New Year's interior of an apartment, house, office - ideas and tips

An example of New Year's interior decor

During preparation of housing for the New Year remember that the tree is the main, but not the only attribute of the holiday. It will be possible to create a festive atmosphere in the house if you design the New Year’s interior of the apartment with your own hands and select the right accessories and colors.

Some people believe that creating a New Year’s interior comes down to simply hanging decorations on the walls and scattering artificial snow on the floor and window sills. This is not true. Preparing for the New Year more complex and painstaking.

Accessories for the decoration of the New Year's interior

The range of decorative products for decoration allows you to create a New Year's atmosphere in any interior.

Holiday wreath

A festive wreath will easily fit into any interior. They hang him above the door, on the wall, on the window. It looks great on the table if you put a few candles around.

If you could not buy a suitable wreath, make it yourself. You will need: ribbons, cones, garlands, needles, tinsel.

Decorative bouquets and candles

In addition to Christmas wreaths, decorative bouquets are suitable for interior decoration. Candles are an integral element of the New Year decoration. Their soft light distracts attention from the imperfections of the interior and creates an atmosphere of mystery. Candles add a sense of security and comfort, and snacks along with New Year's salads look in their light more spectacularly.

Shiny and glossy products are in fashion. So, choose candlesticks silver, glass or gold. Shapes and sizes of candles - any.

Christmas balls and holiday packaging

Perfectly look New Year's compositions from Christmas balls. The composition is laid out on a mantelpiece, a bookcase or a festive table. Balls are placed in a vase, glasses or on plates.

A wonderful decoration - packaging boxes decorated in a festive style. Such products perform a decorative function, and thanks to elegant ribbons and wrapping paper give the room a festive flavor. It’s easy to hide in a bunch of empty boxes new Year gifts, the search for which will turn into an interesting game.

Christmas boots

Do not forget about Christmas boots in gold, silver, white or red. Traditionally, boots have been used to decorate homes by Americans.

Table setting and decoration

The final stage of the New Year’s interior decoration is table setting. The tablecloth can not be used, it is better to take wrapping paper. Pick up beautiful napkins and tie them with a ribbon with a flower or a toy. On the table, place a shiny and sparkling dish that will create a festive atmosphere.

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Ideas for the New Year's interior of the apartment

Do-it-yourself housing can be done at low cost. It is enough to cast a creative look at the things around and think about how to transform them.

  1. Dress up the Christmas tree in one color scheme.The interior should match the bows, christmas toys, tinsel and other accessories. To decorate the Christmas tree, use chocolate figures, sweets and sweets.
  2. If the apartment does not have free space for a Christmas tree, replace it with a bouquet of fir branches. Add some fresh flowers, small toys and ribbons to them. If you collect a bouquet with taste, it will become a real work of art, making a huge impression.
  3. After the Christmas tree, switch to festive table. Coniferous compositions with candles look wonderful on it. Place a large sponge on the ceramic stand, insert several spruce branches into it, and place a candle in the center. Decorate with pine needles with rain, inserts and other accessories.
  4. If this is not enough, create a snow effect on the branches. To do this, immerse the twigs in a saline solution overnight. When you dry them in the morning, salt crystals imitate snow will appear on the needles. If you don’t feel like messing around, use a special spray.
  5. We figured out the Christmas tree and the table. It's time to revitalize windows and countertops. For window sills, shelves and stands, make the composition in a basket, a beautiful box, or a flat vase. If there are no fresh flowers, make a similar composition of indoor plants. Put together with the pot in a container, place in the center poinsettia, decorate with needles and sparkles.
  6. If you want to surprise guests, tulips or daffodils blossoming in the middle of winter will help. Plant a month before the New Year and keep in a dim and cool room, periodically watering. Buds will appear for the holiday.
  7. You can weave a Christmas wreath - the most effective wall decoration. Take a few pieces of wire, bend with a ring, tie a few fir branches. The purchase basis from foam will facilitate the task.
  8. Decorate the wreath with dried fruits, bows, small toys and ribbons. The main thing is that the wreath elements are combined in color with the interior of the room and harmonized.
  9. The finishing touch of the interior decoration of the apartment is the decoration of the ceiling. In a ball made of a sponge, insert several pine legs and branches of rose hips. Add bunches of mountain ash if desired. Hang the resulting ball to the ceiling or shelf.

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New Year DIY Room Decor, Treats

When a person makes New Year's decoration of an apartment, he seeks to show his own individuality and create a festive mood for loved ones. Therefore, do not hesitate to exercise your imagination. Show ordinary things in a new light. This will be appreciated by children and guests.

