How to choose the right wallpaper - tips and video recommendations

The interior of the room combines various details on the background of wallpaper. Wallpaper is a material that performs various functions and sets the style of the interior, if you choose them correctly. Let's discuss which wallpaper is better choose to the kitchento the hall and to the bedroom.

Choosing wallpaper for a room with defects

When buying wallpapers, people are guided by the external beauty of the patterns. However, they forget about the existence of other factors. Even if not perfect walls or a low ceiling - with the help of well-chosen wallpapers you will mask defects.

Size effect

Consider the size of the room for which you choose wallpaper. If this is a small room, choose wallpapers that visually expand the space - a version with small patterns. If you want to make the room less spacious - a striped pattern will do. Vertical drawings will help make a ceiling higher, and horizontal stripes visually reduce the size of the room.


To increase the space, choose light wallpapers with a minimum number of patterns, and to reduce, pay attention to dark models.

To make the interior original, use combinations: divide the walls into sections by height, and trim the first two in dark color, and above - light. Equally important is the presence of large geometric shapes. Rhombuses and other figures help expand the room and look spectacular in the interior of any style.

Elimination of defects

Rough walls are a problem that needs to be resolved. Properly selected wallpaper helps to make the walls smooth and hide flaws. For this, options with spotted patterns are suitable, if not a classic interior. Monotonous versions of the same type look on smooth walls.

Video tips
Video tip: how to choose a wallpaper

The presence of not very conspicuous, but repeating patterns will make the protrusions and irregularities invisible.

Color Matching Rules

Realize color matching I recommend based on preferences and taking into account important factors, including:

  • room size;
  • functions
  • orientation to the side of the world.

For rooms that are located on the south side, cold shades are suitable, and warm and delicate colors are intended for rooms on the north side. If the large rooms use deep-colored wallpapers, in small rooms this is useless, otherwise the room will become cramped and not comfortable.

Combine functionality and aesthetics to suit your tastes and preferences.

The use of red in the bedroom creates an atmosphere of vivacity. But since the room is intended for relaxation, this color is not suitable for the function of the bedroom. At the same time, red will be the best solution for decorating the kitchen or dining room, as the color improves your appetite. Red will complement the interior of the workplace, the office, where an irritant is required. For children's rooms and living rooms, use warm, but saturated colors of any color scheme.

When choosing a color, consider the colors of the interior elements:

  • lighting equipment;
  • carpets;
  • curtains;
  • furniture;
  • jalousie;
  • and others.

Strive to achieve a harmonious combination of color and decorative elements. In case of failure, update the interior of the room by buying a carpet, curtains, tulle. I note that the right color smooths the contrast between the colors of different interior items. Having created a transitional background shade, you will get an excellent effect, while retaining the decorative elements of the room.

What you need to do before sticking

Before gluing, do a “fitting”. The operation will help determine whether the color will fit the characteristics of the interior of the room. Do this several times during the day to see how lighting affects the color of the wallpaper and how it looks during cloudy and sunny weather. To carry out the procedure, purchase one roll to choose the right one in the future.

To try on the wallpaper completed successfully, remember a few points:

  • temperature features have an effect, some colors look cool in one mode and warm in another;
  • the quality of lighting affects the quality of perception, so try on under direct sunlight, and in their absence;
  • the darker the room, the brighter the wallpaper should be;
  • rooms that are located on the south side and are illuminated by sunlight, wallpaper with rich color schemes, which will reduce the oversupply of sunlight;
  • different colors are annoying, while others are soothing and relaxing. A typical example is red and green.

Video recommendations

how to glue non-woven wallpaper (master class)

How to apply borders in the interior

Borders are called narrow rolls - 15 cm in width, which, unlike standard wallpapers, are glued horizontally to the entire width of the wall.

Borders are used as a visual wall divider, which is necessary in rooms with high ceilings. Borders are glued at chest level and reduce their height, making the room comfortable.

Borders are used for zoning spaces where one wall has the same color and the other has bright and saturated colors. Borders are suitable as a transition between zones. To achieve the original effect, several options for borders are used.

Their equally important function is the creation of the shape of the room. It is suitable for those who like geometric design. To create, paste over the border line with the borders, the floor of the room or the outline of the windows of the room.

This is a good solution for those who want to create a beautiful and original interior.

The combination of wallpaper in the interior

If you use plain wallpaper, remember that they are suitable for smooth walls without visible defects. Solid colors emphasize the presence of details in the interior, making them contrasting. They look if available photo collage, photographs, paintings or patterned carpet on the walls.

How to choose a wallpaper.

For several rooms, choose a wallpaper so that their colors smoothly transition from one to another. Consider the size of the room so that the transition is smooth.

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Do not forget that the state of the interior is influenced by a large number of factors, including decorative elements. The specialist will select wallpapers that fit the elements in the interior so that the room becomes cozy, comfortable, and modern.

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