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Ironing clothes and linen for housewives takes a lot of time. Therefore, they cannot imagine life without an iron. I will consider how to choose an iron for home use.

Iron, like other home appliances, is not an eternal technique. Once every five years, housewives have to think about purchasing a new device. Fortunately, the market offers good and inexpensive products.

Shops or supermarkets of household appliances sell irons in an assortment of models and prices. It is not surprising that choosing a useful device is problematic. If you listen to the recommendations, easily cope with the task.

  • Pay attention to power. The higher the score, the better the device. To challenge this fact is problematic, but everything should be in moderation. An iron with a power of 1.6 kW is suitable for a home. A product with such characteristics is inexpensive and copes with the tasks perfectly.
  • Equally important when choosing a sole. It happens ceramic, aluminum or steel. Products with soles of a mixed type appear on the market. For the manufacture of the element, cermet or aluminum alloy is used.
  • Steel is a good solution. The steel sole is durable, resistant to scratches and does not deform. True, it is not without its drawbacks, which are represented by a large weight and prolonged cooling.
  • Aluminum. Lighter than steel counterpart, heats up quickly and cools down. But the material is less durable, so the lower part is subject to deformation and is covered with scratches.
  • Ceramic sole. The best choice that borrowed from fellow only pluses. An iron with such a sole glides easily, is cleaned and does not scratch. These advantages are bad for the cost.
  • Steam generator. If you want to buy an iron with a steam generator, take a model that includes at least three hundred milliliters of water. It is important that there are at least fifty holes on the sole, otherwise steam ironing will not bring effect.
  • Additional functions. Only three deserve attention - vertical and horizontal steam supply and anti-scale protection. Other functions are not so important and increase the cost of the device.
  • Cord. Iron, like hair dryerIt is completed with a cord. When choosing an ironing device, make sure that the cord is long and with a fabric braid. Together with the automatic shutdown function, such a cord will take care of safety.
  • Temperature conditions do not matter. Irons, regardless of the cost, iron both thin blouses and strong jeans.
  • The weight. A heavy device glides better, but prolonged use leads to fatigue. Therefore, choose taking into account physical capabilities.

Following the tips, easily and quickly choose a product that will last a long time and take care that the clothes look well-groomed. I do not recommend buying the cheapest device, but do not chase expensive models either. Choose an option that does not empty the wallet, and the quality will not be in doubt.

How to choose an iron with a steam generator for the home

Previously, housewives used ordinary irons to iron dresses and trousers, but the trend has changed. At the peak of popularity, innovative ironing systems. Choosing a device with a steam generator is not easy, because the range is wide, and manufacturers tout their own products.

Information on choosing an iron with a steam generator will protect you from the wrong choice and save money. When choosing, pay attention to the specifications.

  1. Sole. An iron with a steam generator should have a sole made of high-quality and durable material. In this case, the element should not be afraid of temperature extremes and be resistant to scratches.Stainless steel and aluminum meet the requirements, but they are inferior to ceramics.
  2. Lever. The item does not affect the cost, but the ironing process depends on it. Hold the product in your hand during selection to make sure the handle is comfortable.
  3. Steam supply. A high-quality model with a steam generator on clothes does not leave wet spots. The generator produces dry vapor without drops, which promotes quick ironing and does not over-moisten clothes.
  4. Water. When choosing an iron, ask your consultant what water is poured into the container. Some products include the use of filtered water with the addition of anti-scale agents. I advise you to clarify the information on the manufacturer’s website, since not all store representatives are competent in this matter.
  5. The weight. The light model is easy to use, but the heavy model contributes to high-quality ironing of rumpled things. If you rarely have to iron, the first option is suitable. Otherwise, buy a heavy iron.
  6. Manufacturer. It is easy to choose if there is brand equipment at home that has been around for a long time. Seek help from family or friends. They will tell you the name of the company that produces high-quality products.
  7. Nose. Some are of the opinion that the nose is unimportant, but it is not. The model with a sharp nose is better suited for ironing places between buttons, and blunt ones do not wrinkle clothes during ironing.
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Before buying, check out the rating of irons, which will be an excellent tip. On the first lines you will find high-quality products, the value of which cannot be called democratic. Look for something similar for affordable money. Even a mid-range product irones well skirts, sweatshirts and other things.

Right advice

The acquisition of household appliances is a difficult task, especially if the hostess chooses a reliable assistant. On the store shelves there are a variety of irons, which differ in color, quality and additions.

