How to start pregnancy planning for a woman and a man

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Over time, couples think about the child. They approach this issue responsibly, trying to think through and plan everything. Due to inexperience, not everyone gets it. Therefore, I will tell you where to start pregnancy planning for a woman and a man.

Pregnancy planning helps you identify the health risks of your expectant mother and newborn in advance. Not always a married couple manages to conceive a child without preliminary preparation, but, having carefully worked out the issue, it is possible to achieve the goal.

Medical examination

Medicine recommends that young families begin preparing for pregnancy with a medical examination. Doctors advise him to go a few months before the long-awaited moment.

  • First visit the therapist. Together with the doctor, discuss chronic diseases, determine the treatment options. Take a urine and blood test, diagnose the body for infections that contribute to the development of hepatitis B, herpes and rubella.
  • Determine the Rh factor and blood type. This is important because a different Rh factor is the reason for the incompatibility of young parents. If the child inherits the Rhesus of the father, a Rhesus conflict between the baby and mother may appear.
  • Visit your optometrist and check your retina. The results of the study will show whether the child can be born naturally.
  • Dentist. If toothache worrieseliminate before pregnancy. Consult your dentist in advance and fix dental problems. If you ignore them, at the most inopportune moment, they will remind of themselves.
  • Endocrinologist's office. Have an ultrasound scan, check thyroid hormone levels, TSH, T3. It is possible that in order to conceive a baby, you will have to undergo hormonal therapy, since improper operation of the endocrine system will interfere with the bearing of the child.
  • Doctors advise a couple to visit a geneticist. The doctor will detect chromosomal abnormalities. Often they are present in people who at first glance seem healthy. The procedure is better for all parents whose age has exceeded the mark of 35 years.
  • Urologist and gynecologist. Both partners should visit a urologist and gynecologist to make sure the reproductive organs are healthy. During examination doctor will examine the genitals, detect defects, determine the absence or presence of sexually transmitted diseases, prescribe treatment.

To get the result of a medical examination is not enough. Planning a pregnancy at home includes a review of the lifestyle of a man and a woman, making a number of adjustments to the daily diet.

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Pregnancy planning. Where to begin?

So that the baby does not develop pathologies, parents should start by abandoning bad habits. A woman should stop taking birth control and switch to vitamins.

Vitamins and Diet

Pay Attention to Vitamin E and folic acid, the lack of which adversely affects the development of the fetus. Remember, folic acid is found in large quantities in beef, buckwheat, green vegetables, seeds, cabbage and cheeses. Vitamin E is present in vegetable oil, spinach and broccoli.

Do not forget about vitamin "C"which neutralizes toxins and strengthens the immune system. A natural source of vitamin are citrus fruits, rosehips, sweet peppers and black currants.

Iodine is required for a woman to prevent painful thyroid abnormalities and normal development of the child. An important element is found in many products, but the largest amount is concentrated in fish and seaweed.

Many women take these vitamins in pill form. This approach is not prohibited, but with caution. An excess of vitamins will worsen well-being during pregnancy. Doctors recommend betting on a balanced and proper diet.

It’s good for the future mother to work on the press, pumping up muscles. As a result, it is easier to bear and have a baby. Constant physical activity will increase stamina.


There are women in whose body there is little progesterone. Lack of female hormone leads to miscarriages. If tests confirm the shortage, the doctor will prescribe drugs that stimulate pregnancy.

  1. Utrozhestan. Represents natural progesterone given to women who have had miscarriages. Also recommended for women in whose body an excess of testosterone - the male hormone that prevents pregnancy.
  2. Dufaston. Synthetic progesterone. Helps increase hormone levels in the body.

I hope the knowledge gained will serve. Avoid stress. Sometimes physical or mental tension can prevent conception. To achieve the goal, relax and momentarily forget about the problems.

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Doctor's advice: where to start pregnancy planning (07/08/15)

Adhering to these tips, in the coming year, a child will appear in the family.

Where to start planning a pregnancy for a future father

Doctors say that the health of the baby depends on the state of the body of both partners. But not all men take these words seriously. Therefore, if you are planning a pregnancy, dad should also participate in the preparation.

This is not about conception, but about preparation for it, which should begin in advance. There is nothing complicated about it. Work on yourself a bit, rethink your approach to life and change some points.

  • The future father is advised to begin pregnancy planning by abandoning bad habits, including alcohol and tobacco products. It does not hurt to refuse even to use beer.
  • Alcohol toxins and nicotine adversely affect seed quality. Remember, for a complete renewal of seminal fluid, at least three months are necessary. Therefore, the fight against bad habits should be started as early as possible.
  • Include fruits and vegetables in the diet. Take vitamins with folic acid. Vitamin "E" prevents the formation of low-quality sperm in the male sperm, characterized by the wrong number of chromosomes, and vitamin "C" accelerates the renewal of the seed and has a positive effect on sperm motility and vital activity.
  • When planning pregnancy, beware of colds, refuse to take antibiotics and potent medicines, forget for a whileabout coffee.
  • A guy preparing for paternity is advised to take several measures that will improve the quality of the seed and contribute to the successful conception of the child. Avoid heavy physical exertion, carrying a cell phone in the front pockets of your pants, overheating of the scrotum, tight underwear and a sedentary lifestyle.
  • To achieve the effect, take vitamin complexes, consume natural products, give up convenience foods and preservatives, strengthen immunity. Water procedures, moderate physical activity and tanning will help to do this.
  • Get rid of chronic diseases that are the focus of a life-threatening infection for a child. Otherwise, no one will guarantee that the fetus will develop normally.

At first glance, it seems that the written, complete nonsense. You can do without it, but a man striving to become a caring dad will heed the advice.

In conclusion, I will talk about planning pregnancy after the birth of a baby. As practice shows, some couples after the birth of the first child begin to immediately think about the second.Contrary to desire, they are waiting, because it is not known how much time should pass after childbirth in order for the female body to prepare for gestation.

According to doctors, reproductive ability returns after the first menstruation. If the mother does not breastfeed, this moment will come a quarter after a happy date. At the same time, physiologists do not recommend rushing. Having a baby is better in a few years. This time is enough for the female body to recover, replenish the supply of nutrients and rest. Pregnancy heavily stresses the internal organs, immune and nervous systems.

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