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If you are interested in information on how to become a ninja in real life, check out the article. The story begins with the fact that modern ninjas rarely use traditional costumes, and their weapons are not limited to flying stars.

In modern life, these specialists have to master other skills. In particular, they learn to extract important information without physical impact, master masking skills.

In the old days, Japanese ninjas were part of a community, clan, or order. Nowadays, they represent remote lone hunters who carry out sabotage and silent reconnaissance.

Ninja is the elite of Japanese intelligence. And although the bloody business is not their main occupation, in the past such scouts often had to get their hands dirty in blood. Without appropriate preparation, it was almost impossible to do.

Nowadays, task performers are called espionage masters or universal scouts. These people are well versed in physical and psychological effects that help to obtain information.

How to become a ninja in real life

There are many people who want to know how to become a ninja in real life. All of them are eager to master the art of invisibility. And if some are attracted by the style of solitary life, others like wide opportunities. At the same time, they realize that they want to be stronger physically and spiritually.

If you really want to realize a dream, a real teacher is indispensable. Will have to do daily, putting a lot of effort. In addition, it will take a lot of time.

Even the official school does not guarantee that it will be possible to climb to the top of art. And no wonder, because the hard way is accompanied by titanic work on oneself.

Nevertheless, if you comprehensively develop, train your body and mind, you will be able to get closer to the status of "night warrior". By publishing an article, I hope it helps you to become betterstronger and wiser. What is required?

  1. If you dream of harmonious development, identify your strengths and weaknesses, find a common language with them. The incredible physical capabilities of the ninja are based on the maximum development of their own merits and their proper use. At the same time purposefully and persistently train the body.
  2. Train without uniforms, tools and special equipment will not work. That’s why you are well prepared for the training. You can try to work out the blows on the pillow, and sharpen your accuracy with throwing sticks at watermelonbut you should not expect a good result. Purchase or make training equipment.
  3. Practice. The complete list of arts possessed by the ninja is immense. True, many of them will not be useful to modern man. Nevertheless, the knowledge that lies on the surface of life is useful in difficult situations.

Now you have an idea of ​​how to become a ninja in real life. Strengthening the body and mind, make life more comfortable, which will help to adequately stay in critical situations that appear on the path of life.

How to become a ninja at home

Continuing the topic of the article, we will pay attention to the preparation of scouts at home. In other words, we will talk about how to become a ninja at home.

The basis of training is an active-dynamic training technique.As part of the training, much attention is paid to the reconstruction of situations and conditions that are extremely close to a real battle.

Only in this case, the future scout will learn to control the psychophysiological state when meeting with the enemy, maintain a high pace of action, coordination of movements, adequate perception and inner calm.

Let's talk directly about training. There are certain requirements for the preparation process at home, including:

  1. Gradual. Build up the load, strength and speed of impacts sequentially and in stages. In other words, do not immediately engage in heavy training, as they will cause damage to the body, not prepared for titanic efforts.
  2. Continuity. The second rule is the key to success. Train systematically and regularly. Do not take long breaks between classes. Train daily based on your workout schedule. Rejecting is not recommended.
  3. Moderation. According to experts, training should be accompanied by moderation in food and other pleasures. While drinking vodka, cognac, beer and smoking are prohibited. The fact is that bad habits reduce training to zero. If you are not able to give up habits, you will not become a real ninja in real life.
  4. Self control. Keep your composure under all circumstances. Manifestation of uncontrollable emotions, including aggressiveness and fear, should not be allowed. This will help in a critical situation to show martial art, faith and determination.
  5. Courtesy. If you exercise, be executive, disciplined and collected. Follow the instructions and instructions unconditionally with utmost respect.

As you can see, harsh demands are placed on training at home. If you want to become a real scout, it will take a lot of time and effort.

How to become a ninja in 5 minutes

If you started reading the article first, you already realized that becoming a real ninja is not easy. In addition, it will take a lot of time and effort. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you cannot become a scout in a short period of time. If in doubt, read how to become a ninja in 5 minutes.

This is not about training and training. After reviewing the material, you can quickly organize the clothes of a scout in the style of a ninja. This will require a black t-shirt. How do I transform into a ninja?

  1. I take a black T-shirt. I try to make as much sense as possible in this act. The fact is that future attire will protect your head from prying eyes and provide maximum stealth.
  2. I don’t put on a T-shirt as always - I leave my sleeves and collar over my head.
  3. I place the front part of the collar over the nose, and the back - over the eyebrows.
  4. I throw the sleeves of the T-shirt on my back and carefully tie it.
  5. I carefully correct everything, trying to achieve maximum comfort.
  6. It remains to put on a dark jumper with a high neck and make a stern look.

Following my advice, quickly create a costume for yourself or your child. It remains to make some flying stars out of paper.

How to become a ninja - instructions

Professional scouts were trained from an early age. I will tell you what instructions the ninja trained in ancient Japan.

  1. Prepared the ninja for a hard life from the cradle. The cradle with the baby was pushed with force towards the wall. Over time, the child became accustomed to shaking and grouped when struck.
  2. Learned to swim at the age of 6 months. It is noteworthy that at this age children are not even able to walk.
  3. As soon as the child was three years old, he had to undergo a course of breathing exercises that developed concentration and endurance. A year later, it was time for games that developed a reaction.
  4. They trained the ninja constantly, forgetting about the holidays and weekends. Free time from training, devoted to the study of medicine, diplomacy, languages ​​and literacy.
  5. At the age of 12, he had to run up to 25 km daily without stopping.
  6. A scout was taught to hang on a tree, clutching a branch. At the same time, hovering reached 60 minutes.
  7. Particular attention was paid to the development of photographic memory in order to remember secret documents.
  8. The ninja was constantly beaten with a whip or stick to make the body easier to bear pain.
  9. After some time, painful exercises were performed, in which the joints received phenomenal flexibility.
  10. Sometimes students were locked in a dark room with food. As a result, we learned to see in complete darkness.
  11. Only one novice out of five survived to the age of 15 years. At this age, he became a member of the ninja community. To join the clan, they performed a combat mission.
  12. At the age of 15, Zen Buddhism was expected. By this time, he performed any tasks without special difficulties.
  13. The average life span of a ninja was 25 years. Many died on missions, in ambushes and traps. Sometimes the body could not stand the painful training.
  14. Students did not have to count on family life.

The article on how to become a ninja has come to an end. In it you learned that the preparation procedure is long, painful and difficult. Nevertheless, it becomes possible to become a ninja without titanic work, if you just make a costume that will help reincarnate.

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Ninja is an example to follow. Only strong-minded people remain calm and confident in critical situations. If you don’t even manage to master martial arts and build career in Japanese intelligence, in terms of spiritual development over yourself, you will get serious results in real life.

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