What to give a guy on Valentine's Day

What to give a guy on February 14

Finding a gift for a loved one can deliver many hours of painful reflection. For a special person, a gift should be appropriate. I want to give something unusual to a guy on Valentine's Day, which has become a favorite holiday for many.

Preparation begins long before February 14: the girls diligently make heart cards and get ready for the perfect date.

Hobby Gift Ideas

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Remember, for sure the young man has hobbies. If you are meeting recently, ask directly about him hobby. This will help you get to know your companion, and will throw a lot of ideas for a gift that will not disappoint.

  • If the guy doesn’t let the book out of his hands, give a beautiful edition of your favorite work or a new creation of the adored author. If funds allow, purchase an e-book - the device is not harmful to eyesight like reading from a phone or computer screen.
  • Gamers and fans of relaxation at the computer will use a new ergonomic mouse or a fashionable keyboard. If a young man has a laptop, a stand with a cooler will be a welcome gift. If the means are limited, buy a mug with USB-heating - this cute little thing is inexpensive.
  • The young man on "you" with sports and healthy life? Make a romantic surprise: Give a certificate for skydiving, map riding, an individual lesson in snowboarding or horseback riding. It’s great if the visit is paired: a gift will bring you even closer.
  • An avid motorist will need something for an iron horse: a radio, a massage cover for the seat, a DVR. Many men dream of a cap with a car logo - be surprised how pleased your man will be with such a simple gift.
  • Travel lover present an unusual map covered with a special layer that is erased after visiting another corner of the vast planet.

Original gifts related to the profession and work

Tie as a gift

At work, a person spends half his life, so a gift that is useful in a working environment is not only practical, but also reminds your life partner about you during busy hours and makes you smile again.

If a young man spends the lion's share of his life at the office table, a charming gift will be rare cactusnot requiring special care. Relevant for a business man tie and bow tie - Original copyrighted versions of these accessories are presented in great abundance.

Give your beloved programmer a small USB-cooler that carefully cools the carbonated drink right on your desktop. An original lunch box will also be a nice present: it’s no secret that people who are passionate about computers often forget to dine. This option will express your concern for the health of the guy and will certainly appeal to you.

Representatives of such courageous professions as pilots, firefighters, rescuers and policemen can be presented with a personalized thermos - a useful thing with a shortage of time. Brave people will like beautiful lanterns, folding knives, travel bags. Such men, as a rule, will also appreciate elite alcohol.

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If you are a happy companion of a person in the creative profession, a whole field of choice opens before you. The artist will appreciate the set of oil paints or pastels, the graphic designer will be delighted with the new tablet model for work, and the writer will be delighted with the beautiful pen (it doesn’t matter what is written mostly on the computer now - the pen remains a status male accessory).

Gift Lists by Age

Stylish watch

Love for all ages. Over the years, tastes and preferences change, so age is also taken into account when choosing a gift for February 14: it is unlikely that a 16-year-old boy will be happy with the set facial hair care, because, as a rule, he still does not have it at all. Also, 50-year-old man will not appreciate tickets to a disco.

Give 18–25-year-old young people a joint trip to a concert of their favorite musical group or tickets for a movie that you want to watch. Guys like activity, a young age is ideal for adventures and romantic actions, therefore, the gift should be appropriate, you still have time to think about useful gifts.

26-35 years old - heyday. The man already has a profession, earns, takes the first steps to create a cozy nest. It is reasonable to think about acquiring pleasant things for the home, which men carefully ignore. Pick up decorative pillows with an unobtrusive reminder of your pair (you can embroider joint initials on it). Gastronomic options will come in handy - a sumptuous dinner for two or a basket of delicious cheeses with a bottle of wine will delight your life partner.

36-45 years old - at this age, a man is considered an accomplished person. He knows what he wants from life and how to achieve it. Something abstract is unlikely to impress: a bath with rose petals will cause bewilderment rather than stormy delight. He will choose the comfort: relax together at a recreation center booked in advance, visit a sauna or a billiard room - such an evening will be remembered for a long time. If you want to give something extra, pay attention to the beautiful shirts or watches that he had long dreamed of. A practical gift will have to be in place.

46-55 years - a time when hard work, finally, bears fruit. Give the man a weekend trip, a parachute jump (if health permits), which he once dreamed about. Fulfill the dream, and he will repay the same. He will also appreciate the warm scarf or sweater made by your hands.

56 years and older - the age when a man who worked hard all his youth, thinks about health. Gradually enter the diet healthy foods. Present a set of healthy honey, a master class in preparing a delicious dish, a session or a whole massage course.

The best original and creative gifts

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Men of any age and profession love to be surprised. We buy valuable gifts for birthdays and the New Year, leaving a place for original and unusual gifts on Valentine's Day.

Top 5 unusual gifts

  1. Home mini brewery - Most men love a malt drink. And even more they like to create and tell friends about a new unusual hobby. With this gift, satisfy immediately all the wishes of a loved one.
  2. Quadcopter or drone - a toy for adult guys like every member of the stronger sex. In the soul of any of us lives a child.
  3. Certificate for a joint dance lesson - a gift will make you closer and bring new impressions, and over time can develop into a new hobby.
  4. A portrait stylized as an 18th-century painting is an original version that will decorate the apartment and allow the guy to brag to his friends for a long time. If your couple is already stable - make a joint portrait.
  5. Striptease - every man will be delighted with a sensual dance performed by a beloved woman. Take a couple of lessons before an important evening: everything should be perfect.

The most budget and inexpensive gifts

Money is not the main thing, man’s attention will be most appreciated. These are not empty words. Often the bauble that he really dreamed of would be much more valuable than a gold watch.

An original and affordable gift will be coupons of desires, each of which will guarantee the guy a lot of pleasures from a simple breakfast in bed to more savory things.

To the list of pleasant budget gifts to a guy It includes paired mugs or T-shirts, which are optionally decorated with joint photographs. On them you can place original phrases that are understandable only to you, or affectionate nicknames by which you call each other.

If you are a great cook, treat your loved one birthday cake heart-shaped or tender cinnabon buns with a scattering of fresh berries. If with the technique on “you,” create a movie, collage or a clip from joint photos by putting a video sequence on a common song.

How to make a gift for a guy with your own hands

DIY gift

A handmade gift for Valentine's Day is the most memorable thing. Spent time and efforts to manufacture will not be invaluable.

  • If you know how to knit, knit a guy a warm scarf or mittens - every winter, putting them on, he will remember you with a smile.
  • Create a congratulatory newspaper: describe funny occasions from your life, a romantic story of dating, decorate with images of your couple.
  • Write 50 reasons for loving your man on separate pieces of paper: gently roll them up and tie them in elegant scarlet ribbons. Fold the blanks in a beautiful bowl, mixed with rose petals or sweets: such a gift just touches the young man.
  • Make a beautiful card and put any certificate into it: let it be what the guy has long dreamed of, but you did not dare to fulfill it.

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Whatever gift you make on February 14th, make it with your soul, thinking about the wishes of your beloved. And then he will definitely appreciate it and thank him with a pleasant response in return.

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