How to choose a flash drive: memory size, interface, case and design

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There is no such person who does not know what a flash drive is. It is hard to imagine how they used to do without it before. Disks are forgotten, most will not even remember disks. A flash drive is more convenient and simple.

The first flash drives appeared in 2000 and had a memory of 8 MB. Today models of 8, 16, 32, 64 and more GB are popular. The full and correct name of the information storage device is USB Flash Drive, or USB-drive.

Often the question arises, how to choose the right USB flash drive for the computer? Only at first glance it seems that it is easy and simple to choose, but apart from the appearance, there are determining factors when buying. Before we consider them, let's look into the past.

Technology and the Internet are not standing still. In 1984, an exhibition of electronic devices was held, where they presented an information storage device - the prototype of a flash drive. Several years were spent on finalizing and improving the device, which was later used in military technology. A flash drive was expensive and inaccessible to the public. In the mid 90's. last century developed the first USB interface, and in 2000 there were flash drives developed by Israeli scientists, they were called DiskOnKey. Gradually, the volume became larger, and the design changed.

Memory size and interface

The first thing they pay attention to is volume. Flash drives with a capacity of 8, 16 and 32 GB are considered popular.

4 GB is enough to transfer files, you can even listen to music in the car. If you upload movies, you should take 16 GB or 32 GB. Drives with a capacity of 64 GB or 128 GB acquire avid movie fans. They store at the same time text documents, photographs, music and several best new year movies. A volumetric flash drive can be buy as a gift.


When buying, pay attention to the interface. If the computer motherboard supports USB 3.0, buy a USB flash drive with the same interface. USB 2.0 is also suitable for USB 3.0, even USB 1.0, only the speed is lower. Read the characteristics of the models, consult the seller.

If the packaging contains the abbreviations Hi-Speed ​​or Ultra Speed ​​- a high-speed flash drive

. Do not buy models with write speeds below 10 MB / s, this is a waste of time. 10 Mbps and higher is a smart solution for writing and reading.

If we consider in detail the question of reading and writing, I note interesting facts: the difference in price, as in the case of player, imperceptible, but the difference in file transfer time is significant.

For example, flash drives are purchased at the same price, but with different read and write speeds. 5 minutes are downloaded for one movie, and 10 for another. If you pay more and take a trusted brand, the file transfer time will be reduced and the movie will be downloaded in 3 minutes. Do not chase cheapness, remember the expression: “Avaricious pays twice!”

We pay attention to rewriting cycles - a defining indicator of shelf life. Usually ranges from 10,000 to 100,000 times. Each addition or deletion of information is considered 1 time rewriting. It turns out that 10,000 times are not many, considering that actions from a flash drive are carried out several times a day. Not all media work out the declared amount of rewriting, there are fakes or production defects.

Video tips for choosing models with USB 3.0

Choosing a USB 3.0 flash drive

Case and design

The cases of flash drives are diverse:

  • plastic
  • rubber
  • metal.

A flash drive with a plastic case is cheaper than a metal one. It is difficult to damage and information is stored longer.It is worth paying attention to the rubber case: such models are shockproof and waterproof, suitable for active users.

If a person is neat, a plastic case will do. Such a product is an ideal candidate for the title of best New Year's corporate gift.


Caps are simple (usually removed and put on), retractable or on a chain. There are small flash drives without a cap. Choosing a cap is an unimportant parameter, choose any one you like.

A beacon is built into the case, which glows or blinks during data transfer. This is good when working with a computer, you can see whether the file is copied or not. If you intend to watch movies or listen to music, choose a device without a beacon. It distracts from viewing or from the road if you are in a car.

Pay attention to the dimensions of the case. If it is voluminous, another flash card in the USB connector will not fit next to it. It turns out that the simpler the design, the better! Choose what design you like, the main thing is that it does not interfere with the work with the medium.

Data protection form

Manufacturers on flash drives establish a serious degree of information protection:

  • cryptography system
  • fingerprint reader.

Protected models are sold in specialized stores and are expensive. Ordinary people do not need such devices. Highly protected media is used by people with access to top-secret information. Do not chase new-fangled little things, choose an ordinary flash drive, it is possible to protect information in other ways.

There are flash drives in which are built in:

  • flashlights
  • clock
  • display.

Buy these fixtures separately. The function of the flash drive is the storage and transfer of information, everything else is useless. Why do I need a flashlight in it? He will not light the way in the dark. If you buy such gadgets, then only as a gift.

Choose a flash drive as a gift

In addition to the determining factors, appearance matters. You can order an individual gift model or choose a ready-made version of a popular brand. Gift boxes are made in gold or silver case, in precious stones or with rhinestones. The forms are also diverse: in the form of a bracelet, car key ring, figures, steam-punk technology. Gift for February 23 or March 8th is easy to purchase.

The gift options do not differ from the usual ones, except for the price. You will have to treat them carefully, otherwise the case will become worthless. Try to surprise your friends, acquaintances or relatives with an unusual gift - a flash drive with a commemorative inscription, the result will be stunning!

Video recommendations

The best flash drive. How to choose a flash drive?

Safety rules when working with a flash drive

Avoid direct exposure to water, shock or falls, which lead to loss of contact, damage to the memory chip. If you are not sure about the neat work, buy a model with a protected case.

  • Do not pull the USB flash drive out of the slot, follow the instructions for safe removal. Do not turn off the computer until you remove it from the drive. If you do not follow the instructions, the file system will be damaged. Have to format the equipment, which will lead to loss of information.
  • Do not allow the flash drive with a plastic case to overheat, do not insert it into an overheated computer.
  • If a virus is detected on the USB flash drive, save the data on another medium, format it and cure it of viruses.
  • Experts advise changing the drive every 2 to 3 years.

Buy a manufacturer’s model that has passed the test of time. He has high-quality chips, so there will be no problems with data recovery. Do not buy drives that impose or advertise; a good product does not need advertising.

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When buying, pay attention to the warranty period and duration of use. Sometimes cheap devices do not have a guarantee. The choice is yours. Good luck

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