How to get rid of ants in a house forever

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The beginning of the spring-summer season is traditionally accompanied by a sharp warming. Together with him, ants appear in private houses and apartments on the ground floor. This is problem. Therefore, I will tell you how to get rid of ants in a house forever with folk remedies.

Usually red ants settle in houses and apartments, which differ from garden counterparts in color and size. Once a year, the ant nest is replenished with females, males and winged individuals, which easily fall into housing and create a new family of thousands of insects.

House ants equip colonies in remote places. We are talking about interfloor ceilings, cracks in the floor and plaster. Often they nest under the floor or behind skirting boards.

If tiny reddish ants are found in the house, their nest is in housing. In search of protein and carbohydrate foods, ants travel long distances. Not a single ant will ignore meat or sweet foods.

There is an opinion that ants do no harm. In fact, proximity to insects often leads to a sharp deterioration in health. It is not surprising, because they come into contact with sewage and food and carry infections.

Surely every mistress faced an invasion of ants. It’s unpleasant when the fruits left on the table are covered with small creatures. Although, ants like to “put things in order” in the sugar bowl and in the breadbasket. If they appear, it is recommended to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Before solving the problem, determine the reason for the appearance of "guests". Insects enter apartments and houses in search of food. A garbage can, crumbs on the table or dirty dishes they perceive as an invitation to dinner.

It is unrealistic to clear the shelter of food that ants like. However, I advise you to bring order to the housing. Next, we consider folk remedies for the fight against ants. You will learn how to resist insects at home using boric acid and other simple remedies.

Folk remedies for fighting ants in the house

When a person meets an ant on the street, he admires his appearance or watches the actions. Friendly relations end after an insect invades the territory of a house or apartment.

So, if the ants are registered under your roof, try to evict them. Act promptly, without waiting for the moment when they fill the whole house.

  • Medicinal chamomile. Affordable and safe tool. Pour medicinal chamomile in places where insects appear.
  • Honey. Dilute in a glass of water honey and place the dishes with syrup in a favorite place for ants. They will want to feast on sweetness and drown in water.
  • Boric acid. In equal proportions, mix boric acid with sugar. Dilute the resulting mixture with water and lay it in drops on the ant trails. Insects will not miss these sweet peas and move them to the nest. Destroy the family as a result. Only constantly update the bait.
  • Meat bait. Mix the minced meat with the boric acid salt. Place the resulting meat treat in places where ants appear.
  • Potato and eggs. Mash three yolks and three boiled potatoes. Combine the resulting mass with a spoonful of sugar and a bag of boric acid. After mixing from the mixture, make balls that are laid out along the paths and places of accumulation of insects.
  • Jam and yeast. Boric acid is required to prepare the next ant remedy. quince jam (or any other) and yeast. Mix the ingredients, and smear the resulting mass on a plate. Place the dishes in a place where pests accumulate. Using the tool, you will get rid of ants forever in a week.
  • A mixture of sugar, honey, borax, glycerin and water. Mix the ingredients in the same proportions, and spread the resulting mass in the places where uninvited guests appeared.
  • Garlic. To get rid of insects, anoint trails with garlic. The aroma of garlic will force pests to pack things and move.
  • Yeast. In warm water, dilute some yeast and add something sweet. Pour the liquid into small containers and place where the activity of the ants is high.

Not all of the listed folk methods are gentle. If you are a kind and compassionate person, make the insects leave your home. To do this, create conditions that will interfere with the normal life of pests.

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Home Remedies for Cockroaches and Ants - Everything Will Be Good - Issue 78 - 11/13/2012

For gentle purposes, use cloves, wild mint, anise, parsley or lemon. Using any of the listed remedies, rub the ant trails and the edges of the dishes. Insects will leave home.

Boric acid against ants at home

In the warmer months, an invasion of ants becomes a problem for homeowners. It can be solved with the help of insecticides, but if you care about the health of family members, such funds are not the best choice, and the cost of drugs is high. There is an alternative - boric acid.

This economical, natural and safe product helps you deal effectively with ants in your home. The tool is universal, as it has herbicidal, fungicidal and insecticidal properties.

The substance has many advantages. It does not evaporate, which cannot be said about most insecticides. But if boric acid enters the body in large quantities, a person will recover.

