Stains of tar and wax. How to remove?

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In everyday life, stains on clothes cannot be dispensed with, but not every pollution is simply removed from the fabric. Complex substances are distinguished, which include resin and wax, they will not disappear during washing. Removal requires the use of additional tools that do not always have a favorable effect on the material. To avoid negative consequences, you need to choose the right components for cleaning.

Preparation and Precautions

If tar or wax gets on clothing, follow these guidelines:

  • Do not rub the stain, the surface area will increase, making it harder to remove;
  • You can lightly wet the dirt with a paper towel to get rid of excess;
  • When using a product of synthetic origin, it is imperative to work with gloves and a mask;
  • After working with the solvent, open the windows;
  • You can not soak clothes in hot water, wax and resin only penetrate more strongly into the material.

Clothing stained with tar or wax should not be placed on the other, as dirt will ruin these things.

Cleaning wax and paraffin with folk and purchased products

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Wax is a fatty substance, colorless and odorless, made by chemical means. To remove paraffin or wax from clothing at home, use products whose components will enter into a chemical reaction with them until they are completely removed.

General recommendations

Wax can be removed from clothing in several ways.

  • To remove white wax, dip the material in boiling water, when the stain melts, wash the place of contamination.
  • Pour talcum powder or chalk onto the frozen composition, lay a napkin with a load on top. After an hour, thoroughly wipe the dirt with a brush and a sponge moistened with water.
  • Put the clothes in a bag, put in the freezer for an hour. After time, remove, with a solid object, scrape off the wax.
  • Put the soiled thing on the ironing board, cover with a cloth on top and iron until the stain passes onto it.

Wax from clothes can be removed at home and using special tools. The most popular are presented in the table.

Name of facilityHow to use
AMV (chemical oil based on orange oil)

  1. Apply to contamination.

  2. Soak for a few minutes.

  3. Wipe with a cloth.

Amway SA8 (stain remover)

  1. Shake the foam, spread over the entire area of ​​the stain.

  2. Remove stains.

  3. Wash clothes in hot water according to material requirements.

After removing stains from wax or paraffin, wash clothes in the usual way.

Clothing made from jeans, synthetics and cotton

For different types of fabrics, they distinguish their methods of cleaning wax.

Material typeHow to delete
JeansPlace in the freezer for 60 minutes, remove, rub, remove the remaining stain with an iron.

  • Method number 1. Soak in hot water. When the wax melts, blot with a towel, the remaining stains will be removed after washing.

  • Method number 2. Apply organic solvent to cotton, soak the problem area, wash in warm soapy water.


  • Method number 1. Heat a spoon in boiling water, place it on a stain, as the wax melts, remove it with a napkin.

  • Method number 2. Boil water, put material in it, after the appearance of greasy stains, remove and wash in hot water using washing powder.

Fabrics that are resistant to high temperatures can be easily cleaned of wax - just immerse them in hot water, but delicate materials require the use of special tools only.

Fur and Suede

It’s easy to remove wax from the fur. Place it in the freezer and after 30 minutes remove the frozen substance from the villi. Shake the small crumbs.

Removing paraffin from suede is more difficult:

  1. Cover the stain with a paper towel, place a hot iron on it, and repeat until the stain passes onto the towel.
  2. Dissolve half a teaspoon of ammonia in 1 liter of water, moisten a cotton pad, wipe the stain, and then restore the structure of the material over steam.

To remove wax from suede, use a composition whose components are ammonia or wine alcohol and gasoline.


Microwave Removal:

  1. Take a baking sheet on which to install a candlestick to avoid contamination of the oven itself.
  2. Place the candlestick upside down on the container.
  3. Turn on the microwave for 5 minutes to let the wax melt.
  4. After complete melting, remove the product.
  5. Wipe the dirt with a cloth.
  6. Rinse the candlestick in a warm liquid.

When removing wax from a candlestick, open a window - this will help to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant odor in the room.

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Voskoplav clean immediately after work, until the wax has frozen. On contaminated areas, apply vegetable oil and wipe with alcohol wipes. Instead of wipes, you can use any solution with an alcohol content of 40%.


You can remove wax from the dishes with steam. To do this, boil the kettle, put the utensils in the area where there is pollution under a stream of hot air. Under the influence of high temperature the wax will melt, then remove it with a napkin.

