Christmas crafts made of paper, threads, cones and rain

The girl hangs Christmas crafts with her own hands.

New Year is a time of miracles and adventures, it is expected with impatience. No other holiday can be compared with such magic. Most of them begin to prepare for the New Year's party long before and try to bring it closer by making New Year's crafts themselves.

Great option - decoration New Year's interior home-made decorations. There are a lot of options for DIY Christmas decorations.

Favorite Snowflakes

Paper snowflake stencil

The most common Christmas crafts - paper snowflakes. Making them easy even with young children.

  1. To make a beautiful openwork snowflake, take a sheet of paper in the shape of a square, fold it diagonally two times to make a triangle.
  2. Draw a pattern on the triangle with a pencil and cut it with scissors.
  3. Choose patterns as diverse as your imagination is. After that you can expand and enjoy the masterpiece.

With a finished snowflake, you can also do different things. It can be glued to windows and mirrors in the house with soapy water.

  • Dilute a little liquid soap in warm water, dip a sponge into it and wipe the surface.
  • Feel free to stick snowflakes. They will dry and stick firmly to the windows.

Such a technique will create the illusion of a frosty pattern. Snowflakes can be hung on a Christmas tree with toys. Small snow-white snowflakes give the Christmas tree freshness and snow powder.

Video of creating snowflakes from paper

VOLUME SNOWFLAKE / New Year DIY paper crafts

Snowflakes can also decorate a room. Hang snowflakes of different sizes around the room and enjoy the winter mood. In addition to plain white paper, snowflakes can also be cut out of color. In this case christmas decor will turn out more colorful.

Funny snowmen from socks

It is easy and quick to make small snowmen from old socks. It is better to choose a white sock, so that the snowmen turn out like real ones.

Torso and head

To create the body of the craft, cut off the heel and the upper part. You will get a kind of bag that is filled with cereals.

Fill a snowman in several ways. Millet, oatmeal or any medium-sized cereal is suitable. If you do not want to spoil the stocks of cereals, and want to use a snowman for more than one year, fill with cotton or soft tissues.

How to fill the body, sew the bottom. It will turn out one big lump, which we divide into two or three to get the most believable snowman.

You can break the body into balls with a dense thread. We trim the body in a circle and tighten. After doing the completion of the image. Buttons will serve as eyes.

The nose is easy to make from a toothpick. Break off a small segment and paint with any paint, for example, watercolor, in red. The mouth can be embroidered with black thread or drawn with a marker. How to prepare a person, do clothes.


For clothes, the brightest and most beautiful socks are suitable. The brighter the pattern, the more interesting the result. Cut a ring from the sock and put on in the form of a sweater. If cut in the middle, you get a spectacular vest. Jacket and vest can be tied with a dense thread and get an interesting belt. We will make a bright hat out of the same sock.

You can experiment and try to make the most diverse models.Turning on the fantasy, we get a diverse, funny and funny snowmen.


SNOWMAN from fabric / DIY Christmas crafts

Depending on the size, we put them on a Christmas tree, decorate a desk, place them on a bookshelf. The family of snowmen will easily decorate not only your home, but will also be great New Year's gift close people.

Fancy balls of thread and lace

The next Christmas craft is balls. We buy balloons, tight threads and lace. Inflate balloons to a small size, with a diameter of up to 15 cm.

Tie balloons well so that during preparation no air escapes from them. If you prepare jewelry from threads, then dip them in PVA glue. Glue can be taken diluted with water. Three parts of glue and one part of water are permissible. After that, start wrapping the balloon. Layer by layer. We put the threads loosely so that there are empty seats. It is better to apply about 4-5 layers of threads so that the resulting ball looks good and does not deform.

Lace balls

To make lace balls, we do the same with lace. Dip the material into glue and tightly wrap the balloon. We leave billets for drying. After the glue is completely dry, pierce the balloon with a needle. The shell will remain, and the inside will burst. We extract the remains of the balls from the figure.


DIY Christmas Ball from Thread / DIY for the NEW YEAR!

We attach the strings to the dried figures, for which they are suspended. Toys we leave in this form, or decorate with sequins, buttons, bows, paint with spray paint.