  1. Prepare the working mixture. Mix one part boric acid with ten parts sugar and fill with two glasses of water. After mixing, move the mixture to the container and set in the place visited by the ants.
  2. Keep proportions. If you use a lot of acid, the bait will not attract insects. Not enough will keep efficiency to a minimum. Determine the ratio of ingredients yourself. Instead of sugar, you can take peanut butter, maple syrup, jam or jelly.
  3. Lure Efficiency. Depends on the ability of the ant to carry it to the monastery and feed friends. Therefore, use such an amount of acid that does not immediately destroy the insect.
  4. Type of bait. To increase the effectiveness of the bait will help determine the object of ant hunting. To do this, place small pieces of sweets. Use the bait that attracts more ants.
  5. spring-cleaning. Before installing the bait, do the following: repair cracks in the house, discard the remains of food from crevices and secluded places, wash kitchen appliances containing food.
  6. Pet protection. Do not forget that the bait can relish and pet. Choose a place for installation so that the pet does not have access to it.
  7. Placement of Lures. Use small pieces of foil or paper. I advise you to put the bait in a straw. In this case, you do not have to constantly clean it.
  8. Validity. Typically, the bait remains fresh for two days, after which the effectiveness decreases. Therefore, refresh the bait. Just do not forget to leave them in their same place.

After placing the baits, notice that the number of ants in the apartment will increase, but a few days later their number will decrease. This is proof of the effectiveness of boric acid.

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How to get rid of ants at home

In addition to acid, use soapy water or orange peel. Soak it in water for a day and use it to spray insects. To prepare such an infusion, tobacco is also suitable. Get rid of ants, like destroy cockroaches and moth in the apartment really.

How to get rid of ants in the country in simple ways

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People are of the opinion that garden ants are useful. Undoubtedly, they loosen the soil, saturate it with air, nitrogen and potassium. Additionally destroy the larvae of harmful insects. This is good, but besides the benefits they bring harm to the site. Continuing the topic of the article, I will tell you how to get rid of ants in the country and in the garden.

Garden ants live in places where the soil is cultivated. Surely you have repeatedly seen leaflets twisted into a tube on trees. This is the result of the work of ants.

Ants breed aphids, which are considered the enemy of cultivated plants. She sucks out juice from them, which negatively affects the crop. If you intend grow pomegranate or other trees, get rid of pests first.

Huge aphid damage to young plants, resulting in slower growth. Ants provide aphids with protection against ticks. And this is no accident. Aphids use the juice of shoots and produce sweet secretions that ants use as food.

It is not easy to get rid of ants in the country in simple ways, since the number of individuals in one colony is estimated in millions. But having shown patience and perseverance, to win is real.

  • Block ants' access to trees and shrubs. Trunks of plants treat with special tools. As a result, they will not be able to spread aphids on them.
  • Place jam jars around the area and catch goosebumps. As soon as the sweet tooth gathers inside, rinse them with boiling water from the kettle. Instead of pleasure, instant death will overtake.
  • Baking soda helps scare away insects from the site. Sprinkle powder on the anthills, and the inhabitants will search for a new place to live.
  • Folk methods are effective, but without full return nothing will work. Therefore, observe the site and, if necessary, repeat the procedure.
  • Insecticides are more effective. Remove the top of the anthill with a shovel and sprinkle the slice with the preparation. Active compounds cause paralysis. Just remember, insecticides are dangerous for bees. If you keep an apiary, refuse to use them.

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How to get rid of ants in the garden

If the above methods do not help, try treating anthills with boiling water or lime. Good results are shown by sprinkling anthill with tobacco dust. If there is livestock, use its urine to water the anthills.

Ant Prevention

In conclusion, I will add a few words about prevention. Adhering to the rules, you will not have to deal with the expulsion or mass destruction of insects.

Why do pests appear in the house? When reconnaissance ants find food, they report it to the brothers who live in a nearby nest. After this, hundreds of individuals rush into the house and apartment for food.

How to prevent this? Keep your house clean and do not leave leftover food in the kitchen.

  1. At the end of the meal, wipe the table, remove the crumbs and wash off the stains.
  2. Store food in airtight containers.
  3. Each cleaning in the house should be of high quality. Wash the sink, stove and cabinets.
  4. Sweets attract ants. I do not recommend keeping sweet foods open.
  5. If there's dog or cat, wash the dishes from which the animal eats. In this case, the bowl should be on the stand.

Ways to prevent the appearance of ants are simple, reliable and work. Therefore, do not neglect them.

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