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DIY Christmas sheep

Before the New Year holidays, everyone wants something fresh and new. Therefore, everyone is engaged in the search for ideas for New Year's decor with their own hands.

I have some experience in this area. So I decided to share the knowledge.

Examples of New Year's decor

Table decor

By tradition, they pay a lot of attention to the decor of the festive table.

  1. The main New Year's salad is Olivier. It can be used for decoration. Serve the salad in the form of Christmas trees or snowmen lying peacefully on a plate. So you can do with everyone New Year's saladsgiving in the form of figures on New Year's subjects.

Candlestick Decor

This decor is both inexpensive, original and interesting. It will take a small capacity, a tall thick candle, a tray, some berries, flowers and other flora.

  1. Place the candle in the middle of the container, leave the top outside.
  2. Around the candles lay berries and flowers. Twigs should rise above the surface.
  3. Fill the container with water and send it to the freezer.
  4. After freezing water, take out the composition, dip it in boiling water and send it to the freezer before the celebration.
  5. Before the event, put an ice treasure on the table. Place in a transparent tray.

Desktop Decor Video

Transformation of the Desktop + New Year Decor | DIY

Bottle decor

At each New Year's table is present champagne bottle.

  1. Protect the top label with tape, then apply a layer of white acrylic paint to the surface of the bottle.
  2. Take a Christmas napkin, separate the top layer and slowly tear off the most beautiful part of the image.
  3. Fragment a piece of cloth with glue and place on a painted bottle. Smooth a napkin with a brush.
  4. Coat the upper part of the bottle with paint, slightly hooking a napkin.
  5. Cover the bottle with several layers of transparent varnish, make a congratulatory inscription and tie a bow.

Video example of New Year's decor


Doing Christmas decor with your own hands is easy. Costly materials are not required. The effect provided by the decor will be fantastic.

New Year crafts

In this section I offer my New Year crafts. I sincerely hope that they will be interesting. There are a lot of Christmas crafts, I will consider the three most successful and simplest options. You will need: threads, buttons, beads, balloons, napkins, paper, cardboard.

“Snowy Christmas tree”

  1. Fold the white and green napkins in one pile (3 green, 3 white, 3 green). In the corners of the napkin, fasten with a stapler, after drawing circles.
  2. Around the staples cut circles. Get blanks of snowy fir branches.
  3. Take a thick piece of paper and draw a circle with a diameter of 40 cm. Cut the circle with scissors, then cut it to the middle.
  4. Roll the cut circle, make a cone and fasten.
  5. Glue spruce branches to the base of thick paper.

“Christmas balls”

To make the craft, you will need a regular balloon, an old newspaper, a little glue, braid, a pack of napkins and some white acrylic paint.

  1. Inflate the balloon to the size of an apple.
  2. Tear a sheet of newspaper into small pieces.
  3. Glue newspaper pieces to the ball.
  4. Cover the ball pasted with newspaper with acrylic paint.
  5. From a multilayer napkin, select a plot for the ball and cut it out.
  6. Glue the napkin plot onto the ball
  7. Attach a ribbon bow to the ball.

"New Year card"

To create a masterpiece, you will need colored cardboard, paper, candy wrappers, colored paper in silver and golden hues, braid and sparkles. In the course of work, use a ruler, a construction knife, glue, scissors.

  1. On a piece of paper draw a drawing related to the New Year. A Christmas tree, a snowman, several snowflakes will do.
  2. Take cardboard, fold in half. A ruler will help to make an even fold. On the formed line to draw a clerical knife. The sheet is not completely cut through.
  3. Having made a blank for the card, set to basic decor. Glue a strip of golden paper along the workpiece. You can use patterns and flowers made of wrappers.
  4. The previously drawn drawing is cut into small squares.
  5. Prepare the base for the composition. Cut several rectangles of different sizes from cardboard. One rectangle is slightly larger than the other.
  6. Glue the largest rectangle on the base, the smaller one on top. Having dealt with the rectangles, glue the composition from the squares on top.
  7. To diversify the picture, adding elements of gold and silver paper. You can use feathers, sparkles, braid.
  8. Decorate the bottom of the finished postcard with glitter patterns, add a few snowflakes and a thematic inscription.
Video tips
New Year card with a wreath. Master Class.

Quickly dealing with crafts, you can take the time and think, where to go on vacation. If you are doing something else for the New Year holidays, be sure to share it with me. I will be glad to any advice and recommendations.


I will tell you what New Year's crafts can easily be made from plain paper. The material is great for making of gifts, cards, Christmas toys, interior decoration items.