Tips for the New Year's interior of a private house

Christmas decoration of a private house is an exciting procedure for all family members.

  1. To begin, think about what New Year's accessories you want to see in your own home. Take pictures of the rooms of the house and the space around it. Pictures will help you quickly pick accessories.
  2. During the installation of the Christmas tree you have to cut some branches. They are great for New Year's decor. Decorate them with doorways, a ladder and a New Year's table. From the scraps, make a Christmas wreath and hang by the window.
  3. To decorate the interior of the house, use a variety of color schemes. Use the golden and red scheme to decorate the Christmas tree. Decorate the fireplace with silver and green tones.
  4. On the facade, place programmable LED flashlights. On a winter evening, such accessories will create a comfortable atmosphere.
  5. The most versatile interior decorations are tinsel and fairy lights. Unleash your imagination and pick up the scenery.
  6. Do not forget about transparent containers and jars. They are a great solution to showcase the vibrant accessories that are located inside. Decorate a bedside table or dining table with such a transparent container.
  7. Decorate cabinets and shelves with garlands. Just attach small hooks of removable type to the furniture. In the kitchen, use bright rain accessories.
  8. Paper snowflakes inexpensively decorate the interior of the house. Make them out of plain paper using only scissors.

Hand-made New Year's decoration of a private house is an interesting lesson. With improvised means and your own imagination, housing can be transformed beyond recognition.

NEW YEAR DECOR | How to DECORATE a room / apartment / house for the New Year?

How to decorate the yard for the New Year

Many on the eve of the New Year holidays go to the country and there they celebrate the New Year. Cottage - a great option for a large company.

Making a Christmas wreath for the front door

  1. Decorate the front door with a luminous wreath. Take a piece of a garden hose, make a ring out of it, fasten the ends with tape. After the ring, wrap paper.
  2. Now you need an electric garland. Wrap it on the base and secure it with wire. Decorate the wreath with fir branches, cones, Christmas toys. The scenery should cover the wire.
  3. Attach decor elements to the wreath with wire.

Sculptures for the yard

  1. In the courtyard, make some sculptures from the snow, snowmen of various sizes will do. Paint them with gouache and decorate with garlands.
  2. If there are sculptures made of stone or other materials in the garden, use them as well. Arrange them to highlight, and they will delight guests with a fabulous view.

Trees and bushes

  1. In any yard there are trees, bushes and other plantings. Decorate them with garlands. If there are evergreen trees, use New Year's toys.
  2. Do not disregard garden paths. Lighten them up a bit by installing small garden lights.
Do not use flashing lights. They annoy and tire. A constant multi-colored glow looks much more spectacular.

New Year's office interior decoration

Decorating the interior of the office, consider the symbol of the coming year. New Year decorations, holiday menu, outfits. The elegant atmosphere of the office space cheers up and increases labor productivity.

Many New Year corporate parties are held in offices, and corporate gifts presented here. The celebration is celebrated in the office premises at the end of the working day.

In Europe, rarely decorate the interior of workrooms. With us, almost every employee seeks to decorate the workplace.

  1. Balls - the main Christmas decoration for the interior of the office. At a specialty store, buy a special stand for balls. Large balls look good alone, and from small balls create amazing compositions.
  2. Garlands - great for decorating the office. That's right - a moderate amount. An abundance of flashing lights interferes with normal operation, attracting attention.
  3. Themed panels made of paper and decorated with sparkles are gaining popularity. They are great for decorating the interior of office windows.
  4. Many decorate jobs with high-tech Christmas trees. They are a bit like an ordinary New Year tree, only more elegant and exotic. They are able to decorate the table and mark the approach of a fabulous holiday.
  5. Juniper wreaths are the perfect solution for decorating office doors. You can do it yourself or purchase in a store. The range is striking in variety.
  6. A wooden figurine depicting an animal symbol of the coming year, an excellent addition to the interior.
  7. It is better to refuse a catchy design. Many have to work even before the New Year, and leave begins on January 1. Discuss issues related to interior decoration with colleagues. So you can avoid trouble.

You will make the workplace original if you use modest jewelry. The composition of the color scheme may include three shades. You can give preference to domestic tricolor. Do not decorate the office early. Haste will not lead to good.

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Perhaps the outgoing year was difficult and difficult. However, do not be lazy and prepare your home for the long-awaited holiday.The faces of happy and joyful children, a fabulous atmosphere and good mood are worth it. See you soon!

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