How to get rid of bedbugs at home on your own

All ways to deal with bedbugs

Continuing the theme of combating parasites (fleas, cockroaches, ants, mole) that appear in housing, I will tell you how to independently get rid of bed bugs at home quickly and effectively. It seems to me that such information will be useful to many of you.

Experts managed to collect information about thirty thousand species of bugs that live on the planet. These insects got their name because of the structure of the front wings, which differ from the hind wings.

Interesting fact: domestic bug - a blood-sucking parasite that lives in a person’s living conditions. This species is the most common and is part of the family of bed bugs. They cause inconvenience and cause health problems.

In the States and many European countries there are services that specialize in the search for and destruction of bedbugs. The services of such organizations are in demand and effective, but they cannot be called cheap. Since in Russia there are practically no such services, I will describe the technology of independent control of bugs.

Usually these insects settle in places where hygiene rules are not followed. Bed bugs are easily transferred from one housing to another through furniture, clothing and other things. Even if you bought sofa in the furniture salon and put in a new apartment, you can bring these "tenants" along with the furniture.

If there is no desire to become a victim of miniature bloodsuckers, find out where the bedbugs live and proceed to extermination. When examining your home, be sure to inspect the window frames, underfloor beds and furniture. Do not ignore cracks and crevices, because insects live even in drawers of chests of drawers and cabinets, and they don’t disdain openings under the shelves.

Signs of the appearance of bugs

  • When bugs appear in the apartment, the smell of spoiled cognac. This smells like the secret that adult insects secrete. If you are not addicted to alcoholic beverages, this symptom will not help.
  • People complain that for no apparent reason the dream becomes restless and there is a sensation of crawling pests throughout the body. In the morning, numerous bites appear in the open areas of the body in the form of noticeable paths. This is the result of bed bugs.
  • The presence of pests is also indicated by blood stains that have appeared on the blanket or bedding. When a bug bites a person, the blood protruding from the wound does not immediately clot and falls onto the sheet. In bed, you can find the bodies of insects crushed by a tossing and turning person.
  • Like any other living organism, bugs leave feces. In insects, excrement resembles small dark dots that can be found under the bed or in the corner of the room. Feces are often like poppy seeds.
  • During molting, bugs drop their chitinous cover. Such a find is found during an examination of an infected bed. Sometimes a warehouse of chitinous shells is found in cracks and indentations on the bed.

If you notice the above signs, as soon as possible start searching and destroying bugs. The fight against misfortune will be fierce and it will take a lot of effort every day to defeat the army of bloodsuckers.

Chemistry from bugs

Bedbugs stormed the house for many years. A man could not stand aside and created chemical agents focused on controlling insects.

On the shelves of shops there is a variety of chemistry from bugs. To make the right choice in such conditions and save money problematic.I will consider drugs whose purchase costs will more than pay off with efficiency.

  1. Raptor. Effective aerosol. An insect walking along the surface treated with this agent captures a little poison with its paws, and when it comes in contact with relatives, it poisons them. Touching the poison, the bug dies within 24 hours. One treatment is enough for two decades, although the effectiveness of the drug decreases every day.
  2. Get. Suspension causing paralysis in bedbugs. The action of the drug lasts for six months. Even young individuals that hatch in the future will be mercilessly destroyed.
  3. Dichlorvos. Time-tested low-cost aerosol. The tool has a paralytic effect on bedbugs, due to which insects die after a few hours. Suitable for the processing of expensive furniture, because it does not leave a trace.
  4. Riapan. Experts advise using this particular drug to combat bedbugs. The presented powder is odorless, completely safe for dogs, cats and people. It is recommended to scatter it at the points of accumulation of insects and leave for several weeks. After the time has passed, a cleaning using a damp cloth is carried out.
  5. Raid. A tool focused on the quick destruction of flying and crawling insects. In the case of bugs, the aerosol is ineffective, but it can cope with a small number of parasites.

Purchased chemistry, which I reviewed, is considered a common and effective weapon against bedbugs. But store consultants can offer other tools, including: Neofos, Karbofos, Kombat, Fenaks, Pyrethrum. All of these drugs are safe for humans.

Folk remedies for bedbugs

If there is no desire to jeopardize the health of households and process housing with purchased chemicals, folk remedies will come to the rescue, which will help get the bedbugs out of the apartment. Over the years, people have come up with a large number of ways to deal with these insects and tested them in practice. I will consider the most effective.

  • Treat all surfaces with vinegar essence. For this purpose, valerian is also suitable. Only this remedy is effective against adult bugs, the larvae are not capable of causing harm.
  • Dial in kettle water, bring to a boil and process skirting boards and tiles with boiling water. It’s unfortunate, but this method cannot be used in a room with a floor covering that is afraid of moisture.
  • Lay out branches of wormwood under the armchairs, sofas, bed, and wardrobes. Bedbugs do not like the smell of plants, and they rush to rush in search of a new home.
  • Insects are often frozen. Apply this method only in winter. Turn off the heating system and open the windows. Long-term exposure to low temperature on bugs is detrimental. Take contaminated clothing and bedding to frost.

Regardless of the chosen method of combating bedbugs, at the end of the procedure, overdo your clothes and boil bedding. As for old and unnecessary furniture, it is better to throw it away. It is possible that in the old couch there was an egg laying, from which young individuals hatch.

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How to get rid of bugs. Medical advice

Good neighbors don't bite. Everyone agrees with this statement. Therefore, fight bugs by all means, because they will not leave the house of their own accord. If self-control is ineffective, use the services of the sanitary service.

How to prevent bugs in the apartment?

Finally, I will share tips that will help prevent the appearance of blood-sucking parasites in housing.

Keep your house clean and discard old items regularly.

Do not forget that these tiny pests multiply at lightning speed. If during a previous attempt to get rid of bedbugs you yourself missed some area, be sure that they will appear again soon. Therefore, it is better to get rid of infected furniture or things if they do not represent material value.

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I hope that thanks to this material you can get bedbugs out of your house or apartment and you can rest normally and fully without suffering in the morning from the next portion of pain caused by numerous bites.

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