How to become a good wife for a husband - secrets and rules

Good wife with husband

how become good wife for husband? This question is asked by many women. No wonder, as they strive to become full-fledged guardians of the family hearth.

There is no relationship without resentment, discontent, nit-picking and conflict. As you know, this impedes the creation of relationships and a happy family life.

5 rules of the best wives

Every girl dreams marryto be loved, understood, appreciated, pleased. True, not everyone seeks to become a better wife and knows the intricacies and secrets of family relations.

I will share five rules that will help maintain harmony and love. I checked these rules in practice, they have the right to life.

  1. Don't show yourself smarter. During a family dinner, do not rush to demonstrate awareness in the field of business, politics, economics. Men love to feel smarter. No wonder they are leaders and heads of families. Let your husband talk about the news by periodically asking ridiculous questions for women.
  2. Do not criticize. Women crush trying to redo. As practice shows, nothing good happens. I recommend my husband to love, even sometimes give in and try to accept what he is. In the future, he will change. Refuse criticism, but sometimes a preventive scandal will not hurt.
  3. Do not comment with strangers. The best wife adheres to the position of the second half. Express your opinion in private, with love and without raising your voice. As a result, the husband will change, life will be filled with happiness and joy.
  4. Take note of success and praise. Words of love never happen. If the husband is not indifferent, express gratitude for any completed work. Pamper the head of the family delicious dinnersjoint walks, emotional conversations.
  5. The best woman is a wise wife. She knows what is important for the family. She feels when and what to say, what to concentrate on, how much time to spend with the child, and how much with her husband.

Being a better wife is not easy. This is an art that girls used to master since childhood. Modern women are able to become a support for her husband. To do this, gather the will into a fist and adhere to the rules listed.

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What should be a wife

6 tips from personal experience

If a woman creates a favorable atmosphere in the house, the husband begins to improve, appreciates her and seeks not to leave alone.

In this section I will share my personal experience. I managed to bring family relationships to a new level.

  1. Respect spouse. Over the years, love will fade, but respect must be present. Spouse - reliable support and protection.
  2. Be original. Life is accompanied by boring everyday life. If you woke up before your spouse, go to the bathroom and write warm words on the mirror. He will like the surprise. After the end of the working day, do not sit at home. Go for a walk with him or go to the cinema.
  3. Look perfect at home, at work and on weekends. If you are going to work, bring a discreet marafet. For home spending enough hairstylesbeautiful dress and tinted eyes. If you want to be the perfect wife, don’t wear T-shirts and bathrobes that aren’t suitable or faded.
  4. Everyone deserves praise. If the husband did not take out the garbage or did not hang the shelf, do not remind about it. Think what he did. Thank if he washed the dishes, washed his socks, or stroked his shirt. You will later see that the spouse is doing the job in a timely manner.
  5. Support, be interested in hobbies, state of health, affairs at work.If your husband is in no mood, do not try to find out the reason. Later, he himself will tell everything.
  6. It's hard to find a man who doesn't like sex. A good wife should be an excellent lover. If you are not in the mood or are tired, do not refuse your husband. Making love will cheer you up and recharge you with energy.

Relationship psychology

Being a good wife. Psychology of relationships.

There is nothing abstruse and complicated in the rules. To achieve a result, desire is required.

How to become a good wife for a Muslim husband

Girls for a reason marry a Muslim. Religion forbids the use of alcoholic beverages, and for a Muslim, family and relationships are a sacred concept.


  1. A Christian can take a Muslim as her husband without renouncing her faith. He cannot raise children in Christianity.
  2. In Muslim society, parents are treated with respect. In such families, the parent word is equated with the laws. If the parents oppose the Christian bride, the man will not argue with them and break the relationship.

Women think how find a man among Muslims, but little attention is paid to future life with a spouse. It’s easy to get to know each other, but before you take a serious step, make sure that you can comply with the rules and laws of the Muslim family.

If the above does not scare, read on. I will talk about certain features that are not acceptable for every girl. If a decision is made, proceed.

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Duties of the wife in Islam

Muslim Family Rules

  1. A wife has no right to disobey her husband. Husbands heed the advice of the spouse, but the last word is the head of the family. Take your spouse seriously and respectfully.
  2. The wife pleases the spouse and is engaged in housekeeping. These are immediate responsibilities. If you want to find a job, the spouse must give consent. You will have to do household chores: cook, eat, and clean the apartment.
  3. Only the husband can admire the body of a Muslim woman. Therefore, women have to hide body parts and jewelry under clothing. Muslim wives are forbidden to look at men; when they meet, they lower their eyes.
  4. If the husband wants intimacy, you cannot refuse. Exception: illness, hajj, postpartum period and menstruation.
  5. A good wife does not leave home without the consent of her spouse. She knows the art of silent walking; she asks permission to visit someone else’s home.
  6. A Muslim can have up to four wives. Today it is rare, but you need to be prepared. If the spouse decides, he will consult.
  7. Obey your husband, otherwise he will punish. Physical punishment is an extreme measure, but such situations are best avoided.

It is not surprising if the rules turn out to be impracticable and complex. But if you marry a Muslim and become a good wife, you will get a responsive, loyal, honest and loyal family man who does not drink and has excellent moral qualities.

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The main thing is that personal character allows you to do this. You can find an approach to a man. Everyone has weaknesses. They will help to achieve the goal. Do not push yourself into the framework, but act.

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