How to learn to draw anime from scratch

Draw an anime from scratch

Japan is a highly developed country whose technology is ahead of time. The hallmark of Japan, in addition to reliable cars and advanced technology, is an anime. This kind of animation is popular in Asia and other regions of the planet. It is not surprising that many are interested in how to learn how to draw anime from scratch.

If you want to master this lesson, pay attention to my article. Find helpful tips and step-by-step tips to make creating anime-style drawings easy. If you have not attended art school, showing perseverance and patience, master this technique.

  • Pick up a tool. We are talking about pencil leads and pencils of different hardness. You will need three different leads, which are sold either in a frame made of wood, or in the form of rods designed for machine tools.
  • Alternatively, buy a set of graphite sticks coated with a special layer. Use them to make quick sketches and easily shade large surfaces.
  • You can not do without a good eraser. Better soft model. Otherwise, during operation, the top layers of paper will be damaged and “injured." To minimize the risk of such an event, it is recommended to draw contours with thin lines.
  • They draw anime with sharpened pencils and pencils. Be sure to buy a good sharpener. After gaining experience, learn to sharpen the tool with a knife.
  • Correct hatching involves the use of a hollow sharpened tool. This speeds up and facilitates the task. True, do not focus on this point. A novice is allowed to do as convenient and easier.
  • Master the art by drawing contour drawings. To get started, do a few work linearly, applying light shadows in certain places. Get a kind of quick sketch. Over time, the movements of the hands will become confident, and you can pay more attention to the black-and-white study of the drawing.
  • Hatching is much more difficult to master. Draw elements as close to each other as possible. Otherwise, the integrity of the object is violated and the impression of stripedness appears. At the beginning of the training, you can rub the traces of the pencil with a soft leaf or finger.
  • When hatching a picture, be sure to keep the distance between the individual strokes to a minimum. Do not use lines crossed at a large angle.
  • Beginners make mistakes. Fortunately, the pencil is easily erased, only very carefully. Otherwise, the paper will be severely damaged or a certain area of ​​work will be smeared. Remember, putting a new layer of graphite on a damaged surface is difficult.
  • If you want to remove a large amount of hatching or slightly weaken the tone, use a special mass resembling plasticine. It is characterized by the ability to easily absorb excess graphite. If it’s not at hand, take a lump of bread.

You got the first idea how to learn to draw anime from scratch. If you really like to draw, the lesson will become hobby. Experts advise starting training with simple projects, gradually increasing complexity. Varieties of the plot play a secondary role.

Beginners are not recommended to use complex motives consisting of a large number of elements. To get started, train on simple objects and compositions. We are talking about fruits, vegetables and simple objects. After watching the video below, get a visual representation.

Video tutorials and step-by-step tutorials

How to learn how to draw anime easily

Over time, switch to more complex scenes and learn how to draw animals, buildings, and equipment. Lastly, start painting people. It is not easy to draw a human face, and the image of human emotions is a very difficult task.

The secrets of drawing an anime pencil

Drawn anime girl

Japanese cartoons, whose popularity can hardly be overestimated, have always been famous for their good plot, active development of events and bright heroes. After watching such an animated film, many people have a desire to master the art of drawing.

In this part of the article I will tell you how to learn how to draw anime with a pencil. Following my algorithm, I will draw beautiful drawings with a sheet of paper and a few pencils on hand. As an example, I will give the boy’s drawing technique, which consists of several stages.

Before we look at the step-by-step instructions, I note that Japanese drawings have certain technical nuances. In particular, the anime pattern is characterized by a different technique for drawing the face, eyes, nose and mouth, which differs from other genres. Since the outlines of the face are approximate in shape and complemented by large eyes, drawing them is easy.

  1. Initial contours. Correctly place the contours of the picture, and only after draw the main contours of the little boy. To facilitate the stage, make the primary contour from rectangular shapes. The main thing is that they correspond to the sizes of body parts.
  2. Head. Draw a rectangle for the head, and beneath it draw another rectangular shape for the neck. Starting from the neck, draw two arcs representing the shoulders. Then draw the lines for the hands and put in their center the circles, which are destined to become elbows. Drawing hands is easier with rectangles and lines.
  3. Draw a face shape. In the anime genre, it resembles a regular rectangle connected to a triangle. Draw these geometric shapes together, and then remove the connecting line. The result is a Japanese-style face characterized by a narrow and sharp chin. It remains to add a few elements fashion suit.
  4. Items. The next step is to add various elements to the drawing. Using an eraser, delete unnecessary contours and lines and proceed to detail the picture. Give your face a final shape using the starting lines. Above your head, apply an arched visor along with the base for the cap. Also draw the contours of the hair and ears.
  5. Start processing your hands. Using the initial contours, gently outline the hands. Then draw a collar and outline the legs. If the correct proportions can be achieved within this stage, then you have been able to successfully complete this difficult process.
  6. Main details. As part of the final phase, pay special attention to the main details of the drawing. It's about the eyes and face. The eyes should be large and have large resin pupils. Add a small nose and a small mouth resembling an inverted triangle.
  7. clothing. Pay attention to the boy’s clothes, providing them with buttons and pockets. Work on your T-shirt, draw gloves and finish the triangular hair.
  8. Coloring. At the end, color the drawing, making it bright and contrast. Since we are drawing anime with a pencil, just shade the drawing by adding bright shadows.

