How to choose an mp3 player with good sound

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Electronics stores offer a wide range of players. No wonder making a choice is hard. My article on how to choose an mp3 player with good sound will simplify the task.

The player is an indispensable device for a true music lover. People in headphones who enjoy musical compositions are found everywhere: in public transport, on the street, in the subway. The player is taken when doing a run, walking a dog or strolling.

The device is convenient, compact in size and comes with a special clothespin, through which it is attached to clothes.

It is unfortunate, but the niche of music players is rapidly declining. Even 5-10 years ago, every urban music lover had a tandem of devices from a mobile phone and player. Now, this “couple” has been replaced by smartphones.

True, the smartphone does not replace the sound quality of the players. The fact is that the sound quality directly depends on two components, including a digital-to-analog converter and an amplifier. These schemes are responsible for the high-quality implementation of sound, but are bulky and high in energy consumption.

  1. Players that come with high-quality DACs are distinguished by good sound. The output microcircuit receives a musical composition in digital form. This causes weak electrical vibrations with a small amplitude. The amplifier swings the amplitude of the signal to the level that is required for the normal operation of the headphones.
  2. Good-sounding players traditionally have voluminous batteries, large cases and are characterized by short-term operation on a single charge.
  3. The sound quality is determined by the amplifier. Typically, manufacturers tend to stay within the small form factor, so they use several integrated circuits.
  4. Sound quality also depends on the volume control. Many players are equipped with electronic adjustment, but models with analogue controls show the best results.
  5. Software stuffing. When choosing a player with good sound, pay attention to the software part. It's about supporting music formats.
  6. Video support, in my opinion, is a drawback. This indicates that the device has a source of interference, and the manufacturing company spent the money not on the sound path, but on the video chip.

Top Hi-Fi Players

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If you are interested in high-quality sound, beware of sellers' tricks. They can offer a player, talk about the benefits and prices, but be guided only by their needs.

Tips for choosing an mp3 player

The player is a portable compact device designed to play music. Consider how to choose an mp3 player.

The first music player called Walkman was released by Sony in Japan in 2000. Now on the market are products from Transcend, Samsung, Apacer and others. In 2008, Apple joined in with the launch of the iPod.

MP3 is the most popular music format that uses audio compression. Thanks to this technology, huge music collections are compressed into digital format. Electronics stores offer players in an assortment of designs, sizes, shapes and functional features.

What to look for when choosing a player?

  1. Sound quality. Most models demonstrate high quality. Bad sound is due to pinched or poorly encoded files. The sound quality is also affected by the headphones.
  2. Memory size. An important parameter when choosing a player.
  3. Additional functions. The list is represented by a built-in alarm clock, radio or voice recorder. Some players are able to record songs from the radio, play videos, display texts.
  4. Accumulator battery. In most cases, players are equipped with built-in batteries. If the charge is depleted, it will not be possible to quickly change the power source. Battery life limits are important for people who don't part with music.
  5. Work autonomy. Most often it is 15-20 hours.
  6. Weight and dimensions. The choice is influenced by the way the player is worn. It’s easy to get a compact device that meets all the requirements.
  7. Design. Design must be in line with lifestyle. The player should delight in appearance and functionality.

Video tips for choosing mp3 player Sony Walkman

The choice of player Sony Walkman E. Buy mp3 player Sony Walkman.

These recommendations will help you choose a player that meets the needs and financial capabilities. In addition, the device can be purchased as a friend or loved one as new year present.

How to choose good headphones for the player

Walking along the streets of his native city, there are many people with "four ears." One thing unites them - listening to music using a player and headphones.

The question of choosing a player figured out. Now we will discuss how to choose good headphones for the player. The fact is that in most cases the products that players are equipped with at the factory can not boast of high quality.

Headphones are part of the wardrobe, so they are tasteful in appearance.

Types of Headphones

  1. Inserts. The smallest. They are inserted into the ears. The main advantage is its small size. Inside the liner is a tiny membrane, which adversely affects the sound quality. At the same time, such headphones create tremendous pressure on the eardrum.
  2. Over-ear headphones. Allow you to hear sounds from the outside, safer for eardrums than the earbuds. Overhead products are equipped with an enlarged membrane. Consequently, sound quality is much higher, and soft linings protect your ears from being squeezed.
  3. Monitor headphones. Used by workers in the music industry. Equipped with a huge membrane, so the sound quality is simply fantastic.


  1. Frequency. The indicator is measured in gigahertz. Typically, the frequency range is 18-20000 Hz. Some models produce higher and lower frequencies.
  2. Sensitivity. The indicator is important for people who like to listen to music loudly. Almost all headphones provide sensitivity at the level of one hundred decibels. Products with lower sensitivity sound quieter.
  3. Resistance. The parameter must not exceed the mark of 40 ohms. Such resistance allows a low-power player to produce optimal volume for normal listening.
  4. Power. The indicator should correspond to the power of the player. Otherwise, the battery will run out quickly.

Headphones are made by all popular companies - Philips, Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer and others. Which manufacturer to prefer, you decide.

Video tips
How to choose a headphone? (Instruction)

The above knowledge is enough to buy good headphones. Just remember that if you make the wrong choice, disappointment awaits, and good - endless joy. Be careful, dear friends.

The story of choosing an mp3 player and headphones with good sound came to an end. Take a virtual walk on the global web at home and pick up a great player.

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If you like listening to music, do not delay the purchase. Believe me, this little little thing will make life more comfortable. Enjoy the music. See you!

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