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Modern stores offer bathtubs in a huge assortment of sizes, shapes and materials. Without knowing certain secrets, choosing and buying a good bath will not work. As you know, far from always the recommendations of sales consultants help the buyer to make the right choice. Photographs and advertising descriptions give only a small idea of ​​the bath.

Useful tips and information about materials, advantages, installation features and design solutions will allow a potential buyer to optimally choose from the entire variety of products.

How to choose a bath

It depends on the right choice whether the inhabitants of the apartment will receive functional and aesthetic satisfaction of their needs. It is enough to make a small mistake, and in the future you will have to put up with shortcomings.

Bathtubs differ in their workmanship, functionality, style, shape and design.

The selection procedure is easy to simplify. To do this, the choice of plumbing needs to be considered in the form of a certain sequence, divided into independent stages. The result is an optimal algorithm of actions.

Selection plan

  1. Determine the exact type of bath. Need a regular water filling bowl or a modern hydromassage product.
  2. If you choose a simple bath, think about the material of manufacture. Compare the pros and cons of acrylic, cast iron, steel.
  3. Decide on the shape, dimensions and style.

Video recommendations

Choosing a bath Expert advice

Pros and cons of steel bathtubs

For unknown reasons, consumers know only the weaknesses of steel baths, but they also have many advantages.

The benefits of steel bathtubs

  1. The enamel of a high-quality steel bath does not peel off during operation. Enamel the product in a special furnace at high temperature. The enameled coating “flows” into the metal. This is the secret of high strength.
  2. Keeps shine and whiteness for many years.
  3. Light weight. Transportation and installation are easier than the cast iron counterpart. The weight of the average steel bath is 5 times less than the iron one. Such a product will not harm tile.
  4. Steel is much more ductile than cast iron. There are steel baths of various shapes on the market.
  5. Large selection of custom sizes and models.

The disadvantages of steel baths

  1. If the sides are too thin, with a slight load they are deformed. Enamel is covered with chips and cracks.
  2. Steel worse than cast iron retains heat. Collected hot water cools faster.
  3. When filling, a thin-walled steel bath makes an unpleasant sound, which makes it uncomfortable. European manufacturers are trying to solve the problem of noise by installing noise-insulating gaskets on the outer walls of the bathtubs. This only slightly reduces noise.

The cost of steel baths of economy class is much lower than the cost of cast iron. If the bathtub has thick walls, backlighting, hydromassage and other elements, it costs more than a similar cast-iron product.

How to choose a cast iron bathtub

The choice of cast iron bathtubs should be taken as seriously as possible.

  1. Connection to communications. You need to choose a bath taking into account the current water distribution and sewage system, if repair is not planned.
  2. If the repair work in the bathroom is over, the plumbing is chosen in accordance with the design. If only repair work is planned, you can select the design of the room for the bath.
  3. When buying, you need to consider the size of the doorway. Otherwise, the bath may not go through the door or damage the door frame.
  4. Inspection of enamel coating before purchase. It should not be chipped and scratched.
  5. Examination of the certificate of quality and warranty card.
  6. Before going to the store, it’s worth reading reviews about the model of your favorite bath.
The choice of bath. My personal experience. Apartment renovation in Moscow

Acrylic Bath Tips

Choosing the right acrylic bathtub is a difficult task. First, let's talk about the indisputable advantages of acrylic products over steel and cast iron.


  1. Saving water temperature. The water collected in half an hour will cool by no more than one degree. Metal cools by 1 degree in 5 minutes.
  2. Resistance to the negative effects of cleaning products.
  3. Resistant to chips and damage. Acrylic prevents the growth of microbes and bacteria.
  4. A glossy finish that does not fade over time.
  5. Light weight and easy to install.

As you can see, acrylic plumbing has many undeniable advantages. Now let's talk about the right choice of acrylic products.


  1. Acrylic baths are not suitable for bathing pets, for example, dogs.


  1. Fakes. The market for sanitary products is full of fakes made of low-quality plastic, which are sold under the guise of high-quality acrylic bathtubs.
  2. Be sure to familiarize yourself with quality certificates. They are delivered to stores along with products.
  3. Enlighten the wall of the bath. Quality acrylic does not shine through
  4. Try to push the wall of the acrylic bath in the middle. It will not be possible to push the side of a high-quality model, since it is reinforced. If the surface is walking, this is the first proof of a low-quality product.
  5. Thickness. Acrylic plumbing is made from a combination of plastic and molded acrylic. If the thickness does not exceed 8 mm, then the acrylic layer accounts for 1 mm. It is better to refuse to buy such a design.
  6. A quality cutaway bath has two layers - resin and acrylic. More layers of evidence of bad merchandise.

Video tips

How to choose an acrylic bathroom? Buy acrylic bathroom.

If you decide to purchase an acrylic bath, I recommend paying attention to the products of well-known manufacturers. They will offer quality products made using proven materials and modern technology.

Choosing a Jacuzzi

If earlier only rich people could buy a spa bath, now manufacturers supply a variety of models to any wallet.

  1. Decide on the material - cast iron, light steel, acrylic.
  2. The cheapest option is a steel bath. Such a product is lightweight and high strength.
  3. The cast-iron bathtub is not noisy and heat-consuming, but much heavier and more expensive than the steel counterpart.
  4. An acrylic bathtub is cheaper than cast iron, heat-resistant and virtually silent.
  5. Decide on the shape and dimensions. Stores offer corner or rectangular hot tubs with a length of 150-180 cm.
  6. The main element of the hot tub is a compressor whose power determines the pressure of the air stream. If you need a quality massage, you should buy a bath with a powerful compressor.
  7. The hydromassage is based on a pump. A compact pump with a capacity of 1 kilowatt is enough for a standard bath.
  8. The number of nozzles. This indicator determines the quality of the massage, the maximum power of the pump and compressor, and the price of the product.
  9. Give preference to models with nozzles opposite the body, lower back and legs.
How to choose a quality spa bath? Instructions from "RADOMIR"

Choosing a bathtub for a small room

In many houses erected in the Soviet Union, bathtubs with a length of 150 cm are installed. It will not work to lie down in such a product. It is better to install a compact model 120 cm long. Undoubtedly, it is shorter, but also wider!

Stores offer a variety of compact bathtubs - corner, asymmetric, sessile.

  1. Asymmetric.They differ in a wide variety of shapes: drop, irregular rectangle, rhombus, etc. Such plumbing tapers slightly at the feet. If angular installation is intended, the bath forms a slight bevel. As a result, there is a place for a washbasin.
  2. Corner Traditionally they have the shape of a quarter circle, are equipped with hydromassage and are not inferior to plumbing rectangular shape. The downside is the high cost. An alternative is a shower base based on a deep tray.
  3. Sedentary. They appeared long ago, but were not widely used. In such a model, it is extremely inconvenient to take water procedures.

I add by buying a compact bath, you can easily solve the problems of a small room and get a comfortable option. Plumbing manufacturers rely on ergonomics.

There are people who like extra accessories. They should buy models of bathtubs, complete with ladders, armrests, stylish fittings, adjustable legs and even head restraints.

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I sincerely hope that after reading my article, you can easily choose a wonderful bath that will last for many years. See you soon!

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