What a surprise to make beloved

Surprise to your beloved and beloved

Girls like it when guys do beautiful things: give cute gifts, perform romantic serenades, take them to interesting places and look after them in a variety of ways. And the girls have a desire to please their mate, but not everyone knows what a surprise to make a loved one.

If you found a guy and built a relationship with him, it's time to think about how to make him nice. Surprise on a typical day will bring more joy than on a holiday with the expected gifts. In this regard, I have several ideas.

  • Romantic evening. At first glance, the idea will seem trite, but it will bring an amazing effect. Before your beloved comes home from work, prepare a bath with aromatic oils, light candles, set the table and turn on romantic music. Upon arrival, the guy will relax in the bath and eat tasty food, and then you will please him with a massage and a night of love. Such a surprise will surely appeal, and the relationship will become more tender and strong.
  • Demonstration of feelings through household items. Give a guy a mug with a beautiful joint photo or just insert a photo into the frame. I advise you to order a fashionable T-shirt with your image and a declaration of love. Such a thing will remind your beloved about your feelings.
  • Cookery. Every man has a favorite dish, and I think your boyfriend is no exception. Prepare a culinary masterpiece and present in an unusual way. No man will refuse from baked lamb, meat in french or homemade meringue for dessert.
  • Breakfast bed - a romantic surprise. Especially enjoyable on a day off when you don’t have to go anywhere. Get up early make delicious pancakes, brew coffee and make fruit slices. Wake your beloved with kisses and invite him to have breakfast.
  • Sex experiments. The same type of intimate relationship is annoying. Variety of them with the help of role-playing games and sexy costumes. In such sexual entertainments there is a place for erotic massage and candid caresses. Not one of the men will refuse such a pleasure. For a guy, such an intimate change will come as a surprise.
  • Creativity is a way to express words of love. Write a story, poem, or non-standard declaration of love to your loved one. For the sake of creating an effect of surprise, put a piece of paper with love creativity in the closet, on the table or in clothes. An unexpected find will pleasantly surprise you.
  • If a loved one has a birthday, the surprise should be large-scale. If funds allow, buy the little thing that he dreams of. Remember, it is your gift that will be the best and most pleasant for a guy.
  • A good option - a fun party. Discuss the plan with your friends in advance and organize a holiday for your beloved together. Upon arrival at the destination of the birthday, congratulate and give gifts.
  • Unusual declaration of love. The sound of a familiar voice on his favorite radio station shocked him. If the event takes place in Cafe, perform a self-composed song in public. If the birthday celebration takes place at home, surprise your beloved in advance with a film made from photographs and songs.
  • Valentine's Day a surprise for a loved one will be a heart-shaped cake or a pillow of a similar shape. Believe me, such a cute trifle will remind the young man that his beloved girl is present in his life.
  • The last idea will appeal to brave girls. It's about a tattoo with the name of a guy. If you are not able to decide on such an act, limit yourself to creating a site for the guy.
How to make an original surprise loved

Only you have the right to decide how to make a surprise for your loved one, because only you know his desires and individual preferences. Sit in a relaxed atmosphere, think what he will like, and translate the unconventional idea into reality. As practice shows, interesting ideas come unexpectedly.

What a surprise to make beloved

Love is an inspired feeling, accompanied by a constant desire to do something non-standard for a loved one, so that a smile appears on his face. An unexpected surprise brings more joy than a planned expensive present.

Every man wonders what original surprise to make beloved. The complexity of the question boils down to the fact that girls like emotional life. A sudden surprise that aroused interest or joy, more memorable than a regular present. If you have not found a girlDo not waste time and act.

  1. The easiest option for surprise is an order for flower delivery to work. An unexpected bouquet, complemented by a gentle message, will surprise your beloved and bring a lot of joy, and since this event will take place in front of colleagues, the effect will intensify.
  2. Invite a girl on a date and come with a mysterious box in hand instead of a bouquet. Over time, the intrigue will increase. When you let the lid open, butterflies will fly out of the box. A sudden effect will cause a slight fright, which will be replaced by a smile.
  3. Arrange with the girl’s relatives, drop by her house and leave the present in the room. It can be a box of chocolates under the pillow, a love message on the monitor screen or a soft toy on the shelf. And although such a present is considered banal, the presentation will be memorable and beautiful.
  4. If you live together, and your feelings have calmed down a little, kindle them. Print the photos on which you kiss, buy a couple of helium-filled balloons, attach photos to them with ribbons and release them above the bed. It is important that the photos are above the bed.
  5. A romantic dinner is a standard but not bad idea. Set the table, buy a bottle of wine, light candles and turn on the music. If you can’t cook it yourself squid salad or stew, order food in a restaurant.
  6. If you are not sure that dinner will surprise the girl, organize something similar on the roof of a high-rise building or on the river bank. In terms of choosing a place, fantasy will help. To intrigue your beloved, hand in a card with a place marked with a cross where she needs to go.
  7. If there are no available funds or financial opportunities are limited, and there is a desire to surprise your beloved, resort to using inscriptions made in an exotic way in an unexpected place. Declaration of love write under the window store ketchup. Lower the poster with the girl’s name from the roof or lay out a beautiful phrase from candles on the asphalt at night.
  8. If there is no money, trymake money at home or use boyish ways. Tie a few hearts balloons to the handle of your beloved's door. I advise you to wear a stylish T-shirt with a portrait of a girl and come in such outfit on a date. Your image will cause her an enthusiastic reaction.
  9. If there are no problems with money, you can talk endlessly about pleasant surprises. Posh dinner in a restaurant, boat trip, parachute jump, horseback riding excursion. Many of these ideas will appeal to the young lady.
  10. If you strive to evoke genuine delight in your beloved, hide in an unexpected place a ring or other jewelry. If a girl dreams of a puppy or a kitten, the furry friend she found in a basket under the door will turn out to be an excellent surprise.
Surprise for your girlfriend # Love letters

Making a pleasant surprise for your loved one is easier than it seems. Each girl is individual, and only you know what she likes. Take a walk on a warm evening, think about what causes flames in her eyes, and realize a dream. If everything is served nicely, your beloved will simply drown in an ocean of emotions.

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For a loved one, the efforts of the second half are more important than a gift. Even if you fail or buy a simple gift, your loved one will still appreciate it. Good luck with your ideas!

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