When removing paraffin from glassware, be extremely careful that it does not crack, dip it in hot water.


To remove wax from shoes, apply a few drops of turpentine to the stain. Then wipe with a paper towel or napkin. Remove wax from shoes and with glycerin. In hot water, add a couple of drops of the product and treat the stain with the solution. Rinse off with water.

How to clean furniture and carpet from wax

Wax removal methods:

Where to remove the waxHow to remove

  • Method number 1. Wax can be removed from wooden furniture with a blunt object. Scrape it off after it hardens.

  • Method number 2. Direct a hot stream from the hairdryer to the stain and remove the contamination after it melts.


  • Method number 1. Put ice cubes on the stain, after half an hour remove the pollution with a blunt object.

  • Method number 2. Pour soda onto the stain, lightly moisten with water, use a stiff sponge to rub the stain until completely removed.

You can also remove wax or paraffin from carpet and furniture using specialized products and shampoos that are sold in the store.

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Resin cleaning with folk and purchased products

Resin is an amorphous substance, under normal conditions it is in a solid state and melts at high temperatures. When hit on objects, it is difficult to remove, since the spots have a complex structure.

Clothing and fabric

You can remove resin from the material using improvised means.

  • Alcohol. Apply alcohol to the stain, leave for 30 minutes. After time, wash clothes in the washing machine.
  • Turpentine. Apply turpentine on a cotton disc, dab the stain. After washing the material in warm water.
  • Refined gasoline. Moisten cotton wool abundantly in gasoline, apply to stain for 30 minutes. After using a brush, rub the stain and wash with powder.
  • Sparkling Coca-Cola Water. Pour soda into a small container, lower contaminated material, then wipe with a brush, wash clothes.

Removal from hands and skin

There are several ways to remove tar from skin and hands.

  • If a substance gets on the body, you should wait until it hardens. After that, place the area under a stream of cold water and carefully remove it if cracks appear on the resin.
  • Apply Neosporin or Twin 80 cream to the contamination, wait until the ointment is absorbed into the skin and wipe with a napkin or towel.
  • Apply mayonnaise to the affected area, wait until it splits the resin, and then carefully remove with a napkin.

Any oil can be used to remove the resin, its components will destroy the structure of contamination, after which it is easy to remove from the skin.

Furniture and carpet

Wood resin

Removing tar from carpets and furniture is done in several ways.

  • Rub the stain with ice cubes until it hardens and gently scrape off the carpet or furniture.
  • Bring a solution, the components of which are 15 ml of dishwashing detergent, 15 ml of table vinegar, 500 ml of water. Moisten cotton wool in it, wipe the stain.
  • Moisten a cotton pad in eucalyptus oil, blot the stain and gently brush off the dirt with a brush, rinse with warm water.

A dishwashing detergent can be used to remove the resin. Make sure that it does not contain lanolin, which will leave irreversible spots.

Shoes and sneakers

Resin can be removed from shoes with kerosene. To do this, moisten a cloth in the solution, rub the stain until it disappears completely. The yellowness of the product can easily be removed with hydrogen peroxide.

Resin from shoes can be removed with a solvent. Apply a small amount to the cotton wool, gently wipe the stain.

Important! When working with kerosene, be extremely careful, as its components can ruin the structure of the material.

The resin is easily removed with formic alcohol. To do this, moisten a cloth in the solution, wipe the stain.

Useful Tips

Experienced housewives offer the following recommendations when removing tar or wax.

  1. When working with coarse materials, it is not necessary to use purchased products, it is enough to freeze pollution, and then scrape it off with a solid object.
  2. To remove stains from a material of any structure, first of all, it is necessary to check the reaction to the product used. Apply a few drops to a small area of ​​the fabric, wait a little while, if nothing happened to the fabric, feel free to use the solution.
  3. You can use not only oils, but also a fat cream, it has the same properties.
  4. After working with any chemical agent, even with gloves, apply a moisturizer to your skin.

Important! If stain removal occurs due to solutions of chemical origin, there must be an access of fresh air to the room in order to avoid problems with well-being and poisoning of the body.

There are many ways to remove wax and tar. It’s not necessary to buy expensive items. The main thing is to bring the pollution to a molten state before removal or to use components that destroy the bond of the molecules of the substance.

How do you remove wax and tar?

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