Why can’t you take pictures of sleeping people?

According to the unwritten rule, it is strictly forbidden to take a sleeping person on the camera. This superstition has a decent age. It’s hard to say where it came from. One thing is known that he managed to firmly sit in the mind of mankind. Therefore, I will figure out whether it is possible or not take pictures of sleeping people and why.

Outside the window is the era of high technology, which undoubtedly pleases. Let's remember what was the first mobile phone. It was a small plastic box with a black and white screen, which was in contact with friends and loved ones. Smartphones in recent years call in any direction, send SMS, play music, launch games, videos and take professional photos.

Cameras have also been developed. If you had to show the film before, which required considerable effort, now it’s enough to have it at hand a flash drive and a computer with a printer. It takes several minutes to print a whole pack of high-quality photos.

As you already understood, we will consider the main versions, reasons and factors for which it is not recommended to photograph sleeping people.

The main reasons for the ban

  1. A photograph is a carrier of a large amount of information about a person imprinted on it. Dark magicians use this information to remotely harm the image in the photo with a spell, spoilage or evil eye. Therefore, photos of a sleeping person should not be posted on the Internet for all to see. It is possible that the dark magician will be able to do his job with the help of an electronic photograph.
  2. In ancient times, there was a belief according to which, during sleep, the soul leaves the body and goes to the other world. Consequently, a sleeping person is more vulnerable to curses. In addition, it is not recommended to sharply wake a person, otherwise the soul will not have time to return. The cause of a sharp wake up may be the flash of the camera. There were times when a person who suddenly woke up began to stutter.
  3. The first cameras were characterized by large size and high cost, and rich people were engaged in photography. When a close friend or relative left this world, the family was very upset by grief. As a result, a terrible tradition appeared, when the deceased was brought into proper shape, dressed up and photographed. Moreover, he strongly resembled a living person. The sleeping man has closed eyes and many similarities with the deceased.
  4. During sleep, a person relaxes as much as possible, because of which his mouth can involuntarily open, a ridiculous facial expression can form, and saliva can start to flow. Undoubtedly, few people want to be photographed in this form. Some craftsmen publish such pictures in the social. networks that bring little joy to the posing on them.
  5. The Internet is filled with photographs of random people who fell asleep in public transport, on a bench in a park, in a university classroom or elsewhere. Fun people who willingly take fellow students, neighbors and strangers sleeping in an interesting pose, do not even think that such a picture can be unpleasant.

I have listed 5 main reasons why you should not take pictures of sleeping people. Of course, it's up to you to decide whether to do this.

Why you can not take pictures of sleeping children

Selfie near the mirror

Almost every mother, when she sees a sleeping child, has a desire to take a photo. It is not surprising, because in a dream the baby is cute and motionless, and it will be possible to photograph him as a keepsake without any special difficulties. But experts do not advise doing this. What is the reason?

  • Health. When a child sleeps, his body functions slow down, brain activity decreases significantly - the body with a soul rests and works in a different mode.During sleep, children try to comprehend and absorb what they have encountered before. A bright flash of the camera, accompanied by a loud click, can wake up and scare the baby. This will lead to phobias and problems with the nervous system. Health and photographing children in a dream are disparate things.
  • Harm to eyesight. The flash is harmful to children's vision, especially if photography is carried out in the dark. Of course, in a dream, the eyelids are closed, but this does not protect the eyes from harmful effects. If you bring the camera close to the face of a child, its visual apparatus will take damage.
  • Aura of children. There is an opinion that the aura of the child remains in the photograph. Consequently, even a loved one, looking at a photograph, can inadvertently harm him. What to say about people who can do this on purpose.
  • Soul. As with adults, the baby’s soul leaves the body during sleep. Sudden photography can cause a sharp awakening, as a result, the soul will not be able to return. This was previously explained by sudden infant death. Scientists have still not been able to explain this phenomenon.
  • Superstition. If you photograph a sleeping baby, his eyes in the picture will be closed, which is associated with the dead. Therefore, the likelihood of an imminent death may stick to a captured child. This is due to the involvement of negativity in the children's energy field.
  • Personal life. Each person has a right to privacy and children are no exception. A sleeping child does not have the opportunity to approve photography and the subsequent publication of pictures. Parents who decide to work a little with the camera should definitely consider this.

Summing up the above, I note that each mother must decide for herself whether to believe in prejudice and photograph her sleeping children. Some of the reasons described have a logical explanation, the veracity of others is doubtful. Some mothers without any fear remove their babies, share their photos and do not believe in prejudices, while others, by virtue of superstition, categorically do not support this practice.

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