkle the mixture in front of the entrance, and fleas will never get into housing.
  7. Garlic and brewer's yeast. A flea remedy is also prepared by mixing crushed garlic with brewer's yeast. To treat the flooring with the composition, and vacuum it ten hours later. The smell of funds will forever drive fleas from the house and apartment.

I listed the most effective folk remedies that will help to quickly get rid of fleas in the house. You can go to a specialty store and purchase a ready-made chemical, but I do not recommend using purchased chemistry.

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How to get fleas in an apartment folk remedies

Folk remedies are both effective and safe for the health of people living in the house. Moreover, they help decently save.

How to get rid of fleas in the house if there are children

When children play with pets, this is wonderful. Communication with pets makes children kind and responsible, contributes to development.

In fairness, I note that such friendship in some cases is very dangerous. It's about parasites. Continuing the topic of conversation, I will tell you how to get rid of fleas in the house if there are children.

Flea bites are dangerous for humans and lead to unpleasant consequences. It is not just about irritation and itching. During a bite, an infection can enter the human body. Therefore, at the first signs of pests, it is necessary to quickly get rid of them.

  • If animals with fleas live in the house, first secure the yard area. Nematodes - tiny worms feeding on flea larvae - will help with this. You can buy such worms in a gardening store.
  • Repellents are also used to fight fleas. When a family has a child, it is recommended to buy natural products. Before buying repellent be sure to read the label. If the composition includes peppermint, cedar oil or wormwood, feel free to buy.
  • Buy a herbal-based flea shampoo consisting of juniper, eucalyptus, geranium and lavender. Pets constantly bathe, carefully soaping the chin and neck. It is here that fleas often hide.
  • After the pet’s water procedures, thoroughly dry and apply a natural repellent by spraying it over the body. If you do not want to spend money on the purchase of funds, use a lemon solution. To prepare, boil a little lemon in 500 milliliters of water, and after insisting for 7 hours, rub the pet with liquid.
  • With the yard and pets sorted out. It's time to switch to home. Without fail, do a good cleaning, ventilate and dry things. For processing rooms, use natural products, because child safety comes first.
  • So that the pet does not bring parasites into the house again, put it on a diet. Special nutrition and hygienic treatment will provide an excellent effect.

The appearance of fleas in the house is an unpleasant event. If the above methods do not help, go for a week to relatives, and at this time a qualified pest control will clear the house of parasites.

The fastest ways against fleas

Are your legs covered in bites? Feel severe itching? Most likely, you live under the same roof with fleas. They breed at an incredible speed, and completely destroying the population is extremely problematic.

If the house is always perfectly clean and there are no pets, this does not mean that the bloodsuckers will not appear. You can pick up a flea on the street. Once at home, the parasite begins to reproduce larvae in unimaginable quantities. In just a month, fleas are occupying sofa, bed, carpets and other objects and things.

Larvae in most cases are found in the bedroom and living room. Make sure that they are available will help a conventional vacuum cleaner, if you carefully examine the contents of the garbage container. Finding adults is even easier. If you wear white socks or cover the floor with a white sheet, after a few minutes dark moving dots will appear on the surface.

The process of a quick fight against fleas consists of four stages, each of which is important and mandatory. This is the only way to achieve the result.

  1. Stage number 1. Take care of your pets first. At a veterinary store, buy a flea remedy and thoroughly treat your pet. Pay special attention to the tail, neck and ears.
  2. Stage number 2. The second stage involves cleaning the house using a damp cloth and a vacuum cleaner. Make sure products are hidden or covered in containers so that ants appeared. If you have fish, close the aquarium. Wash all things, knock out pillows and mattresses, treat with a disinfectant preparation for skirting boards and shelves.
  3. Stage number 3. The third stage is the most important, since it involves the use of an insecticide. Before buying a product, be sure to consult an expert. Upon completion of the process, all residents of the house must leave the room for several hours. For example, you can go catch carp. Then ventilate the house well.
  4. Stage number 4. The fourth stage involves the re-processing of housing. As a rule, flea preparations are effective and allow you to quickly destroy pests. Nevertheless, fleas multiply rapidly. Consequently, before death, they can lay off larvae from which a new generation of parasites will appear. This is why the house or apartment is being recycled.

If insects appeared in the house - this is an extremely unpleasant event. But, after all, you already know how to get rid of fleas in a house quickly. Therefore, if necessary, give a worthy rebuff to the tiny aggressors who decided to encroach on your comfort.

Why are home fleas dangerous?

In conclusion, consider why fleas are so dangerous. Very often parasites suffer serious illnesses and cause allergic reactions. Often they cause the appearance of skin diseases.

Fleas bite both humans and animals. For example, cat fleas are unpretentious in terms of nutrition. They gladly absorb rat, rabbit, dog and even human blood.

Temperature parasites are not afraid of parasites, they are active even at freezing temperatures. As for wet cleaning, it cannot save from fleas.It is noteworthy that it helps the rapid spread, since this species of parasites like high humidity. It will not work to get rid of pests without special or folk remedies.

Complicating the fight against fleas is the fact that only adult individuals live on the body of animals. As for the main population, represented by eggs, larvae and pupae, it is located on carpets and in crevices. That is why they process animals and all housing.

For a day, one flea makes about four hundred bites. For a life of 18 months, one parasite lays about two thousand eggs. The jumping height of an adult reaches a meter and a half, and the duration of one act of sucking blood is from a minute to two hours.

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In general, we quickly considered how to get rid of fleas in a house. Now the sudden appearance of pests will not be taken by surprise. I recommend that you read the materials on cockroach extermination, moth and fungus on the walls. Information may come in handy. That’s all for me. See you soon!

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