How to learn to write beautifully

Learning to write beautiful hieroglyphs

Making handwriting beautiful is not easy, especially in adulthood. If you really want to learn how to learn to write beautifully and quickly, then you have great patience and enviable willpower.

Having put maximum effort, you will get a good result, which will help to beautifully fill out the documentation, write letters and sign postcards. Each of the classes will bring great pleasure, because it was possible to become better.

Step-by-step algorithm of actions

A step-by-step instruction will help to achieve the goal. With the help of which you will transform your handwriting for the better.

  • Prepare the workplace. You will need a desk, a set of ballpoint pens and a striped notebook. Get some calligraphic designs. Although, you can improve the handwriting without them.
  • Sit at the table and take the right position.. Straighten your back don't slouchput your elbows on the table. Do not lean back against the back of a chair or chair.
  • Put a blank sheet of paper in front of you. The distance from the sheet to the eyes is at least thirty centimeters.
  • Hold the ballpoint pen with three fingers. The distance from the fingers to the sheet of paper is one centimeter. Write letters and numbers as carefully as possible, repeating all the steps until you get a good result.
  • Pay attention to each letter of the alphabet and number. This determines the end result. Some letters are easier to handle, while others may be difficult. Above all, do not stop.
  • Change handles from time to time. So identify a pen whose use helps write beautifully.
  • Further activities include the help of a relative or close friend. He should quickly dictate the text, and you write down, trying to do it beautifully. After a few dictations, notice that the handwriting has begun to improve.

Work on the algorithm will require a lot of patience and free time. But, the result is worth it. It is important to correctly put the acquired knowledge into practice. Heed the advice, do not stop, and reach the goal.

How beautiful to write with your left hand

Beautiful letters

According to statistics, in the world 15% are left-handed and the rate is gradually increasing. The main reason for the phenomenon is the refusal of parents and teachers to retrain children.

Why would a person write with both hands? Agree, an interesting question. Some want to gain such talent by virtue of curiosity, while others develop the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for intuition and creative thinking. Some are of the opinion that such a skill is useful in life.

The materials that describe how to develop a person’s intuitive and creative abilities say that writing with your left hand is a useful activity. Some experts recommend performing various actions with the left hand. It's about brushing your teeth, working with the mouse, holding cutlery, and so on.

To teach the left hand to write beautifully and quickly is not easy. If you think otherwise, you are mistaken. Be sure to be patient and get ready for hard work.

  1. Observe the southpaw before starting your workout. You will notice that his arms bend unnaturally around his wrists. The fact is that writing is made from left to right. Therefore, the left-hander does not see the result of the work, as his hand closes.
  2. Pay particular attention to the location of the sheet of paper on the table. It is important that the upper left corner is above the right corner. This will allow you to control the handwriting, and the hand will not get very tired.
  3. Left-handed people hold the handle in a special way. They take the pen at a great distance from the paper, which reaches the mark of three centimeters. Have to master this "grip".
  4. To achieve the result, you need a notebook in an oblique line. At the initial stage, write large letters and numbers in order to use muscle memory.
  5. If during training there was pain in the fingers, do not be heroic. Writing with your left hand from a habit is hard. Pause and charge your fingers constantly.
  6. The solution to the problem involves ongoing practice. Whenever possible, engage your left hand. With her help keep a diary or draw.
  7. Do not disregard the overall development. Initially, the movements will turn out inept and comic, but with practice it will pass, and the level of skill will increase.

Video tips

We write ambidextr with two hands

If you constantly develop talents, the technique will help to discover hidden creative abilities.

How to learn to write beautifully with a pen

The girl writes beautifully with a pen

There is an opinion that a person gains the ability to write beautifully from nature. People with ugly and illegible handwriting can not improve calligraphy. This is just a profound error.

Success in calligraphy directly depends on desire and constant studies. If you do not believe me, I will dispel doubts by sharing a guide to beautiful and quick writing.

