How to quickly defrost a refrigerator

How to quickly defrost a refrigerator

The modern pace of life does not leave for household affairs more than a few hours a day, and the concept of time management has long been familiar to every housewife. There are many cases that require much less effort than it seems at first glance. For example: defrosting a refrigerator quickly is now not as difficult as before.

We all remember what torment this procedure brought to our mothers and grandmothers. Modern technology saves time and effort to implement more pleasant plans. It is enough to stock up on some baggage of tips, and a bothersome planned cleaning of the freezer will take a minimal amount of energy.

Safety Precautions

  • Do not use hair dryers and steam cleaners to accelerate the defrosting process: in the process, moisture can get into them, which can provoke an electric shock.
  • Before disconnecting the refrigerator from the power supply, it is necessary to set the temperature to 0 degrees on the thermometer - this will save the compressor from a sudden voltage drop.
  • When cleaning shelves, do not use concentrated detergents, hard washcloths and household chemicals with abrasive particles. Only methods that guarantee product safety can be used.
  • Do not allow water or household chemicals to get on the ventilation grilles and electrical distribution units.
  • Do not remove the factory marking - this is a guarantee of service at a service center.

Defrosting Atlant and Indesit Bicameral Refrigerators

Photo of a defrosted refrigerator

Defrosting the refrigerator is an important procedure that will improve the appearance of the equipment and save life from originating in layers of old ice. Bacteria and mold accumulate in icy corners, causing food spoilage and bad smell. Defrosting a 2-chamber refrigerator Atlant, Indesit or other brands is almost the same. It is important to pay attention to the type of defrost: a note about this is put in the technical instructions.

Refrigerators produce 3 types of defrosts.

  • Manual.
  • Auto.
  • Mixed.

With a manual type of defrost, the refrigerator is disconnected from the mains and the doors are left open. Bowls of hot water installed on the shelves will help speed up the process. Naturally, products must be removed during defrosting.

The simplest type of service is automatic. You need to use the special button to turn off the device and wait for the refrigerator to “thaw”.

With a mixed type, the upper and lower levels are thawed separately. If the ice layer is thick, but you don’t want to wait for a long time, pour hot water into a container with a spray bottle and spray it on ice: the melting process will go much faster. After 15 minutes, the ice will begin to break apart in impressive parts.

There is an additional series of tricks to speed up defrosting, but often you should not resort to them, since this can adversely affect the further operation of the device. Express methods can save valuable minutes in emergency situations.

  • A fan installed opposite the freezer will significantly accelerate the process of thawing ice. All that remains is to put rags under the draining water.
  • Vacuum cleaner, especially with a wash function. However, “regular” models will also help in the case of time pressure. To defrost a refrigerator, use the smallest nozzle with a narrowed nose, setting the vacuum cleaner to “blow” mode. Streams of air will help the ice melt.

During defrosting in modern refrigerators, water accumulates in a specially provided drip tray, which is usually located on the back of the appliance. If the device is “with history”, you will have to put rags to collect the liquid.

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How to defrost a refrigerator in 1 hour

When the last piece of ice has thawed, wipe the surface and leave it for a while until it dries completely. If you turn it on too soon, the ice will appear again. After switching on, it will take about 1.5 hours to cool to standard temperature. After that, you can safely fill with products.

Features of defrosting refrigerators with No-frost function

Kitchen fridge

No Frost literally translates as “no ice”, but the assurance of sales consultants that defrosting is not required for such refrigerators is partly true. Powerful heaters built into the unit with No Frost function defrost automatically. However, improper storage of products (for example, leaky packaging) can result in malfunctions. In this case, defrost the refrigerator in the standard way by disconnecting it from the mains. Periodically, such a procedure is performed, even if there are no problems. Preventive thawing will help maintain pristine cleanliness.

Often refrigerators are only partially equipped with the No Frost system - then a smart function is provided in the freezer, and the main part has a standard drip defrosting method. In this case, you will have to defrost more often than when equipped with the No Frost system of both cameras.

How often do you need to defrost a refrigerator

There are no strict rules for defrosting - the frequency of the procedure is determined by individual parameters. The main thing you should focus on is the formation of ice, which complicates access to products, and harms the compressor, forcing it to work to the limit. The appearance of ice is caused by the penetration of warm air into the freezer: accordingly, the more often they use it in the house, the faster it becomes overgrown with a "fur coat".

On average, if the refrigerator does not have the function of auto-defrosting, they clean it once a month. For equipment marked No-Frost or Frost-Free, you can restrict yourself to planned procedures 2 times a year.

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How to quickly defrost a freezer or freezer in a refrigerator

Useful Tips

  1. If the freezer began to become ice-covered in record time, call the master: this is often due to a breakdown in the thermostat or damage to the safety gum.
  2. The use of knives and other sharp metal objects to remove frost is unacceptable. In this way, it is extremely easy to cause fatal damage to the device.
  3. When defrosting a refrigerator, products must be removed from it. So that nothing gets spoiled, you can put them during work in a basin with cold water or in special thermal packs.
  4. When choosing cleaning products, consider the material the surface is made of: one composition is used for internal plastic parts, and another for external surfaces.

Do not neglect the simple defrosting procedure - this will provide the device with a long service life and impeccable cleanliness of the products. It does not matter which company the unit is installed in the kitchen or what characteristics it has, keeping the refrigerator in excellent condition at home is not an difficult task.

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