What questions can I ask a girl

What questions can I ask a girl

Many young people have difficulties when they first meet a girl they like. Ludicrous phrases paired with meaningless or inappropriate questions lead to a quick end to the conversation. Let's look at what questions a girl can ask and which ones are not worth it.

If we talk about the first date, during the preparation, the guys play various scenarios in their heads, mentally engaging in a conversation in order to interest the young lady. But when the cherished moment arrives, the planned phrases, together with clever thoughts, instantly disappear, and chaos occurs in the head.

Each guy seeks to avoid pauses, communicating with the girl live, by phone or via the Internet. In order not to be in a similar situation, I advise you to familiarize yourself with the material, which contains the most interesting questions for the girl.

Each conversation is unique in its own way, you can not argue with that. I do not urge you to copy the above questions, use them as a guideline when communicating. They will help to make the conversation entertaining, to demonstrate the girl who liked the humor, resourcefulness and sympathy. At the same time you will learn about life views, goals and hobbies of the chosen one. But before asking the girl the first question, listen to the following recommendations.

  • Ask simple, easy-to-understand questions. The use of abstruse phrases will lead to the disappearance of the interlocutor's desire to respond or communicate.
  • Do not overdo it with the number of questions. After hearing the answer, develop the topic and be sure to share your opinion.
  • Be smarter. Ask questions that provoke detailed answers. They, along with a few clarifications, will not let the conversation fade away.
  • Ask what is interesting to answer. Use the answer to develop further communication.

If you strive find a girl, be sure to listen to the recommendations made. They, together with imagination, will serve to achieve the goal. If you want to know what specifically to ask in a given situation, continue to read the article.

What questions to ask to know a girl better

Guy talking to a girl in a cafe

The soul of a woman is a complicated riddle, which is difficult to guess. An important role in achieving the goal is played by the correct formulation of questions. A correctly chosen topic of conversation contributes to a quick transition to a personal wave. And just a few minutes later, the first idea of ​​the interlocutor appears, and this is the path to conquering the heart.

There are many sites on the Internet with a huge number of questions on their pages. Naturally, asking them all during a short conversation is unrealistic. But this is not required. To know the girl better, the following questions are enough.

  1. Have you done anything in life that you don’t want to repeat?
  2. What can make you cry?
  3. What compliments do you find most enjoyable?
  4. Which of the gifts in life do you consider the best?
  5. If it was possible to send yourself advice in the past, what would it be?
  6. What age do you consider the worst?

These simple and harmless questions will help in building a serious and productive conversation, as they contain psychological overtones. After receiving the answers, you will learn the preferences of the interlocutor and her character.

Do not argue and keep your opinion to yourself. Create a calm atmosphere in which she can tell about herself. This is the secret of obtaining detailed and as voluminous information as possible.

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Questions to ask a girl on a date | Life experience

These questions are equally suitable for real communication, and for correspondence on the Internet. Over time, learn to create questions in your head that are relevant to the topic of conversation.

Top best questions for penpals in VK

Collage with questions

Personal computers, netbooks, tablets and smartphones have become an integral part of youth life. Together with the Internet, they provide girls and boys with access to a vast bank of information and entertainment. Even young people use electronics for dating and socializing.

Many people get acquainted on the Internet and over time translate communication from VK to real life. But only those who are attentive, interesting and ask the “right” questions achieve success. Read below what is better to ask girls during correspondence on VK and other social networks.

  • Do you like to travel? What is your favorite place?
  • Do you like reading? Any favorite writers? Which genre of literature do you prefer?
  • What kind of music are you listening to? Do you have a favorite band or artist?
  • Have you ever had fun cases in your life?
  • What are you fond of?
  • How do you feel about sport?
  • What season do you like more and why?
  • What are you striving for in life?
  • Is there a cherished dream?
  • What kind of entertainment do you prefer: theaters, cafes, restaurants, bars?

Even if you communicate with a girl online, do not forget about respect. Take the interlocutor as a person. Exercise caution with compliments regarding appearance. Better compliment your tastes, achievements, or abilities. Always maintain a positive attitude, because it is easier and more interesting to communicate with a positive person. Ask about what's interesting and don't repeat.

Good questions when meeting in real life

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Sometimes, when meeting a girl, the guys notice that during the conversation the mood of the interlocutor changes. If at first interest was burning in her eyes, now indifference is clearly visible in them. This is the result of mistakes made during the acquaintance.

The list of errors that affect the mood of the young lady is extensive, and one of the first places belongs to the “wrong” questions. In this part of the article I will give two simple rules that will help in building a fruitful conversation.

  1. Even if a lot of original questions have arisen in your head, do not rush to ask them in a row. The girl will have the impression that she is under interrogation. It is recommended to dilute questions with interesting stories and comments.
  2. Choosing the next question, be guided by the development of the situation. If you notice that you can’t stir up interest, switch to a more serious strategy. If questions work, hold your horses slightly for success. This will intrigue the interlocutor.

During the conversation, ask the girl questions, using her story as a guide. If the interlocutor mentioned things that interest you, use this to create another question. Believe me, in any conversation there is something that you are interested in. Yes, and you yourself can start a conversation about hobbies and hobbies. Talking about indifferent things will not lead to success.