  • Training. It is easier to achieve the goal by training the correct spelling of individual letters and numbers. The process is complex and time-consuming, but the result will be a pretext for joy. Take paper and pen and methodically write letters. Write until the character is pleasant. You will need to use up several sheets of paper. Only in this way will you make your handwriting as beautiful as possible.
  • First-Grade Technique. Buy the prescriptions used to educate children. Such notebooks will help you learn to write letters and numbers in accordance with the rules of calligraphy.
  • Muscle. Use your wrist, arm, and shoulder when writing. Using all the muscles of the hand, make the handwriting beautiful, smooth and even. It will not be easy at first, but you can handle it.
  • Posture. Even posture affects the beauty of handwriting. Writing beautiful text in a bent position will not work. Be sure to stop slouching and straighten your back as much as possible.
  • Warm up. At first, write the letters in the air, writing down the outlines and lines. After warming up, transfer the aerial image to the sheet. According to the teachers, such a technique will make the letters equal and clear.
  • Elbow position. It’s not easy at first to hold the elbow. Through constant training, it will be possible to bring the quality of handwriting to a new level, and the speed of writing the text will increase.

Thanks to your desire and constant training in the field of calligraphy, improve your handwriting by making it legible and even. As a result, even document signatures will become ideal. I think it’s more pleasant to leave beautiful autographs, rather than a set of doodles.

How to learn to write beautifully numbers

Ruler and pencil for numbers

With the writing of letters figured out. The numbers also deserve attention. Of great importance during learning to write numbers is the determination of the slope and analysis of the elements that make up the digit. We are talking about sticks, ovals, wavy lines and semi-ovals.

You can philosophize on this topic for hours, but it is better to focus on the technique of writing characters. The best helper will be a notebook in a box. Ready? Then let's get started.

  1. Unit. The easiest to write number, consisting of two sticks. Write a small line from a point located to the right and above the middle of the cell, moving towards the upper right corner. After that, in one motion draw a line to the center of the bottom side of the box. The one is ready.
  2. Deuce. The figure is more complex. At the top of the cage, draw a “gooseneck” that should end above the bottom line. Then draw a horizontal wavy line below. True, the line may be straight.
  3. Troika. The number three resembles the printed version of the letter “Z” and consists of two semi-ovals located one above the other. Start writing numbers from the top. To successfully complete the task, make two confident movements with the handle.
  4. Four. The figure of three sticks. Four is an analogue of the printed letter "H". In the upper part of the cage, draw a corner and in one motion add a large vertical line on the right side of the corner.
  5. Five. Pyaterochka has no alphabetic analogues. Draw a small oblique line, and then half off from its lower end. It remains to add a small horizontal above.
  6. Six. Normal oval with curved upper right side. We can say that this is the letter “C” squeezed from the sides, in the lower part of which is a small circle. The writing technique is similar to the letter, only add a semi-oval below.
  7. Seven. A more complex modification of the unit with a wavy top line and a crossed out horizontal stroke base.
  8. Eight. Vertical version of the symbol of infinity. Consists of two ovals, located one above the other.
  9. Nine. Inverted version of the six. First, a curl is made at the top, then an oval is formed and a rounded tail is added at the bottom.
  10. Toe. Flattened on the sides of the letter "O". One of the easiest to write numbers.

The most effective way to help calligraphy of numbers to a new level of writing.

The child will become an excellent student if he writes beautifully - Everything will be kind - Issue 504 - Everything will be fine

Every year, people write less and less with a pen. Outside the era of computers, laptops and netbooks. Notes in notebooks do not participate in contests and do not fight for the title of best handwriting. Therefore, not everyone makes efforts to improve writing.

Everyone needs a legible and beautiful handwriting for the following reasons.

  • Text written in good handwriting is much easier to understand.
  • People who read it do not cause irritation.
  • Beautiful handwriting is great for writing letters, greeting cards and various inscriptions.
  • The beauty of a personal signature directly depends on it.
  • Handwriting is a reflection of character.

You may not agree with the last point, but it really is. Smooth and beautiful lines cause the person who reads them, sympathy and respect for the author.

Slopes, squiggles and curls used during writing tell about the character no less than appearance. Handwriting is part of the individual style.

The most illegible handwriting at doctors. Records in cards are not always recognized even by fellow doctors. What to say about patients whose inscriptions are perplexing.

At the same time, there are specialties where exemplary writing is a professional requirement. We are talking about librarians, archival workers and school teachers. None of these specialties can do without good handwriting.

Video instruction

How to learn to write beautifully? Says EXPERT

I will add that balanced and calm personalities who slowly write down and are distinguished by good fine motor skills boast a beautiful handwriting. They strive to keep the writing straight and legible.

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How to learn to write beautiful letters and numbers, you already know thoroughly. I hope that with the help of the above techniques and techniques you will improve writing skills. Good luck

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