How to create a website on the Internet from scratch and for free yourself

Wordpress - the best CMS to create a site

Many are interested in how to create a site from scratch for free yourself. As practice shows, it is difficult to find a resource on the network that fully reveals this topic.

Before we start the conversation, I draw your attention to the following:

  1. The opinion that the creation of a site is a simple task that can be quickly solved truthfully in part. With the help of various content management systems (CMS) you have created a project in a few minutes. You need to understand that deploying a site on a domain will turn out quickly, but it may take several months to fill it out.
  2. Some are sure that creating a website is not easy. This view has the right to life. It all depends on the type of project. If we are talking about a simple resource, it will take a little time and effort to create. When it comes to a serious project, everything changes dramatically.

Even a schoolboy can create his own resource. But, if you want to become a true professional in this field, you will have to work hard. Start by learning programming languages ​​and mastering special software.

  1. “HTML” is the foundation. Be sure to master this language. He is the starting point on the path to success.
  2. “CSS”. Surely you've heard of design. Without CSS, design is unthinkable.
  3. “JavaScript”. With the help of this language they write a variety of scripts, dynamic and beautiful projects.
  4. “PHP”. There are many examples of using PHP. Scripts for registering users, receiving and processing information from forms, searching the portal, and entire CMS are written on it.
  5. “MySQL.” Database software.
  6. “XML”. It is not directly related to the development of sites. It is focused on the implementation of complex corporate networks.

To speed up the process, you can use the popular content management system. After that, it remains to place the resource on the network and conduct promotion.

Video domain tips

How to create a website? - Lesson 1 - Registration of a site, domain name, domain zone

Step-by-step instructions for creating a site from scratch

To get started, choose the subject of the project. It’s better when the creator likes the theme. Post only unique texts. If you copy them from other sites, you may have problems with indexing and the current law.

Instruction manual

  1. Register on the hosting. I recommend paid.
  2. Register a domain. In the domain control panel, bind it to the hosting by registering the DNS server.
  3. Choose a CMS.
  4. Go to the hosting, create a database, install the engine through FTP.
  5. Configure CMS, select a template, install additional plugins.
  6. Post some articles. Perform internal optimization.
  7. Get better design. Try to make the resource appealing to visitors and convenient to use.
  8. If you know how to write essays, lucky. Otherwise, you will have to use the services of copywriters to write texts.

If you show a little perseverance and perseverance, after a certain time a full-fledged resource on the Internet will appear.

We select hosting

How to create a website? - Lesson 2 - What is hosting? How to choose and configure hosting.

Useful tips when creating a website on the Internet

  1. Think about the contents of the project. Choose a topic that you understand. For example, housewives can create a culinary project and publish recipes. Make sure that the selected topic is interesting for users.
  2. If your budget is limited, opt for a free engine.For almost any need, a free WordPress CMS is suitable.
  3. Users visit the project in search of information, so ads, pop-up banners and an overly bright design are annoying and distracting.
  4. The visitor should easily navigate and find the right pages.
  5. The site must have a feedback form. With its help, visitors will be able to leave wishes.
  6. Do not overload the resource with scripts and graphics. This will adversely affect page loading speed.
  7. Be sure to optimize the project for screens of various resolutions. Test optimization in different browsers.

Self-made website on CMS WordPress

WordPress is a free content management system. The main advantages are simple management, multitasking, free updates, ease in connecting additional modules and expanding the site’s capabilities.

Step-by-Step Action Plan

  1. Choose the subject of the project. You can dedicate your site to parenting, new year dresses, fishing, travel, cars, hobbies.
  2. Guided by the field of activity, come up with a domain name - a name. The name should correspond to the chosen subject.
  3. Choose a hosting. It stores resource files.
  4. Create a database with a name and password. Write down the information.
  5. Upload WordPress to hosting. This can be done through an FTP client or through additional free hosting services.
  6. After starting the administrative panel, specify the database and password. Then: name, username, strong password and email.
  7. The platform is installed. Get started. Ready-made free templates from the WordPress repository will help.
  8. Publish text, upload pictures and videos.

WordPress installation video tutorial

How to create a website from scratch. Video Tutorial 1 - Installing WordPress

Based on the WordPress platform, even a child will create their own project. If you are looking for the easiest way to create sites, pay attention to this option.

Free ways to create sites

Website development can be ordered from a special company. True, services are expensive. Many are well aware of this, so they are interested in the independent development of the site. It's real. The main thing is to choose a quality free hosting.

1. uCoz. Well-known service allows you to post projects for free. My first project was created on the basis of uCoz.

2. - The second option is no longer relevant. The Russian search giant handed over Narod hosting to uCoz.

Disadvantages of Free Hosting

  1. If you intend to publish informational or personal articles on the pages of your portal, a free site is enough. However, free hosting is not suitable for the development of projects focused on the sale of goods.
  2. Free website builders make money on advertising. Consequently, third-party advertisements will be present on the pages of your project.
  3. If you can place your advertising banners, you know, they won’t get the best ones. There is advertising service.
  4. A project located on a free site is difficult and difficult to transfer to another hosting.

How to create a website for making money

Good money brings high-quality informational sites. For example, you can make a portal about christmas toys, sports, psychology, nutrition, recipes.

Website Requirements for Earnings

  1. Publish only interesting and relevant articles, news, photos and videos. They are required to answer user questions and solve their problems.
  2. The resource should have a convenient structure and beautiful design. Interesting articles are more important than design, but the user should be comfortable reading them. The key to a successful project is perfect usability, proper menu design, nice colors.
  3. Strive for your audience to look forward to new content.

8 steps to creating a profitable website

  1. Choose one specific very popular topic.
  2. Decide on the engine. Ideal for creating sites for making money on the internet CMS WordPress.
  3. Choose a hosting. Choose the site as carefully as possible.
  4. Register a domain. The name of the portal should be easy to remember and sound. Users can easily type it in the address bar of the browser.
  5. Install the engine and customize the theme.
  6. After installing CMS, start publishing articles. Remember, the content of a resource is its core, capable of raising popularity to the skies. Publish only interesting, unique, diverse and high-quality articles.
  7. Promotion. Even if the resource pages have interesting text, no one will see it without promotion. Through a variety of advertising mechanisms, attract an audience.
  8. After 5-10 months of continuous operation, the site will bring the first money.

Do not forget, even the most beautiful site will not make money without high-quality promotion and internal optimization.

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Good luck and see you soon!

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