How to choose a kitchen for an apartment and a summer residence - useful tips

Spacious kitchen

Sooner or later, people think about buying a new kitchen. It is not difficult to do this, the market is full of interesting offers. A huge variety forces people to look for the answer to the question: how to choose a kitchen. After all, furniture should combine comfort, beauty, aesthetics, convenience and practicality.

Kitchen is an important part of housing. Here, family members chat, have breakfast, talk over a cup of tea, and discuss important matters. Men love the cuisine, because here they are waiting for delicious food. Women see this room as a workshop where they can showcase culinary talents.

Detailed action plan

If you are buying a new kitchen, approach the solution of the problem with responsibility. Think carefully and discuss the intricacies with loved ones.

I will share instructions on choosing kitchen furniture, which I use myself and recommend to friends.

  1. Measure the walls, the height of the ceiling, the distance from the floor to the windowsill.
  2. Make a plan. Gather your family and discuss the moments: the number of kitchen furniture to buy, the placement of a kitchen set in the room, the purchase of household appliances and equipment.
  3. Create a kitchen project. On a piece of paper, draw the scale of the room and place the sink, gas stove, furniture. If the kitchen is small, try to use the corners as much as possible.
  4. Decide on the style. Find the middle ground of design and functionality.
  5. Visit furniture sites, look at online stores. Look at the options offered and the cost.
  6. Decide on a budget. On the sites you could see the cost of furniture per linear meter. These numbers are conditional. Sometimes the cost of furniture does not include filling cabinets.
  7. Go around furniture stores. Explore the range and prices. Consult with consultants and designers. Based on your sizes, they will create a sketch of the future kitchen in a computer program.
  8. In addition to furniture, consultants often offer additional shelves and cupboard filling. Consider whether a kitchen scale, basket, drawer section, or shelf is required.
  9. Pay attention to buying household appliances. Do not rush, read reviews and reviews.

How to choose a kitchen to order

Modern furniture manufacturers provide the opportunity to purchase a kitchen to order.

  1. Decide on a budget if you don’t millionaire. Firms operate in different price segments. The cost of furniture directly depends on the originality of the design, accessories and materials.
  2. Look at the fittings and appliances. If the family is large, you will need an ergonomic and functional kitchen. If there is no time for cooking, you can choose more additional appliances. If you don’t like cooking at all, you can bet on beauty.
  3. Choose a style. In most cases, it is a classic, modern or country.
  4. If you have decided on a price range, contact representatives of several companies. During the conversation, ask to calculate the cost of the kitchen.
  5. In most cases, they do not take money for a face-to-face consultation. On site, the specialist will create a kitchen project taking into account the floor plan and your wishes.
  6. Decide on the material. Kitchen furniture is made of solid wood, chrome, glass, MDF and particleboard.
  7. Check the hardware and accessories information. For example, shelves, handrails and all kinds of baskets can come in handy. Let the manager calculate the cost of all options, and you choose the best one.
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How to choose a kitchen to order - secrets from an expert!

How to choose a kitchen so as not to overpay

Many live in small apartments with small kitchens, where the family gathers daily to eat or chat. Therefore, people strive to make this room as comfortable as possible.

If there is not much money, in order not to overpay, you will have to buy an economy class kitchen. Such a headset is notable for its low cost, acceptable quality and the ability to combine elements.

What to look for?

  1. Materials Inexpensive kitchen sets are made of MDF and particleboard.
  2. Chipboard - a plate based on wood sawdust impregnated with glue. Advantages - ease of processing, water resistance, strength.
  3. MDF - a plate, which includes wood shavings. They are made of dry wood fiber using a special connecting substance. After forming, the plate is pressed at high temperature.
  4. When choosing inexpensive kitchen furniture, pay attention to the design. Difficulty affects the final cost.
  5. An important point in choosing a cheap kitchen is the number of drawers. Even the same size cabinets are different.

In any city there are many shops selling kitchen appliances in a large assortment of economy class.

Tips for choosing a kitchen for a summer residence

It makes no sense to buy expensive kitchen for a summer residence, because it is visited only on weekends and during holidays. The ideal solution for a summer residence is inexpensive furniture.

