How to get rid of the smell of shoes

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The unpleasant smell in shoes is a delicate problem requiring a quick fix. The issue requires a quick solution, as it relates to both appearance and human health. Foreign odors appear in new and worn shoes. But the reason is not only non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.

Safety Precautions

With improper care, harmful microorganisms and putrefactive bacteria appear. An unpleasant odor can form in shoes made of natural and artificial materials. A warm and humid environment increases the rate of pathogenic microflora, which is harmful to health, so it is important to keep things clean and dry.

Compliance with the rules of care will extend the service life, prevent the appearance of unwanted aromas inside.

Products made of leather and leather substitutes are washed with a mild soapy solution, preventing severe wetting. Then inside they put pieces of newspaper or a dryer. Natural suede is cleaned with a special brush and washed only in case of severe contamination.

If washing the product is required, the amount of powder should be minimal. Otherwise, household chemical particles will remain and a persistent odor may appear.

When buying, pay attention to the aroma emanating from the product. Perhaps the new pair already smells bad. It is worth refraining from acquiring and looking for another pair.

The best folk remedies against the smell in shoes

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To get rid of bad smell possible using folk methods. At home, start by treating with improvised means. To fix the problem, wipe, wash and dry the shoes.

Tea bags

Dry used tea bags, put in shoes and leave overnight. Infusion effectively absorbs odors, moisture, disinfects the inner surface. The more sachets, the faster the unpleasant aroma will leave. The used tea leaves wrapped in dense fabric are also suitable.

Hydrogen peroxide

The strong and persistent smell of sweat removes hydrogen peroxide. Wipe the shoes inside with cotton pads dipped in a 3% solution. This tool is used as a prophylactic even before the smell. Pour liquid from the bottle into the shoes for 1 minute, remove, clean the surface with a dry brush and dry well. Lacquered products are not recommended to be processed with peroxide.


Baking soda has absorbent properties, absorbs moisture and odors directly from insoles. Pour 1 tablespoon into each boot or boot, after 12 hours, pour soda and brush off the rest with a dry brush. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for cleaning black shoesas white spots may remain.

Activated carbon

Activated carbon will help to cope with an unpleasant odor overnight. Grind 10 tablets, pour the powder into a cloth bag so as not to stain the inside, and leave it inside the boot. The next day, wipe the shoes inside with a dry cloth.

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How to get rid of the smell of shoes

Purchased and pharmacy anti-shoe odors

In addition to folk remedies, other methods can be used. The stores have a huge assortment of drugs that neutralize odors. Although, the vast majority of substances only mask the aroma, but does not eliminate it.

Special products from bad smell:

  • deodorants for legs;
  • deodorants for shoes;
  • antiseptics and disinfectants;
  • antifungal drugs;
  • disinfecting devices.


The deodorant is designed to eliminate specific odors of the skin, paint, glue and used shoes. The following application forms are available: aerosols, sticks, rollers and tablets. Less common are deodorant creams and scented pillows. This method does not remove the root cause of the problem, but only masks the unpleasant odor. Deodorant should be used in combination with disinfecting drugs.

Pharmacy preparations

Pharmacy antifungal and disinfectant drugs will help get rid of sweating and unpleasant foot odors for a long time. The choice of funds depends on the financial ability and recommendations of the doctor.

Effective medicines for processing shoes and feet:

  • Mikostop;
  • Miramistin;
  • "Desavid";
  • "Bitsin";
  • "Formidron";
  • Pasta "Teymurova."

Disinfecting devices

A safe and effective way is to use special dryers. There are stationary and wireless devices. Ultraviolet lamps in 12 hours will completely destroy the fungus and bacteria. The process does not require your direct participation and will not take much time.

How to quickly remove the smell of cat urine in shoes


The smell left by a pet is difficult to completely remove. Processing with detergents does not give a result. When warm weather sets in, the “aroma” returns. However, cat tags can be removed vinegar and a solution of potassium permanganate.

To remove the smell of cat marks from closed shoes:

  1. Replace the insoles.
  2. Rinse cloth shoes under cold running water.
  3. Wipe leather and suede with a damp sponge.
  4. Disinfect inside with a potassium permanganate solution: mix 1 liter of water and 6 crystals of potassium salt of manganese acid.
  5. Treat the shoes from the inside with a table solution of vinegar and water mixed in equal proportions. This method negatively affects the thing, so it can not be used often.
  6. After processing, dry your shoes in a well-ventilated area and leave them on the balcony for several days.

Eliminate the smell of cat urine It should be immediately after detection, otherwise the animal will constantly use shoes as a toilet.

Special means for scaring away animals or storage in a place inaccessible to him will help protect shoes from a pet.

Useful Tips

  • Follow personal hygiene rules: wash your feet 2 times a day with cool water, wear socks made from natural fabrics and change them daily.
  • Ventilate the shoes regularly: alternate one pair with another every other day. Do not clean shoes, boots or boots immediately after use. First dry the closed shoes, and send them to a warm, dry place for storage.
  • Not all materials absorb moisture equally well, so use special insoles, changing them every 3 months. If this is not done, the number of bacteria will increase significantly, which will lead to the appearance of an unpleasant odor.
  • Daily foot baths will help regulate increased sweating. Decoctions of oak bark, birch buds, lavender and sage positively affect the microflora of the feet and disinfect them.
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If there is a smell in the shoes, act immediately. The integrated use of known methods at the same time will eliminate the problem quickly and without consequences. The combination of folk and pharmacy products, hygiene procedures and appropriate care of things will eliminate the unpleasant problem permanently or prevent it from appearing at all.

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