How to understand that a man is in love, but hides his feelings

Loving man hiding feelings

In love matters, the strong half of humanity is inherent in modesty. Shy and humble men become when it comes to real feelings. Women who are more emotional and bold in this regard sometimes need to push the chosen one to recognition. How to do it delicately and how to understand that a man is in love, but hides his feelings?

A common reason why men are hiding their feelings is the fear that he will not meet reciprocity, will be rejected or even ridiculed. No matter how paradoxical this may sound, but when it comes to real feelings, a strong sex can become indecisive and moody. And here the main thing is to understand whether the satellite is really in love and, making sure of a positive result, to help him open up.

Why can a man hide his feelings?

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Many women are familiar with a situation where a lover does not show signs of attention, does not show feelings. Men simply do not understand that if you conceal your feelings, a woman may soon doubt their existence. It is very important for women to realize that they are loved and dear. Strong hugs, pleasant words and manifestations of feelings are simply necessary for women, without them they feel lonely. There are doubts and jealousy. Why does a man, even experiencing love for the chosen one, hide his feelings? There are several such reasons.

  1. No matter how trite it may sound, it is customary for the strong half. Emotionality, in their opinion, is a typical female trait, and a real man should be restrained and not show emotions and feelings.
  2. In society, they are not very well perceived as too impulsive, emotional men.

In fact, men are often no less sensitive than women, but public opinion and prevailing stereotypes make them restrained. There is an opinion that ladies adore brutal, rude men, and many guys, wanting popularity, try to match this image. This is one way to create and maintain an image.

  • Men fear get the title of henpecked. Entering into a serious relationship, he fears that the chosen one, having learned about the depth of feelings, will begin to manipulate him. Each representative of the stronger sex values ​​freedom and independence, and even realizing that he wants to always be with his lady, he does not want to lose them. The way out of the situation is to restrain feelings, not to give them free rein.
  • In the male community there is an opinion that a man in love is a weak man. Falling in love makes you weaker and more vulnerable. In order not to look like a weakling among friends and acquaintances, a man does not show feelings.
  • The fourth reason was remarkably described by the classic: “The more a girl we love, the less she likes us. " According to popular belief, a woman, having learned that a man has fallen in love, may lose interest. Such behavior maintains interest in the opposite field, adds to the cavalier of mystery.
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The last reason sounds like a "way of protection." By nature, men are vulnerable and sensitive. A frank declaration of love for them is comparable to voluntary surrender, anyway, that he himself should lay his head on the chopping block, take off his helmet and lay down his sword. Secrecy and silence - a kind of armor that protects a sensitive heart.

Signs of falling in love with a man

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To understand whether your prince is in love with you, you need to closely monitor his behavior when he is with you.

  1. He talks in detail about himself and his family. If the satellite constantly keeps up the conversation, talks a lot about himself, trying to make a positive impression, it means that he became interested in the woman. Thus, he lets the chosen one into his life, makes it possible to get acquainted with things that are important to him. If a lady does not miss a chance, shows sincere interest, listens carefully, helps to open up, this will be the first step to a long relationship.
  2. He listens carefully and hears a companion. A clear sign of male interest. In this case, a woman can create the necessary impression about herself by talking about hobbies, life priorities ... This is a wonderful moment for searching for common interests, common ground.
  3. He began to carefully monitor himself. When a man begins to devote more time to appearance: he buys new clothes, is recorded in gym, carefully selects the image - this is a sure sign that the one that he wants to like and appear from the most profitable sides has appeared.
  4. Care. If a man helps carry heavy bags or offers help with household chores, this may indicate more than politeness and good manners. Repeated manifestations of concern may well indicate a gentleman’s indifference.
  5. Thoughts about stable earnings, material well-being. If before a man was not much interested in welfare, but now he is seriously thinking about it, maybe he was thinking about creating a family.

Psychology of a man in love

Psychology of a man in love

Behavior of men in love

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Sign language

In addition to obvious signs, pay attention to non-verbal, unconscious. The main thing is to read the sign language and facial expressions correctly.

  • No matter how in love he tries to hide his feelings, his body is tense, a little constrained.
  • Hands may tremble from tightness or agitation, palms sweat.
  • Crossed arms indicate an attempt to close. When a man opens, straightens his shoulders, he demonstrates his body, flaunts, attracts attention.
  • Physical attraction can be assumed if during communication a man periodically touches a belt or puts his hands on his hips.
  • Reducing the distance when talking. When falling in love, a man tries to get closer at any opportunity, to penetrate personal space.

Facial expression and look

Unconscious glances towards the object of love. An interested person wants to enjoy, admire the image of his beloved.

It is very difficult for a lover to control his gaze, unless, of course, he is an agent of special services. Noticing how a man looks, it is easy to determine whether he is in love. In the eyes of a man, admiration shines with respect to his beloved. Often, unconsciously, the gaze during the conversation stops on the lips. Realizing that it is indecent to look closely at a beloved, men begin to hide their eyes and look stealthily. But these views are so frequent that they are easy to catch.


The behavior of a person in love is often unstable. Constant change of mood from thoughtfulness and lyricism to fun and relaxedness.

8 signs of a man in love

What should a woman do?

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If in a familiar man a lady notices signs of falling in love, it is worth evaluating whether she wants to develop a relationship. If the sympathy is mutual, you can show reciprocal attention. If for some reason the relationship is impossible or undesirable, you should get away from them, but delicately so as not to offend the man.

To make a correct conclusion about the love of a man, you need to soberly evaluate and analyze his behavior. If all the signs indicate the presence of warm feelings, it is necessary to support them in every way. In some cases, a charming smile, an approving remark, a compliment, a sincere interested look are enough to inspire a knight to exploits.

The main sign of falling in love with a man

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Sometimes only a hint of interest on the part of a woman inspires a man and can be the first step on the road to a declaration of love.

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