If you want to draw anime comics with a pencil and build a career in this industry, my guide will help you get started. If you follow the news and learn, mastering various techniques, take skill to a new level.

Draw anime eyes - step-by-step instructions

Anime eyes

People with great pleasure watching Japanese cartoons. Some people have a desire to draw something similar, plans and ideas appear.They draw their favorite characters, devoting free time to occupation, but in most cases the quality of the drawings remains low.

The hardest thing to draw is eyes. Therefore, the question of how to learn to draw anime eyes, I will pay special attention. I hope that with the help of my tips you will draw beautiful and expressive eyes, which will allow, for example, prepare for the new yearcreating interesting gifts.

Anime eye figure

  • Eyes in anime come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Draw the arcs of the eyelids, and then draw two guide lines, which must intersect without fail. It is better to make the guide lines a little curved and as thin as possible.
  • In most cases, the iris occupies a huge part of the eye. Instead of a circle, boldly draw an oval. When designating the pupil, remember that size determines the feelings of the hero. If the pupil is small, the hero is scared. As part of the stage, the pupil is not worth highlighting. This will be done after drawing glare.
  • Most often, one highlight is displayed. Alternatively, draw some small highlights, arranged on opposite sides. Only after drawing glare, make the pupil bright.
  • In the anime, the number of eyelashes is small and in most cases does not exceed the mark of 7 pieces. Most often they are represented by an arrow, necessarily highlighting the line of the upper eyelid, due to which the eyes become voluminous and convex.
  • Do not draw eyebrows in detail. However, they must be present without fail. Otherwise, do not make the eyes of your cartoon hero expressive.
  • Many beginners have questions regarding the shape of their eyes. In most cases, this is a semicircle. The upper part of the eye is represented by an almost straight line, and the lower part by an ideal semicircle.
  • Draw eyelashes with a common arrow, bending down or up. The direction of the bend determines the shape of the eye. If you depict several cilia, place large ones on the upper eyelid, and small ones on the lower eyelid, respectively.

You can make anime eyes alive and expressive with oval highlights by positioning them around the edges. You can use vertical or horizontal glare.

Video lesson

How to draw anime eyes

To emphasize the main highlight, use a triangular highlight with an angle elongated in the center of the eye. Often used and round glare, which draw the main or auxiliary. It depends on the style and preferences of the author.

We draw an anime body

Anime body

Continuing the conversation about Japanese animation, we will figure out how to draw an anime body at home. At first glance it seems that this is a difficult task. In reality, everything is different.

Japanese animation is different from cartoons created in other states. It is aimed at both adolescents and adults. For this reason, animated films are rapidly gaining popularity, which has long been comparable to popularity. best new year movies.

The drawing of the heroes of the anime and the background on which the events unfold is very different from the cartoons of other countries. In most cases, anime is a multi-part television movie distributed through optical drives. Recently, Japanese cartoons began to appear more often on widescreen screens.

After watching the Japanese cartoon, many people have a desire to master the drawing of anime. The main points regarding art, we reviewed. It's time to talk about drawing the body.

  1. To achieve the goal, first of all, study the proportions of the body and familiarize yourself with the process of drawing it in the Japanese style. The Japanese like to distort proportions. A vivid proof are the many cartoon characters in whom certain parts of the body are disproportionate.
  2. The female figure of the anime master is depicted elongated, complementing with thin legs and aspen waist. The male figure is characterized by broad shoulders. Moreover, the size of the head does not always correspond to the size of the body. Perhaps this is the secret of the attractiveness of images.
  3. Draw a human figure with two dots connected by a vertical, which denotes the center.Draw the bottom and top line, and vertically divide the center line into eight equal parts. Using a ruler makes it easy.
  4. Then draw an oval body, a round basin, a head and legs with arms. To revitalize the picture, position the body parts on a slightly curved arc. This will demonstrate that the character you are portraying is moving.

Only with time will it be possible to master the technique of drawing various parts of the body that Japanese animators use.

Video instruction

How to draw anime Body, Torso, Torso.

Drawing an anime body or eyes is much more difficult than, for example, make a collage. Only thanks to this art will it be possible to give freedom of imagination, demonstrate abilities and have fun.

Anime story

I was so keen on writing an article that I forgot to tell the story of the appearance of this art. And she is very interesting.

Anime originated in Japan and began to gain momentum in 1958. By the end of the last century, it has gained popularity, which is increasing now. Nowadays, many anime studios and their number is constantly increasing.

Exactly ten years ago, experts discovered the work of an unknown author, created back in 1907. It is a tape of celluloid, on which there are fifteen frames. In them, a little boy neatly displays hieroglyphs, and then turns and bows.

Since then, short animated animations have appeared, the duration of which did not exceed 15 minutes. Modern studios create anime, taking advantage of computer graphics. True, there are also such masters who draw with their hands.

Studios create anime of various genres. Each individual work is characterized by high-quality graphics and is aimed at viewers of different ages. Many works are striking in the plot and fascinate with the unpredictable development of events. It’s breathtaking from me.

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Now you can become a part of a huge industry, because now you know how to learn how to draw anime from scratch. Perhaps a few years will pass, and I will be able to get acquainted with your work by visiting your favorite movie theater. I wish you great success in your work. See you!

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