How to clean a clog in the toilet at home

How to clean the toilet

A clogged toilet is an unpleasant phenomenon, and sometimes it is difficult to solve it. The reason for this is the lack of basic knowledge in the plumbing industry and step-by-step instructions on how to clean the blockage at home.

Practice shows that studying the structure of the sewer system, together with knowledge of effective measures to eliminate blockages, helps to save money and helps to quickly restore the normal functioning of the plumbing unit.

Before starting the procedure, it is important to determine the cause of the problem. toilet bowl, as this greatly simplifies and speeds up the solution to the problem. And the cause of the blockage can be different.

  • Food waste.
  • Items that do not dissolve in water.
  • Tray filler.
  • Incorrect installation of the toilet.
  • Salt deposits on the inner walls of the elements of the sewer system.

Many people flush paper towels and towels, used toilet paper into the toilet, not realizing that this exacerbates the situation. Once in the water, paper products swell and increase in volume. As for the mixes that fill the trays of pets, only pressed sawdust is safe for the toilet and the system.

Step-by-step instructions with plunger and cable

Figurine plumbing

A poorly functioning sewer system is a big problem for residents of an apartment or house. This not only complicates the performance of domestic tasks, but also reduces the level of comfort, so it needs an early solution. Pumping with a plunger is the most common way to clean the drain.

  1. First, carefully inspect the toilet. If visible debris comes into view, carefully remove it from the neck.
  2. Install the tool over the drain so that the edges of the rubber tip fit snugly against the walls of the neck.
  3. Press the plunger handle down and release, repeat several times. Then sharply pull out the plunger. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Sold not only mechanical, but also pneumatic plungers. The difference in the use of devices comes down to the fact that the pneumatic option provides a stronger blow, which leads to faster pushing of the mud plug.

If, after using the plunger, the sewer system does not return to normal, this indicates the appearance of a serious blockage in the pipe. We are talking about compacted fine dirt adhered to the walls or a foreign object accidentally flushed into the toilet.

In this case, more radical measures will help solve the problem, including the use of a plumbing cable.

If you do not know, a plumbing cable is a twisted spring made of steel wire, equipped with a convenient handle. The wire layers are wound in a special way, which ensures optimal transmission of torsion torque without compromising flexibility. In everyday life, cables up to 5 meters in length are used. How to use such a tool?

  • Lower the end of the cable into the toilet bowl and push it all the way. Rotate the knob in one direction until the wire system passes the bend. Hold the tool with your free hand.
  • When the cable reaches the dirt plug, change the direction of rotation of the handle. Remove the cable from the sewer, remove lumps of debris and repeat the procedure.
  • If the cork has moved, do not stop. Try to push it to the wide drain pipe. Finally, flush the system with warm water.

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How and how to eliminate clogging of sewers and pipes.

A similar procedure can be carried out using a conventional cable purchased at a construction supermarket. The main thing is to choose the diameter and length of the product. If the drain in the house is made of plastic elements, do not forget to put a special plug on the end of the cable. Otherwise, the tool will damage the pipe, which could result in a replacement of the drain system element.

What to do if there is no plunger and cable?

Nice repair in the toilet

The reality is that not every house has a plunger. What to say about the plumbing cable ... These devices are in the arsenal of only housewives who have repeatedly encountered a blockage of the toilet. What if the problem appeared suddenly and needs a speedy solution, but the necessary tool is not at hand? Available tools will help.

  1. Plastic bottle. To make a home plunger, grab a plastic bottle and carefully cut the bottom. Take the home-made tool by the neck, lower it into the drain and press hard on the neck, then sharply pull the bottle out. Repeat the procedure several times.
  2. Doll. People call a “doll” a bag filled with sand with a rope tied to the end. After construction, lower the fixture into the neck of the toilet and press the drain key. As soon as the water sucks the bait, remove the tool from the neck by carefully pulling the rope. Thanks to its weight, the doll easily copes with blockages.
  3. Soda and Vinegar. Squeeze out liquid from the toilet, leaving a small amount of water in the drain. Pour half a pack of soda into the drain, push the powder as deep as possible and add a glass of vinegar to start a chemical reaction. After half an hour, pour a few liters of boiling water and drain the water.

