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What is IMHO

Every minute, millions of messages are published on the Internet in which there are interesting colloquial words and abbreviations. An inexperienced user cannot decipher them; as a result, he does not understand what the conversation is about. I’ll figure out what IMHO means and how to correctly apply this abbreviation to VKontakte and messages.

Experienced users constantly use well-established and slang expressions on the network. Their spelling and pronunciation leaves visible traces of bewilderment on the faces of inexperienced people. In the list of common expressions found on social networks, blogs and forums, there is IMHO.

IMHO - the domestic version of the English abbreviation IMHO, the abbreviation of the phrase “In My Humble Opinion”. The literal translation is “In my humble opinion.”

When a user uses IMHO at the beginning or end of a message, he makes it clear to the participants in the conversation that he expresses his own opinion, which is not a fact recognized by society. Using the abbreviation IMHO, he insures himself against possible attacks from the participants in the conversation, who are always looking for a reason to blame each other for wrong.

History of IMHO

According to Wikipedia, the abbreviation IMHO was first used by one of the participants in the fiction forum. After some time, it spread across the network in different interpretations.

There is another version. She says that the expression appeared in the process of the father and son playing the Scrub toy. The child was not able to make a word, he laid out a combination of letters IMHO. Father a little later began to use the newly made word on the gaming forum.

IMHO managed to go beyond the Internet. Modern youth is actively applying it in everyday life in real communication.

Video clarification

What is IMHO / What is IMHO

How to use the abbreviation IMHO?

In the course of collecting material for writing the article, I managed to find another theory for the appearance of the phrase IMHO. She says that the authors of the expression were specialists who develop software products.

As you know, creating a good program requires a lot of time, and to keep within the framework of the established plan, you need to spend time correctly. Therefore, programmers use IMHO to save time.

Now I will talk about the intricacies of using the IMHO expression.

  1. If you want to explain to the interlocutor that you are expressing your own opinion, which does not claim to be an unshakable axiom or recognition of society, put IMHO at the end of the statement.
  2. The word IMHO is a sign of respect for the network interlocutor. Therefore, it can be used in conversations with colleagues in the network community.
  3. Using this abbreviation, you can emphasize your right to freedom of speech or express a personal attitude.

Over time, the widely used abbreviation IMHO acquired several different meanings, regardless of language. The meaning is determined by the context of the statement and often has the opposite semantic or emotional coloring.

IMHO on the Internet

IMHO is ideal for users who do not seek to impose their own opinions on other people. It can be safely used by those who admit their mistakes.

In the Russian translation, the abbreviation IMHO has almost lost its original meaning. Previously, the phrase testified that the person who used it expressed a personal opinion and does not exclude his wrongness. Now people who consider their opinion true and do not need criticism are resorting to use.

It is difficult to name the true reason why the original meaning was significantly distorted.Perhaps the domestic mentality is to blame. If in the English-language segment IMHO is used on the Internet to express a modest opinion, with us people put an end to this debate. I do not exclude that the phrase is used by self-confident persons who do not like criticism.

IMHO is often used to name public pages and groups that publish funny images, jokes, memes. The popular project "Imkhonet" invites users to share their opinions on certain topics.

In conclusion, I will add that the Internet environment is an independent world in which its designations and names reign. The peculiarity of this unusual language comes down to the merging of linguistic strata, the transformation of which leads to a distortion of the original meaning. Therefore, the meaning of the English phrase IMHO after the translation has changed in the opposite direction.

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