How to remove chewing gum from clothes with an iron, hair dryer, ice

Many people, regardless of age and age, are interested in how to remove chewing gum from clothes at home, which sticks and spoils the look of clothes. This trouble can happen in an unexpected place. You can hang chewing gum on your favorite pants in a cafe, public transport and even in the park, sitting down on a bench.

Spare clothing is not always at hand, but do not panic. Calm down and do not try to immediately remove the chewing gum. If it sticks to the fabric, hasty actions will bring disastrous results. Be patient and head home to save the thing.

There are many ways to remove adhering adversity from clothing. Some are very common, while others are used less often, because they are based on knowledge in the field of chemistry. If you are in an unpleasant situation, listen to good advice. I will consider a number of ways to deal with chewing gum sticking to clothes.

12 Effective Ways to Remove Gum

  1. Freezer. Freezing is considered the most effective way to remove from pants and other clothes. Put the affected thing in a bag and send it to the freezer for an hour. During this time, the chewing gum will freeze and fall off. If this does not happen, carefully scrape it off.
  2. Ice. When you can’t put the thing in the freezer, try to get rid of the pollution with ice, attaching to the right point. After hardening, remove the chewing gum with a stiff brush. The technique is suitable for removing winter clothes, rugs, carpet and other things.
  3. Hot water. To use this method, you will need an assistant. While he is from kettle boiling water over the damaged item, you remove the chewing gum with a toothbrush. To increase the efficiency of the "hot method", dip dirty clothes in boiling water and, without removing, pick the chewing gum with a sharp knife. If the stain remains, repeat the procedure.
  4. Iron. You can remove chewing gum from clothes with an iron. Using blotting paper, cheesecloth or a piece of cloth, thoroughly iron the contaminated area. However, after removal, a speck may remain on the clothing. In this case, seek the help of a stain remover. Apply it to dirt, wait and wash the stain.
  5. Wedge wedge. To remove chewing gum, chewing gum is often used. Chew it well, stick to a contaminated spot and unfasten until a result is obtained.
  6. Hair dryer. Helps solve the problem and household hair dryer. Using the appliance, heat the chewing gum and remove it with a toothbrush or clothes brush. If the hairdryer did not help, pay attention to the following methods.
  7. Peanut butter. Use this method carefully and carefully. The main thing is that the product does not fall on a clean piece of clothing. Coat a sticky gum with oil, and then scrape it off with a blunt object. Then wash the thing. If it was not possible to prevent oil from getting onto a clean cloth, moisten the stain with a stain remover, and send the little thing to the washing machine.
  8. Sprays. In a hardware store, a special tool is sold, focused on removing chewing gum. The application technique is a bit like the first two methods. Spray cools the contaminated surface. Apply the product and wait a bit, then remove the contamination with improvised means. Sprays do a great job with stains after removing adhering adversity.
  9. Vinegar. The technology is suitable for cleaning jeans. A small amount of vinegar heat a little and using a toothbrush, apply on chewing gum. Perform manipulations quickly, vinegar is only effective in the form of heat.
  10. Chemistry. Some housewives solve the problem with toluene. Apply this technical fluid to the affected area and wash clothing with normal powder. Suitable for removal and acetone. Nail polish removers effectively remove gum from coats, fur coats and carpets without spoiling the color.
  11. Wash. If the problem is heavily eaten in the clothes, washing will help. Soak spoiled clothing and clean with dirt. When the chewing gum softens, carefully remove, and wash the little thing.
  12. Dry cleaning. Use if the listed methods fail. Masters working in the organization, using professionalism, will carry out a number of manipulations to eliminate contamination with the damaged clothing. They will take into account the structure and composition of the fibers of the material. The method is the safest.

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How to remove chewing gum from clothes

Sometimes chewing gum does not attack clothes, but shoes. The methods that are listed above, in this case, are inconvenient or ineffective. There is another way to deal with the problem. Take a cotton swab and pat it with acetone or alcohol. Wipe the dirt thoroughly and remove with a knife.

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I advise you to always look where you sit. This will reduce the likelihood of a problem. But this lump is far from always noticeable. If you sit down on chewing gum, treat the problem with a smile, and my recommendations will help to solve it. Good luck

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