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How to clean a toilet blockage with a bottle


If the toilet is connected to the sewer system with a plastic corrugation, it is forbidden to use boiling water. To avoid harm, use hot water to flush.

How to clean a blockage with chemistry

Household chemicals for cleaning the toilet

The stores sell domestic and foreign chemicals focused on combating toilet blockages. The composition of such products includes acids or alkalis, which easily corrode body fat, hair and even textiles. The following products are most popular among housewives: “Mole”, “Tofix”, “Mr. Muscle”, “Domestos”, “Tiret”.

Some products are sold in powder form, others are liquid, and still others are in granules. Regardless of this, be sure to read the instructions before using the purchased chemistry.

Use chemicals carefully if there are plastic pipes in the house. In no case do not use several drugs at the same time, so as not to trigger an unexpected chemical reaction.

In most cases, to use the tool, it is enough to take a few simple steps.

  • Pour or pour a dose of the drug into the neck of the toilet in accordance with the instructions.
  • Wait for the time indicated on the label, then rinse off the aggressive substance with water.
Live healthy! Unusual ways to clean the toilet. (06/20/2016)

Remember the safety precautions. The composition of the purchased chemistry includes substances that are dangerous to the skin, mucous membranes and overall health. Eliminate the blockage in the toilet with rubber gloves, after taking care of the ventilation of the sanitary unit.

Blockage Prevention: Useful Tips

Photos of elite repairs in the bathroom and toilet

We examined the intricacies of the procedure for eliminating blockages in the toilet at home. Now we will pay attention to the rules for the use of plumbing, compliance with which prevents problems.

  1. Do not throw objects into the toilet. If anything gets into the neck, try to remove it as soon as possible.
  2. Do not rinse off food debris. Fats gradually accumulate on the inner walls, which over time will lead to the formation of a dense cork.
  3. From an early age, teach children the rules of visiting a plumbing site.
  4. If the toilet is being renovated, cover the toilet with a thick cloth to prevent debris from entering.
  5. To prevent blockages, periodically use special chemicals. She will make sure the pipes stay clean.
  6. Often the cause of the blockage are rusty pipes, the loose inner surface of which traps the debris. To avoid problems, it is recommended to replace them with new ones from polymeric materials.

People who have survived the horror of a clogged toilet are taking a more serious approach to using the dignity. node and do not forget about its immediate purpose. I hope this article protects against such inconveniences and problems.

Effective Wash Methods

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning the toilet is an unpleasant but necessary cleaning step. Let's look at ways to quickly and efficiently carry out work that will ease the fate and help restore the plumbing element to its original appearance.

Even Coca-Cola does a good job of cleaning up. Treat the entire surface of the product with a drink and wait a few hours, after which walk along the faience or ceramic toilet with a brush. The effect of using a delicious drink will surprise you.

The algorithm for washing works is as follows.

  • Pour a solution of water and a cleaning agent into a plastic bottle. Screw the lid on the container after making several holes in it.
  • In order for the cleaner to come out under pressure and penetrate into the most difficult places, push the bottle and direct the jet to the right place.
  • Give the cleaning agent a few minutes to soften the dirt. After time, rinse with water and wipe with a dry cloth.

These simple recommendations will help to care for the plumbing correctly, which will significantly increase its service life. And this is the key to savings, constant comfort and coziness in the house.

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If the above methods did not help to clean the blockage in the toilet, call the plumber. It is possible that the cork appeared in the riser, and with the further use of the sewer system, the volume of the toilet bowl will not be enough to hold drains. A professional will quickly solve the problem.

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