How to clean a burnt jam from a pan

How to clean a burnt jam from a pan

On the shelves there is a large assortment of jams and other variations of berry dessert, but nothing can be compared with homemade jam. It is much more useful, because the hostess knows exactly what she put in the jars. The process of making jam is not difficult, but it’s worth a moment to get distracted, and sugar syrup has already stuck to the bottom of the pan. At home, such spots need to be removed by specific methods and then they will not cause trouble.

How to clean an enamel pan

Photo of enameled utensils

Before cooking, make sure that there is no damage on the enamel pan: if they are, jam will burn in these places. Cleaning enameled dishes - a procedure requiring delicacy and accuracy, the use of abrasive substances and hard brushes is unacceptable. Enamel coating does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature: a fragile surface will crack if it is immediately poured with cold water. Previously, it must cool by itself.

Folk remedies

Folk recipes are an alternative to using household chemicals. In cleaning the pots, their use is a priority: it is the dishes in which the food is prepared, it is important to clean it in safe ways, especially if there are children in the house.

Active componentProportion for recipeMethod and time of use
Activated carbon4 tablets per 1 liter waterCrush the coal and dissolve in water, pour into a saucepan. Boil for 15 minutes. Leave to soak for another 30 minutes.
Salt6 tbsp. l for 1 liter waterSteep brine in a saucepan and boil for 1 hour.
Milk serum1 liter serumPour the serum into the dishes and leave for a day.
Apple peelPeel with 2 applesGrate the stain with apple skins and leave for 15 minutes. For the best effect, cook in a saucepan for 40 minutes.
Table vinegar250 mlFill the stain with vinegar and leave for 2 hours.
Onion300 grOnions must be cleaned and boiled in a contaminated pan until the product is fully cooked.
Coffee grounds2 tbsp. lGently rub the stain with the slept coffee and leave for 30 minutes.

These simple ways will allow maximum soften the carbon, after this treatment, it is necessary to remove the residual dirt with a soft sponge for washing dishes using the usual means.

Household chemicals

Household chemicals are a great way to clean up contaminants of any degree of difficulty, even you can old carbon. Funds are sold cheap or expensive - they work the same way. Due to its composition, they break down sweet syrup and the remnants of berries, while maintaining the integrity of the surface.

  • Finish Dishwasher Tablets are a great housekeeper. Pour enough water into the contaminated pan so that it covers the soot. After that, put on fire and throw the pill: as the water heats up, the active components dissolve the contamination.
  • Shumanit - a highly effective composition for removing stains from jam and not only. Spray the product directly onto the stain, wait a couple of minutes and remove with a sponge.
  • Sanita-gel is a universal cleaning agent, indispensable in a modern kitchen. A convenient consistency is easily distributed over the surface of the contamination, and the active components in the composition will cope with the stain in a matter of minutes.

Video instruction

How easy it is to clean a milk-scooped pot effortlessly \ useful tips

The only minus of household chemicals is toxicity.Before use, it is advisable to protect not only the hands, but also the respiratory tract. After processing the pots, they must be thoroughly washed with clean water.

Stainless steel and cast iron

Jam burns in the pan

Stainless steel and cast iron are the most unpretentious materials. They can be safely rubbed with metal sponges and products with large granules. Such utensils are not afraid of almost anything. It is best to clean it immediately after removal from the fire, before it has time to cool. Perfectly soften the burnt sweet spot of boiling water with the addition of 4 tablespoons of vinegar: after this, the remains of contaminants can be removed using an ordinary detergent and a stiff brush.

The only remedy that stainless steel dishes do not accept is salt. From cleaning in this way, dark spots may appear.

Cleaning aluminum pans

Aluminum pan

Aluminum pots are an indispensable attribute of every Soviet cuisine. Today they are used much less, but many housewives like the quick heating and lightness of this material. Another plus of aluminum is that the food practically does not burn. But if an unfortunate oversight has occurred, cheap and affordable citric acid will come to the rescue.

After cleaning the surface of the main mass of contaminants with a tablespoon, you need to fill the formed stain with water with the addition of citric acid: 1 tbsp is required. l powder per 1 liter of liquid. After this, the pan is covered with a lid, and the water boils over a fairly high fire for 10-15 minutes. Thanks to this procedure, the stain will move away from rubbing with an ordinary sponge for washing dishes.

How to clean BURNING WARE in 5 MINUTES ✔ Elena Matveeva

When cleaning an aluminum pan from soot, careful handling is necessary: ​​the delicate surface of products made from this material does not tolerate powder detergents or excessively rough brushes.

Useful Tips

  • Do not put off cleaning in a long drawer: the faster you start cleaning, the less effort will be needed to achieve an optimal result.
  • There is no universal tool for cleaning any pan: it must be selected taking into account the material from which the dishes are made.
  • Soak a spoiled pan for a couple of hours in cold water before cleaning with household chemicals or folk methods: this will help to soak the stain and facilitate the process of subsequent processing.
  • Some recipes for removing impurities contain alkali in the composition: this component is able to have a destructive effect on the skin. Therefore, all work is preferably carried out with rubber gloves.
  • To clean the outer walls, the product can be boiled in larger containers.

Burnt jam will no longer be a problem overshadowing the process of making homemade treats. A little knowledge and patience - and the pots again shine with pristine purity!

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