Christmas tree

The main symbol of the New Year is a tree. There are many manufacturing options. We make the simplest Christmas tree out of cardboard. It will take glue and a few sheets of colored paper.

  1. Make a cone out of cardboard. After sticking green paper and decorate with colorful decorative elements.
  2. If there is no colored paper, take ribbons, bows and tinsel.

A toy

  1. In the form of a Christmas tree, you can make a Christmas toy. On a sheet of cardboard, draw a Christmas tree figure and cut with scissors.
  2. Paste over with colored paper and decorate. Attach a loop.
  3. Christmas trees are ready.


It's time to make some snowflakes.

  1. Can be cut from a regular napkin, thick cardboard or thin paper.
  2. If you want to get an openwork and elegant snowflake, it is enough to make as many slots as possible.
  3. An interesting snowflake made from buttons and several strips of paper.

DIY Christmas decoupage

Many people know about the decoupage technique. She transforms an ordinary subject into a work of art.

Even a beginner will master decoupage. What kind of objects can be transformed? Virtually everything. You can easily change the bottle of champagne that will decorate the New Year's table, create unique candles, decorate christmas toys.

Christmas balls using decoupage technique

You will need small plastic balls, glue, acrylic paints, brushes, Christmas napkins, a palette for paints, acrylic varnish, a sponge, semolina and sparkles.

  1. Pour a bit of white paint onto the palette. Using a kitchen sponge, apply paint to the surface of the ball. Paint imitates snow.
  2. Smear paint is not necessary. It is enough to touch the surface of the ball with a sponge. After painting, let it dry for about an hour.
  3. Prepare napkins. They are the basis for decoupage. Separate the top layer on which the New Year’s drawing is from the napkin. The fragments to be used are cut with scissors.
  4. It's time to decoupage the balls. PVA glue to dilute with water in equal proportions. Glue fragments to the ball from the center, moving to the edges. Decorate all the balls.
  5. Sponge the balls to paint with different colors.Make sure that the paint does not get on the glued fragments. After drying, coat the balls with varnish.
  6. Additional decoration. In a small container, mix white paint with decoy. The resulting mixture should resemble a thick slurry. Paint with a brush on balls in places of snow.
  7. To make the snow cover sparkle and shimmer, decorate with spangles. Glue with varnish, do not glue.
Decoupage Christmas tree ball.

Decoupage technique is suitable for decorating Christmas balls of various diameters.

DIY Christmas garlands

When people getting ready for the new year, a festive mood instantly appears, a special atmosphere reigns in the house.

I present a couple of schemes for Christmas garlands. To make a garland, you need multi-colored corrugated paper, glue, sharp scissors. Nothing abstruse and expensive is needed.

“Ordinary garland”

  1. Take corrugated paper and cut a strip of 4 cm wide. Fold in half.
  2. Along the edge opposite the bend, make cuts on the paper after 0.5 cm, not reaching the bend of about 1 centimeter.
  3. Spin the garland. If you want to get a more effective decoration, use glued strips of corrugated paper in various colors.

“Spiral Garland”

  1. To make the jewelry, prepare a strip of corrugated paper 5 cm wide. Sew with a needle and thread in stitches in the center of the strip.
  2. Twist the strip gently to form a beautiful spiral.
  3. Finally, slightly dissolve the strip. As a result, the garland will become more beautiful. The finishing touch is fixing the ends of the thread at the edges of the garland.


  1. Prepare two strips of corrugated paper. Four centimeters wide is enough. Stretch so that the corrugation straightens.
  2. Spread the end of the red strip with glue and glue it at the right angle with the end of the green strip. Throw the red strip over the junction of the ends on top of the green strip and align.
  3. Throw the green strip over the junction and align.
  4. Strip strips in layers. The more layers, the higher the likelihood that the product will crumble. Act carefully.
  5. After weaving the tapes, trim the ends and glue them together.
Crafts For Home. How to Quickly Make Paper Garlands with Your Hands. DIY Paper Decoration

Making these Christmas garlands with your own hands is easy. Even children under the supervision of adults will cope with the task. Joint creative work is a holiday that gives a lot of positive emotions and good mood. The made garlands will decorate the Christmas tree and serve as a decoration tool for the festive premises.

Decorating the house with garlands, lanterns and other decorative elements, people are preparing housing for the New Year. Any of the items sold in a supermarket or a specialty point. I don’t do this, but make jewelry myself. With the money saved, I buy food and cook christmas cakes.

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I hope the material will help transform the house into a real fairy tale. Then miracles will surely drop in at the height of New Year's Eve. Good luck and good mood!

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