TOP 15 options to give money for a birthday

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When a loved one comes such a significant and long-awaited day - his birthday, and you need to go to the celebration with a special gift, and the ideas that you have already dried up often have to give just money. But I want this gift to be remembered along with the others too and bring a lot of joy and positive emotions to the birthday man. How to present money for an original birthday?

TOP 15 original ways to give money

Teddy bear with money

  1. The most common way to give money is to put it in an envelope. The stores have a huge selection of postcards and envelopes that are designed for such events. In postcards can write congratulations or buy already signed with important words. However, such a gift is completely unoriginal, and is unlikely to be a favorite.
  2. If you make an envelope or a postcard with your own hands, spending time and effort, showing creativity, for the donee, this will be a significant and important surprise. To make such a card yourself is worth a look at a couple of master classes on the Internet. There are a lot of ideas, and for their implementation you will only need to visit the shops of creativity and show a little creativity.
  3. One of the fun ways to give a cash gift is to put the bills in another gift, which will be a big surprise for the birthday person. Children will be especially surprised, but, most importantly, they should be able to explain to them in time what the catch is, so that no offenses follow. For example, in a box of sealed sweets, carefully make an incision in a wrapper and put a bill there so that it is not visible. But, since people often redistribute sweets or postpone the opening to another date, insistently ask the birthday boy to taste a sweet present!
  4. It will be unexpected for the birthday person if you bring a large box, beautifully decorated with wrapping paper and a large bow, as a gift, and inside there will be a cash present. The main thing is to accompany such a comic gift with verbal congratulations, outplaying the situation.
  5. A donated bag of money will surprise not only the birthday man, but all the guests. To do this, buy a finished bag or sew it yourself, a burlap is good for this. On the finished bag, draw a dollar, euro or ruble sign, and put beautifully tied bills inside. The smaller the bills, the more original, even coins will work.
  6. The original and non-standard will be a cash gift in a closed box on the lock. To open the box, the birthday party needs to complete the task, then hand him the key or hang up the code lock so that he picks up the password. For example, to search for a key, you can create a whole map, where at each stage you will have to complete tasks that will give a hint where to look next. For the main hero of the occasion there will be a whole quest that will be remembered for a long time, and the guests involved will receive a lot of positive emotions. Tasks can be prepared different, depending on the dedication of the birthday person, and after each completed stage, rewarded with a small gift.
  7. No wonder they say that flowers are a significant gift. What if you give a bouquet made of money. You will have to show skill and look for origami schemes to make a beautiful bouquet and not break banknotes. It is difficult to make a whole bouquet on your own the first time, but it is not difficult to make one money flower; a five thousandth rose will delight a birthday boy. From notes not only flowers, but also animals are made, and for a man, a tie made of money is perfect. Having presented a fish made of a bill, you can make a congratulation in order for this fish to fulfill the most cherished desire.
  8. For young people with a good sense of humor, a roll of toilet paper with comic congratulations is suitable for living easy and carefree. And to roll up bills in a roll - it will surprise and make laugh.
  9. For lovers of beauty, a cake made of money is suitable. It is necessary to carefully roll up the bills with tubes, arrange them in several rows, pack them in transparent cellophane, and attach a bow on top. You can beat congratulations with the wishes of a sweet life, emphasizing that the ingredients of the cake will help to realize the plans and fulfill the wishes.
  10. A cash present can be presented by putting notes in another gift, for example, presenting a wallet or purse with money already. To add originality, you need to approach the choice using a creative approach. If you present an umbrella, and attach notes of different denominations on a ribbon to each spoke, it will pleasantly surprise and delight. When making a gift, use colorful bright ribbons and clothespins so as not to damage the bills. Congratulating, wish that wealth continue to pour from heaven.
  11. For smokers, a cigarette case or even a humidor (a special box for storing cigars) is good, but instead of contents, put curled bills. Anyone who receives such a gift will have a pleasant surprise.
  12. Buy a ready-made "simulator" of a book with a hole for a gift, so as not to spoil the real book.
  13. A diary is suitable for a colleague or friend. Attach banknotes to each day off and write comic wishes “to spend the rest at 100”.
  14. You can invest in air helium balloons, most importantly, giving such a gift, strongly recommend that the birthday man not let the balloons go to the sky.
  15. You can make a comic jewelry in the form of a necklace and earrings made of money. Attach bills to the usual accessories on clothespins, then put the finished jewelry directly on the birthday person.
  16. A glass jar with banknotes, closed by a lid, or maybe even preserved, with funny inscriptions - a blank for the winter, to keep away from children, on a rainy day or with any other phrases - a great present that will make you smile and delight.
  17. You can present in the form of a presentation a beautiful box with money. It is not necessary to put rubles, you can put Euro coins or exchange coins from different countries in exchangers, mix everything with rhinestones, beads. As a result, such a gift will look like treasures.
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Useful Tips

  • Give comic gifts to a person whom you have known for a long time and who will appreciate humor.
  • Decide on the amount in advance. If you can’t give a significant amount of money, it’s not very logical to give 5 or 6 banknotes, it’s better to put this money in an envelope.
  • It’s not very decent, if you start counting bills in front of the birthday person from your wallet, prepare in advance.
  • If you have been familiar with the birthday boy not so long ago, it is worthwhile to clarify what this person has to do with a monetary gift. Perhaps he will immediately tell you what is better to present for your birthday.
  • Remember that giving a person is necessary from the heart, regardless of the choice of gift. Presenting the present, the action should be accompanied by words of congratulation. If you stopped at a comic congratulation, then a gift is played out in advance, a text is invented and an idea is explained.

Regardless of the gift, attention and words of congratulations are important to the person. The more original the choice, the longer it will be remembered. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, find out in advance how a person relates to a comic gift, and, in general, to a gift in the form of money. Any congratulation requires preparation and investing of the soul, and this is what the birthday man appreciates.

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