How to clean the stove from grease and carbon deposits

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Not every owner of a gas stove knows about effective cleaning methods and means suitable for this. That is why the question of how to clean a gas stove from grease and carbon deposits at home is relevant for many. It is important to carefully consider the choice of cleaning products so that they completely remove dirt, but do not harm the surface. The cleaning process itself is not complicated and with the right choice of means it takes a little time.

Safety Precautions

Safety when cleaning the stove should be in the first place. If you observe safety precautions and basic precautions, you can avoid injuries and unexpected troubles. So, just follow this algorithm:

  1. The stove must be disconnected from the power supply or gas supply.
  2. Remove the grate so that it does not interfere with the washing process. It must also be cleaned. The lattice is placed in a capacious basin or bath, leaving for 120-180 minutes.
  3. The next step is to remove the hotplates. They are also sent to a container where they will be washed.
  4. The remaining food particles must be removed from the surface of the stove using a dry sponge.

Now you can proceed directly to the cleaning process. When using household chemicals or concentrated formulations, you should worry about the skin of the hands. It is best to use gloves.

Cleaning gas stoves and gratings with folk remedies

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In stores you can find a huge amount of cleaning products, but sometimes folk remedies are more effective. At the same time, they are always at hand, so you don’t have to spend too much time, but you can immediately start cleaning. One of the most versatile substances is baking soda. Thanks to it, it is possible to easily get rid of greasy contaminants. It is necessary to fill the plate with moist soda for half an hour, you can gently rub the substance, then it remains to rinse off using a sponge.

A suitable tool can be called a combination of vinegar with soda. It quickly removes accumulated fat. The cleaning algorithm is extremely simple - soda and vinegar are applied to the surface of the stove, after half an hour they are washed off with an ordinary sponge. Vinegar in this case, used to moisten the stove instead of water.

To clean the small components of the stove, like pens, you can use a solution of vinegar and water. It is enough to wipe the items with them to remove the fat. In the same case, ammonia will help. It is bred with the same volume of water before use.

An interesting remedy can be called citric acid or lemon juice. These substances not only help get rid of dirt and grease, but also refresh the surface of the stove. During the cleaning process, unpleasant odors will be eliminated, which becomes a kind of dignity. You can also use laundry soap. With its help, it is possible to wash both the stove and the oven well.

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Purchased chemistry for a gas stove

When trying to clean the stoves, many use all purchased products, waiting for the result. In fact, the choice should be approached more carefully. Cleaning products should not contain abrasive substances or aggressive acids.If present, scratches may form on the surface.

Also not allowed to use washcloths with metal nets and similar products. To achieve a quick visible result, contaminants should be washed off as they appear. The fresher the stain, the easier it will be washed off. Additionally, you can use toothpicks, soft sponges, toothbrushes and sponges.

As a purchased chemistry, you can choose the following options:

  1. Fairy, AOS, Pemolux, Myth, Gala for primary cleaning.
  2. Wpro 29945, Indesit and Domax for subsequent polishing.

How to quickly clean a glass ceramic stove

Glass ceramic cooker

Recently, glass-ceramic plate is in special demand. This is a modern product with a lot of advantages. However, these panels should be handled more carefully during use and cleaning. For cleaning, it is not allowed to use products that contain abrasive substances. They may scratch the glass ceramic surface.

Among the prohibited substances are soda and salt, which also easily scratch the surface. The most difficult to remove grease and dirt from microcracks. For this, modern fat-dissolving agents are used. Among the worthy options are the following:

  • Spul-Balsam, which will supplement diluted with water;
  • Kama Sol;
  • Tana Professional;
  • Fairy
  • Karaform Asset and some others.

You can choose any of these tools and be sure of the effectiveness of actions. In some cases, such compositions do not completely eliminate pollution. The following tools will come to the rescue:

  1. 25 grams of laundry soap, 20 grams of soda, 2 tablespoons of vinegar and hot water. The composition is left on the stove for a couple of hours and then washed off with warm water. The main thing is not to rub so as not to scratch the surface.
  2. Strong salt composition. It is applied to the stove for 8-12 hours. After that, the dirt can easily be washed off with an ordinary rag.
  3. A tablespoon of silicate glue, a glass of water, a teaspoon of detergent, a few tablespoons of soda. Such a composition is applied to the stove and left for 30-40 minutes.
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Useful Tips

To make the process of cleaning the plate easy and simple, you can use useful recommendations. If you have a dishwasher at home, you can easily clean the grill plates in the dishwasher. The only thing to consider is to add more detergent.

In the absence of such a useful technique, it is worth preparing a soap solution. It is poured into a deep container where grills and burners are placed. The products are left to soak for at least 12 hours. As a result, dirt is easily washed away water, and the grills and burners themselves will shine with cleanliness. In some cases with particularly persistent contamination, it is necessary to additionally use baking soda or sand for cleaning. At the end of the product, they are washed and dried.

Experienced housewives know an interesting way to minimize the time for subsequent cleanings. To do this, apply such a mixture to a clean and dry surface of the grills and burners - 1 part of washing powder, 6 parts of soda ash, 2 parts of stationery transparent glue. Further, when washing, you will notice that the dirt easily leaves. To maintain cleanliness, the algorithm is repeated every three months.

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The last composition can be used additionally for washing burners, pens, grills. Regular maintenance of the stove - the ability to maintain cleanliness. This means that there will be no need to find specialized cleaning products. The stove and its components will shine with cleanliness, and to maintain it, it is enough to wipe with a cloth with an ordinary detergent and rinse.

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