How to clean a leather jacket from dirt, grease and greasy

Leather jackets

Leather jacket - stylish, durable, comfortable, "lives" in every wardrobe. This clothing is not for one season, so you need to know how to clean your favorite jacket at home from the unpleasant manifestations of everyday wear.

ATTENTION! Do not wash with powder. Hand and machine wash are harmful to the skin. Upon contact with water, the item will lose its presentation, may shrink, the skin will become rough and unusable.

Preparation for cleaning

Take a small rag, sponge and tool. You can use a medium hard brush.

Folk remedies for salinity and other pollution

Cleaning products

IMPORTANT! Before applying folk methods, test the product in an inconspicuous area.
  • Chalk and talcum powder mix in equal proportions. Fill the stain with the mixture, leave for a couple of minutes and wipe with a brush.
  • Mix dishwashing liquid in lush foam. Apply to a greasy stain, rub with a rag or sponge. Wipe dry. Be careful not to wet the jacket very much.
  • Greasy stains can be removed with potato starch. Dilute it to a thick slurry state, smear the stain. Fifteen minutes later, remove the dried and absorbed pulp. Wipe the place with castor oil.
  • The problem area can be rubbed with a cut bulb.
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Special household chemicals for leather items

Trademarks vying for offer products that can significantly increase the time to wear the leather thing in your wardrobe.

  • If the skin is rubbed, cracks from a long sock become noticeable, it can be reanimated using dyes purchased in the store.
  • Glue will help with the formation of a badass.
  • A water repellent will help protect the jacket from moisture.
  • For general care, use Finish. It moisturizes the skin, nourishes and softens, gives shine.

Cleaning problem areas of the jacket

Woman in a jacket

Problem areas, those that are dirty more than others. They will have to be restored more often than the whole thing.


To prevent the collar from becoming dirty too much and not to resort to radical measures, regularly wipe it with a clean rag soaked in warm water. Do not forget to wipe with a dry cloth.

CAUTION! Do not pull the skin to avoid deformation.

To clean the collar area, you may need a make-up remover. Use it if salinity and pollution are noticeable.

If the dirt does not rub off, rub the areas with alcohol or lemon juice. Then grease with glycerin. And if this does not work, mix alcohol and white spirit in equal proportions.

ATTENTION! Gasoline or thinner blurs the paint on the jacket.

Sleeves, cuffs

Mix ammonia with salt and dilute the mixture with water (about half a liter). Wipe greasy, dirty areas of the sleeves with a solution. Wipe with a damp cloth after handling.


  1. We put the jacket on the shoulders, turning inside out. Hang over a basin or bath.
  2. Dissolve and foam the powder in water.Using a soft brush, we begin cleaning the lining fabric.
  3. Then rinse the fabric with a stream of warm shower. The faster the better.
  4. Wipe with a dry, clean cloth.
  5. Dry by spreading the left side up on a large towel. You can finally dry on the shoulders. Upside down.
ATTENTION! Try not to wet the top of the product. Handle only the lining!

How to get rid of the smell of sweat on the lining

We collect hot water with steam into the bath. Pour a glass of vinegar and leave a jacket over the bathtub, the inside out. After two hours, the unpleasant odor will disappear.

ATTENTION! Be extremely careful when working with vinegar and steam! Protect face and eyes, do not breathe vapor.

You can rub problem areas with lemon peel.

Features of cleaning white skin

White skin

REMEMBER! Clothing made of genuine white leather should not be cleaned with aggressive chemicals.

If the leather jacket is white, milk is suitable for cleaning and refreshing it at home. Dampen a white cloth and wipe the item with it. Due to the fat contained in the product, the clothes will not only be cleaned, but also covered with a protective film.

Blood with a mark of a thing can be removed with chilled water and soap. Try to clean the stain with lightning speed.

If the jacket from the sock has acquired a yellowish tint, use lemon juice. Squeeze the juice in the saucer, dampen a cotton pad in it and go through the product.

CAUTION! This method of cleaning is aggressive to the skin; do not use it often.

How to maintain the original appearance of the skin

Genuine leather items love attention and care. Do not subject them to active cleaning, do not immerse in washing water, do not twist. Use special formulations sold in stores.
Dry at room temperature. Do not use a battery, hairdryer, or other devices.

Ink stains are removed using tape. Stick the sticky side to the stain and tear it off. The stain will “stick” to the tape and move away.

Wipe the jacket from dirt and wet smudges immediately. Do not wait until the stain eats up.

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Take care of an expensive leather item from the first day of purchase. Avoid situations after which you will have to radically clean the product. Careful attitude will extend the life of your jacket.

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