We decided to choose inexpensive furniture from chipboard and fiberboard for the country kitchen. These headsets are inexpensive and great for summer cottages.

  1. Chipboard. The cheapest option. For the manufacture of chipboard boards, crushed wood chips are used, which, after mixing with the resin, is pressed. Synthetics are used in the manufacture of plates, so this furniture is slightly toxic.
  2. Fiberboard. A headset made of this material is a little expensive. Hardboard boards are made by pressing dry wood fibers. Then they are covered with a film in order to give a beautiful appearance. The toxicity level is much lower.
  3. You can save on the purchase of kitchen furniture. To do this, buy cabinets 0.8 meters long. Two cabinets of 0.4 meters will come out more expensive.
  4. You can reduce costs by abandoning patterns, metal and glass jewelry.

We select the design of the kitchen

The choice of design is an exciting experience. Kitchen design needs to be selected, guided by the color used in the apartment. I will consider important points regarding the selection of design.

  1. The kitchen should consist of three functional parts: aisle area, work area and dining room.
  2. Free zone. It should allow unhindered movement around the room. A person should have quick access to all points of the kitchen, getting to them without touching anything.
  3. Work zone. In most cases, it is done along the wall. It is a working line, which includes a washstand, sink, gas stove and work surface.
  4. Dining room. In this part of the kitchen, a dining table is traditionally set. For small rooms, the perfect solution is a folding table. It does not take up much space and can increase in size.
  5. The lower part of the working surface is most often represented by cabinets for storing dishes. In the upper part are stored cereals, spices and kitchen utensils, including teapots, mixers and toasters.
  6. In spacious kitchens, a work surface can be placed in the center of the room.
  7. L-shaped work areas are suitable for small kitchens.

Nowadays it is easy to choose and buy a kitchen set without even leaving your home. By visiting the online store you can choose the kitchen, color, design and location.

During the selection, you should not be guided by vivid external impressions, but by the results of a suitable and productive analysis. The durability of furniture directly depends on the right choice.

Useful Tips

After the repair, try to refresh the furniture? It is not known how to choose a kitchen set? Below you will find 8 useful tips.

The list of important elements includes decoration, accessories, furniture. Since this room is affected by a titanic load, the choice of a kitchen set should be approached seriously and slowly.

In order for the kitchen to fully meet the needs and serve for a long time, it is worth considering the manufacturer, material, style, color, functionality and convenience. Consider these factors more carefully.

  1. Manufacturer. A proven company with many years of experience and warranty service will help save time and avoid unwanted problems.
  2. Material. Kitchen furniture is made from various materials. The cabinets are based on natural wood or chipboard. For the manufacture of facades MDF is used. Doors can be ordered from aluminum or solid wood.
  3. Colour. Strive to color furniture in harmony with the room. With the help of color, you can expand or reduce the space, affect the appetite and mood.

Interior style

Decide which interior style you like best.

  1. Modern. The kitchen in the Art Nouveau style is comfortable, no frills cluttering up the space. Suitable for lovers of functionalism, modern built-in appliances and stylish accessories.
  2. High tech. Modern small kitchens with excellent fillings, built-in appliances with a wide range of functions.
  3. Country. Suitable for fans of simplicity and comfort. The style is considered rustic and very romantic. The highlight is cute accessories, beautiful curtains, dried herbs, onion bundles and clay pots.
  4. Provence. Style is considered a great option for sophisticated people. Wooden furniture goes well with carvings and hand-forged. True, the cost of such pleasure is sky-high.

Choosing a headset is a crucial moment, as it will last for many years. It is not worth saving on the purchase of furniture. Even if you want to buy a standard solution, be sure to pay attention to all the little things.

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How to choose a kitchen? Furniture for kitchen. Kitchen Design. Says EXPERT

The last lines of the article are devoted to the assembly of a kitchen set. Only expensive factory furniture is assembled. Conventional headsets have to be assembled on site. If skills allow, you can assemble yourself. If not, professional assemblers will quickly and accurately perform the work for 10% of the price of furniture. Assembling a kitchen is a lengthy process that can take up to 8 hours.

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