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Do not forget about questions with banter. They will help increase your attractiveness and shake the self-confidence of the interlocutor. But remember that the word hurts no worse than a sharp blade. And interesting questions will be brought closer to the goal faster if you demonstrate charisma and confidence.

The most interesting questions for a girl - TOP 10

Guy with a girl on the pier

To make the conversation with the girl productive, ask more vital, funny, original and interesting questions. A conversation on some clever topics will not help to interest an interlocutor. Below we consider ten interesting questions for a girl.

  1. Do you have a feature that is different from other girls?
  2. What masculine qualities do you value most?
  3. Does your opinion of people around you concern your hair, figure, style or clothes?
  4. How do you feel about smoking men and women?
  5. What should a woman be guided by when choosing a guy: mind, heart prompts, feelings?
  6. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  7. What do you want in life?
  8. Do you like tattoos or piercings?
  9. Where would you like to go?
  10. Communicate on social networks?

During the conversation, do not ask all of these questions. For everyone, choose the best moment. And remember, if the communication does not work out, perhaps you do not fit each other. The origin of true feelings is laid-back.

Top questions in the game "Truth or Action"

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For the game "Truth or Action" you need a small company and a set of cards that show a variety of tasks or original questions. If a player pulls out a card with a task, he performs the task subject to the conditions. If a player gets a card with a question, he gives an honest, reasoned answer.

Actions for the game come up with universal ones so that each participant can perform them. With regard to issues, subject restrictions are not provided. It all depends on what you want to know about the girl. I will give examples.

  1. Do you like extreme?
  2. Is your heart free?
  3. Do you read other people's letters?
  4. Do you often lie?
  5. Do you like to cook?
  6. Do you have many secrets?
  7. Has she done ridiculous things in life?
  8. Is there a cherished dream?
  9. Interfering in other people's affairs?
  10. Jealous?

As you can see, questions cover a wide variety of areas. This list goes on and on. To make the game leave a good impression, connect your imagination and come up with as many interesting questions as possible.

List of common questions

Greeting card with a couple in love

There is nothing good in vulgarity, but sometimes it bears fruit. Proper use of it helps liberate the young lady and rekindle feelings in the heart. Girls like guys with peppercorn, but they don’t admit it.

Start small and gradually increase the degree. If you immediately go to vulgarity, the girl will consider you crazy or preoccupied. But if she was the first to speak about intimacy, do not hold back.

If vulgarity does not contribute to building a normal conversation, immediately end the experiment. Otherwise, the conversation will end prematurely. And do not forget about a sense of proportion. Try to make the conversation not only consist of topics about the bed.

  • Have you had sex with a guy?
  • How do you feel about sex?
  • Walking around the apartment naked?
  • Does size matter to you?
  • Watching adult movies?
  • Do you masturbate?
  • Would you like to recline in an extreme place?
  • Welcome to sex experiments?

Even if vulgar questions helped in building the conversation, do not consider yourself the king of vulgarity. In most cases, the young women go on the counterattack, and the guys have to defend themselves.

Common questions to girls

I do not advise concentrating on vulgarity, because it does not contribute to the creation of relationships. Additionally, vulgar conversations are very different from reality. Therefore, pay more attention to real conversation and real actions.

What questions should not be asked girls

If the conversation with the young lady goes well, talk on any topic. But even so, do not forget about the limitations. There are questions that are strictly not recommended to be asked - the answer can put the interlocutor in an awkward position, remind of unpleasant events or spoil the mood.

  1. How old are you? It is indecent to be interested in a girl’s age. If she wants, she will tell age herself.
  2. How much money do you make? The question is considered indecent in relation to any person, especially to young ladies.
  3. How many men have you tried to build a relationship with? Even if there were a lot of guys, they became a part of her story and you are not concerned. And not every girl eagerly talks about it.
  4. Wish to marry? Not many girls find the topic of marriage interesting.To ask about it at the first meeting or at a barely familiar interlocutor is indecent. She is not required to share personal desires with a stranger.
  5. Is size important? Some guys eagerly ask this question, finding it ridiculous. In fact, it is inappropriate and vulgar.
  6. Do you like sex? You can ask about this, but not at the first meeting. Ask if the relevant topic is raised.
  7. Questions regarding politics or religion are always out of place in a conversation with a girl. Such topics are discussed only with a well-known person.
  8. Which alcoholic drink do you prefer? Such a question is a demonstration of the loss of the ability to maintain a conversation.
  9. Never use hackneyed or banal themes, for example, “your strengths and weaknesses”, “family or career”. Such questions are more suitable for an interview, but not for a personal conversation.

In conclusion, I will give a few more tips. Ask only those questions that you can answer yourself. It is possible that after the answer, the girl will ask a similar topic. Choose the questions you like. Every woman has a well-developed flair, and she easily recognizes whether you are really interested in her personality and life.

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If you often communicate with young ladies and have great experience, share your assembly in the comments. It will be interesting for me and visitors to read the questions with meaning. See you!

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