If you try, you can attach small bells to the center of the ball.

Funny Christmas crafts from cones

Need cones and a variety of decorations. Tie a bump to hang on a Christmas tree. We attach buttons, buttons, ribbons. Everything that is at hand is useful.

This type of crafts involves all the small trinkets found in every home. Young children will be able to take an active part in preparing for the much anticipated holiday.

Unusual glass christmas decorations

Take a small glass jar with a tight-fitting lid, wash and dry thoroughly.

We are looking for suitable jewelry. Small figures on New Year's theme are suitable. Animals, Christmas trees, snowmen.

  1. We add the composition and see how it looks. If everything suits, feel free to proceed to gluing the resulting composition. It is important to use waterproof glue and give the materials time to stick.
  2. We fill the space with water mixed with glycerin. Glycerin is sold in pharmacies, it is very inexpensive. A mixture of water and glycerin in a ratio of 1: 1. We fill the entire jar with liquid.

After we add various sparkles. The last step is to fill the thread of the cap with glue and screw tightly. Such a simple and original souvenir will decorate any desk. As soon as you want to escape from the work process, shake the jar and watch how the snow-white snowflakes spin in a fairy-tale waltz.

Rain scenery

With the help of rain and cardboard, you can create the most unusual New Year crafts. A simple and beautiful way to decorate a room makes it much easier preparation for the new year. You can make beautiful numbers for the coming year. To do this, cut out stencils from cardboard and wrap rain around each figure with dense rings. Fix the beginning and end of the rain with tape.

An interesting idea to write wishes of love, wealth, smiles, health and decorate them with rain. Then, with these bright and unusual words, decorate the wall. Get a wish wall.

DIY holiday wreath

In American films you can find beautiful coniferous wreaths that are hung on the doors of houses. You can make such a wreath yourself. You will need cardboard, rain, cones, bells, berries, sweets.

  1. Cut the stencil. They will serve as a small ring of cardboard, about 5 cm wide and about 20 cm in diameter.
  2. We wind rain onto the ring in dense layers. We choose a rain with long villi, so the wreath will turn out fluffy.
  3. The main canvas is ready, we begin to complement it.In the center you can place a bell. Glue berries and cones in a circle. An unusual New Year wreath will turn out, which will perfectly decorate the doors of the apartment.

Decorative and original Christmas toys

Using a spoiled light bulb is an interesting idea for making a Christmas tree toy. You only need paint, gouache or acrylic. Paint with a variety of patterns and let them dry. After that you can glue a bright bow and glue the thread. Christmas tree toy is ready.

Fluffy woolen snowman

For production, purchase snow-white wool threads and cardboard. Cut two rings out of cardboard. Wrap threads tightly around each ring. Winding until there is a place in the middle to thread the threads. When there is no room for thread, tie the end. Now we cut the edges with a blade and fluff.

Get fluffy lumps. This will be the snowballs for the body. We bind them together and the snowman’s body is ready. Now, using threads, felt-tip pens and other improvised means, we create the face of a snowman. This cute fluffy souvenir will delight any guest in your home.

Multi-colored garland

You will need scissors, PVA glue and colored paper. To begin, draw on the paper even stripes, approximately 1 cm wide. Now cut these stripes. From the obtained strips we glue the whole chain. To do this, take one strip and glue its edges.

Pass the next strip through the first and also fasten the edges. We do this procedure with the rest of the strips. The more flowers in your garland, the more interesting and festive it will turn out. The finished product will decorate the Christmas tree or room.

Citrus Scenery

The smell of tangerines is associated with the New Year holidays, so why not use them to create a New Year mood. For such decoration, it is better to use tangerines, they have a thicker skin.

Take a mandarin or orange and cut various geometric patterns directly with a knife with a knife. After, insert the clove into the cut patterned lines. Fold the resulting citruses in a beautiful vase and decorate with small coniferous branches. The aroma of needles and tangerines will bring a warm atmosphere of New Year's miracles to your home.

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Choose the scenery to your taste, do New Year's crafts with your own hands, listen to my advice and plunge headlong into the warm atmosphere of the New Year holidays!

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