How to stretch genuine leather, suede or rubber shoes

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The purchase of new shoes is a pleasant and joyful event, but a good mood will deteriorate if suddenly a pair of shoes or boots presses, causing a lot of discomfort. The question arises: "How to stretch shoes at home?". You can correct the situation yourself without any problems, following simple rules.

Safety Precautions

Remember, each material needs specific actions. Do not experiment by stretching leather shoes like suede. This will lead to irreversible results, because the shoes instantly deform. At the same time, one should act according to the instructions in order to achieve the desired result and not spoil the new couple, which probably already managed to become loved.

Do not use water, as it can spoil the material, and discard the heat. Do not put shoes near heating sources, as cracks and other signs of deformation will appear on the surface. You should not use rough methods, for example, stretching in the literal sense of the word.

Stretch genuine leather or suede shoes

Suede boots

Such shoes look unsurpassed and stylish. If you need to stretch it at home, use common and safe methods. Each of the methods described below has already been tested in action and performance is guaranteed, however, it is important to adhere to the tips.

Ice and freeze

An original way that has been tested by time. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Take a plastic bag, fill it a third with plain water.
  2. Put ice inside the shoe you want to stretch.
  3. Spread the liquid in the bag from the heel to the toe.
  4. Put the shoes in the freezer for a day.
  5. Water will turn into ice, expanding the package, so the shoes will neatly stretch.

It is important to ensure the strength of the material so that it does not tear and water does not spill into. In this case, the quality and safety of the product is not guaranteed.


The option is suitable if the new product presses. Take a paraffin candle, rub the shoes with it, and then leave them overnight. The component will make the skin softer, so when walking you will not feel discomfort.

Steam and boiling water

Heat the kettle with water and add boiling water to the shoes, holding it for a few seconds. Drain and put on shoes. Bring them until dry. This is an effective method that will give you the opportunity to quickly stretch your skin or suede.

It is important that the effect of boiling water does not exceed two to three seconds. Longer heating can not only stretch the product, but also spoil it, making it unusable.

Alcohol, Vinegar or Cologne

The issue is solved with the help of alcohol or cologne. Soak three cotton swabs in the selected product. Place two of them in the toe, and one in the heel. Put on your shoes and do not take off for several hours. The substances quickly erode, so there will be no discomfort, because the smell is not felt. The result is leather that is comfortable to wear.

You can stretch it with vinegar as an alternative. Dampen a sponge in this product, and then wipe the shoes from the inside. Put on while walking around the house. To achieve an effective result, treat the surface with a special spray.Vinegar has a specific smell, which disappears, so you should not worry about this.


Wear wet socks made of natural material to make shoes that are comfortable. Walk around the house until you feel dry.

Dampen wool socks in hot water, this method makes it possible to quickly achieve the result. Wait a few seconds, letting them cool slightly so as not to burn your legs.


Fill new shoes with cereal of any kind and pour water into it. At night, it will swell, so the product will stretch. You need to walk in it until completely dry. The method is non-standard, but the most effective.

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Special compounds

If the above methods did not help to cope with the problem, you need to purchase special tools in stores. Follow the instructions that came with them. When liquid or foam gets into the appropriate place, the material softens.

Take your shoes around the house to make sure the discomfort is gone. Such solutions are guaranteed to make shoes or shoes comfortable to wear, excluding deformation or damage to the appearance when following the instructions.

Professional stretching

Modern shoe shops have professional devices called stretchers. Thanks to this, specialists will be able to cope with any type of boots in a few hours.

Contact a specialist if home remedies have not helped. They will complete the tasks promptly and you will be able to wear shoes again.

Stretching rubber shoes

Rubber boots

Footwear made of ordinary rubber cannot be stretched. However, there are boots made of PVC. You can check this by touching a hot object to the surface of the product in an inconspicuous place. If the material melts, you will stretch it. When there is no melting, do not try to perform manipulations. This will permanently ruin the boots.

PVC can be softened by pouring hot water into the product. A few minutes are enough to make it soft. When the boiling water has cooled, drain it and put on your boots. After a few minutes, climb into a basin of cold water to freeze the material.

As a result, rubber boots will be comfortable and comfortable in size. In this case, the surface will not be covered with cracks, because the correct execution of actions eliminates such moments.

How to stretch patent leather shoes

Patent leather shoes

To deal with this issue, you can use effective methods. I will list the most common methods.

  1. Take alcohol and water, adhering to a ratio of 2 to 1. Soak the socks made of a dense material with the finished solution. Put them on your feet and shoe shoes on top. Walk around the house while your socks and shoes are dry.
  2. Expose the product to high temperature. Take a hair dryer, warm up your shoes, then put on a toe of dense material. It is not necessary to hold the tool for too long; the varnished coating will deteriorate.
  3. Put petroleum jelly on the shoes, then insert the block inside. When applying, treat rough spots. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

These are common tips to help stretch patent leather shoes at home. If you follow these recommendations, handle the issue effortlessly. You don’t have to spend a lot of time, because everything is simple and affordable.

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How to stretch narrow shoes. Live healthy! (12/03/2015)

General recommendations

I will tell you some general tips that will help when stretching shoes.

  • Often it is impossible to do with a single procedure, so be guided by the situation. You may need two or more sessions to wear shoes comfortably.
  • In order for the existing methods to be effective, it is necessary to make sure in advance that the shoes are made of high quality materials. Otherwise, the components can ruin the look of your favorite pair.
  • If you need to stretch patent leather shoes, do it carefully. Remember, cracks and deformations quickly appear on the surface of the material.
  • Avoid corns on the skin while wearing shoes. Lubricate the backdrop with laundry soap or paraffin.

The main thing is to choose the right way to fulfill these goals. Thanks to the right actions, you can wear shoes comfortably without pain. Read all points carefully to avoid problems and unpleasant situations in the future!

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