What to give a girl for Valentine's Day

Gift for a girl on February 14

February 14 is a worldwide holiday for all lovers. The triumph that came from Western countries was appreciated by loving couples in our country. Especially this day to the taste of girls - romantic and dreamy in nature. It is they who create the excitement around the holiday date: it is extremely difficult to justify such high expectations. Girls are very different and have not yet invented a universal gift. Therefore, it is worth considering, deciding what to present to a girl who will thank with close attention and care.

Hobby Gift Ideas

Hearts on clothespins

The first thing to consider when choosing gift for February 14 - girl's hobby. Remember and scroll through its many tirades in one area or another in your head.

If a girl doesn’t go outside without fashionable make-up or styling, and her Youtube profile is full of subscriptions for beauty bloggers from all over the world, then she loves and knows how to take care of herself. Therefore, she will be pleased with another cosmetic novelty. If the conversation did not mention the specific names of the magic bottles, present a gift certificate for the purchase of cosmetics.

If a girl enthusiastically reads books one after another, present an originally designed favorite author or an e-book to get acquainted with popular publications.

For fans of extreme hobbies, give a flight in a two-seater airplane with an instructor, a parachute jump or an unforgettable race on the maps. Present the full opposite of Lara Croft with a certificate to a beauty salon or to SPA procedures, and a pair of visits to the massage room on Valentine's Day will make it vivid and memorable. In my article you will find other lists of original presentations.

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Lists by profession

The professional field of activity is one of the most significant in the life of an independent and self-sufficient girl, it will help to choose a gift for February 14th.

For office workers, as well as for those who have their own office, for example, for doctors and teachers, you can choose a cute item of interior or indoor flower. This will decorate the workplace and will often remind you.

Food service workers should not give pots and pans (they should not be given at all - an extra reminder of household chores is out of place). But the girl will appreciate a set of aromatic honey, rare spices, an expensive variety of tea or excellent coffee.

Evaluate the feminine side of representatives of professions with "courageous" roots - military, police. Give jewelry or fashion jewelry, putting on which the girl, even in uniform, will feel like a real princess.

Gift Ideas By Age

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Each age has its own preferences. What will delight a girl at 16 years old at 30 can upset.

  • 14-18 years old - A wonderful school time for first love. Give the chosen one cute brooch, a beautiful diary for personal notes or headphones for your phone. Young girls, as a rule, and fans are just as young and there is not always the opportunity to spend money. Therefore, limiting herself to a bouquet of flowers and a set of sweets, she will still appreciate your chivalry.
  • 19-25 years old - This is an already formed young lady who knows what she wants.If no gift has been expressed, select the universal option. Everyone wants to get underwear as a gift from a loved one, and shoes are a simpler option, since the size of the legs is unobtrusive to find out much easier.
  • 26-35 years old - the age when girls, as a rule, have already achieved a lot in life, and prefer to choose handbags and other accessories on their own. But they, like no other, value the opportunity to escape from everyday life. Present a weekend at a country hotel or Beauty Day at your favorite salon.
  • 36-50 years old - Ladies, for the most part, are practical. They can give smartphones and favorite perfumes, technical innovations for the house and outfits - these gifts will certainly please the chosen one.
  • 50 and older. Congratulations on February 14 are necessary not only for young nymphs, but also for ladies of a more mature age. Make this day special, let her feel loved. Imagine morning, breakfast in bed, flowers, a bathroom with foam, at the exit of which you will present a cozy terry dressing gown. Great gift will be tickets to the cinema or theater - spend time together, this will help revive the longest relationship.

The best original and creative gifts

Heart in a tree

If your goal is to surprise, resort to original ideas that will not leave any girl indifferent. Give a vivid impression: order delivery of a box filled with exotic butterflies. Opening it, your beloved will be in a tropical paradise for a moment: this gift will be remembered forever.

A great creative option is a portrait from a photograph. Everyone likes to admire themselves. Give her this opportunity: capture the beauty of the canvas.

Spontaneous travelorganized independently will also be a surprise, the memory of which will remain forever in her heart.

Great budget options

The economic crisis is not abating in the country, and February 14th comes every year. It is not necessary to have an impressive amount to please a sweetheart: meaning Valentines day not in the volume of the wallet, but in love for each other.

An original and budgetary gift will be a private dance after a romantic dinner: the lady will be completely delighted, even if this is not your horse. The fact that you took such a step for her sake is important.

You can arrange a "SPA for two" right in the apartment: light candles, type a foam bath with rose petals, stock up with massage oil. This process guarantees complete relaxation and good mood.

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DIY girl gift

It is believed that the best gifts are made by the hands of a loving person. Handmade postcards are not thrown away - they are stored for many years. And all you need to do is cut a heart out of color cardboard and decorate it to your liking.

Another option is a video greeting with shared photos. And if you write poems, a song or make cute captions for a photo, the girl is guaranteed to bloom.

Take a photo collage with her photos by placing the declaration of love in the center. This cute gift will certainly be appreciated. Present it in a romantic setting: by candlelight and with romantic music. Many gifts help out precisely with giving.

DIY: Valentine's day ♥ Gifts Ideas

February 14 is an important date in the calendar of each girl. Perhaps this holiday seems to men to be sweet, but why not please your beloved and give a drop of precious attention.

What will you give the girl on February 14?

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