Diversity should ease the fate, but vice versa. Therefore, women are interested in the question of the right choice. Every housewife wants the ironing process curtains, costumes and other products brought joy.

  • Pay attention to power, as the heating element is the main part. Previously, heated stones or coals were used for heating. Now tena is responsible for heating. If you intend to use the iron at home, there are plenty of 1500 W models.
  • The second most important element is the sole, the main task of which is the distribution of heat. The element is made of ceramic, aluminum or steel. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, so the cost of irons varies depending on the quality.
  • Stainless steel soles are everywhere. This iron is durable and easy to clean. At the same time, it is heavy and prone to pollution.
  • The aluminum sole is lightweight and quickly heats up. During operation, it is deformed and covered with barbs, which spoils the clothes.
  • Ceramic coating is a popular type. Pottery glides beautifully on clothes, whether jeansjacket or skirt. I note the fragility of the ceramic coating.
  • It is hard to imagine an iron without a steam function. Humidification of clothes can be done in two ways. In the first case, the nose is responsible for this, and in the second - the perforated sole. I advise you to buy a product that combines these options.
  • Irons with a vertical steam function are suitable for ironing jeans or coats. Such models allow you to iron things on a hanger. Use them to refresh the upholstery. couch.
  • Each steam-powered iron has a water tank. Experts recommend buying products with a transparent capacity of 300 ml. It’s easier to see when topping up water.
  • Women who, when buying, ignored the cord, are faced with the problem of insufficient length. If the outlet is far from the ironing board or table, choose a long cord.
  • It’s good if the iron has an automatic shutdown function. Such models are suitable for forgetful personalities. Believe me, the function will save health and life.

As for the manufacturer, I recommend giving preference to products of proven brands. They produce quality products because they do not want to face the mud and lose customers.

Which sole of the iron to choose

During the selection, the hostesses pay attention to the sole, because the durability of the device, the convenience of ironing and the result depend on it. Every woman knows that only an iron with a good sole makes ironing a pleasure.

Companies conduct research in an effort to create the perfect outsole. The focus is on reducing friction when ironing and protecting against damage caused by buttons and buttons.

A good sole provides an even distribution of heat, so stainless steel, ceramics and aluminum are used for manufacturing. I propose to talk in detail to understand which sole to prefer.


Aluminum outsole has been used for a long time. The list of advantages is represented by high thermal conductivity and low weight. Thanks to these properties, the products are maneuverable and light. The material instantly heats up and cools quickly. The cost of an iron with an aluminum sole pleases.

Not without material and flaws. Aluminum is deformed, and zippers, buttons and trim elements for suits, trousers and shirts form scratches.

An aluminum sole leaves a shiny mark on clothes. Therefore, the hostesses have to use gauze. For the sake of improving the properties and qualities, aluminum is repeatedly processed during production.

Stainless steel

The most common stainless sole. The material is acceptable in price and performance. Stainless steel provides durability and scratch resistance.


Used in production and ceramics. In their opinion, the material glides well, cleans perfectly and does not jam things. But ceramics require careful handling, as scratches and chips make it very difficult to iron.


Some manufacturers improve the properties of materials by spraying or using alloys. Sapphire sole irons appear on the market. For manufacturing, sapphire powder is applied to stainless steel. The result is excellent glide and a durable coating that is not afraid of rivets, zippers and buttons.

If you still have not decided which sole to choose, I recommend ceramics. You will have to pay a lot for a device with such a sole, but it will allow you to evaluate the advantages and benefits provided by the implementation of modern designs in irons.

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How to choose a high-quality iron - Everything is welcome - Issue 445 - 08/18/2014 - Everything will be fine

Ironing is a tedious task. Modern irons simplify the task, but the need to stand for hours on the ironing board remains. It is good if there is a mistress in the house who is happy to do the job. How to be single men? They have two exits. The first involves marriage, but this requires find a girland the second is the study of ironing rules.

  • To prevent clothes from slipping, iron on a special board. If there is no board, use the table, having previously covered with a coverlet.
  • Never dry the laundry. If this happens, moisten with water.
  • Dirty things are forbidden to iron. If spots are present on them, ironing will make the process of removing them difficult and painful.
  • Before ironing, read the label on the clothes, which will tell you how to iron a thing so that it does not suffer.
  • At the end of ironing, do not put things on the shelves. Let them lie for an hour.

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A good device lasts a long time, saves money, time and effort. For women, the price issue is acute, but it is better to accumulate and purchase a good product than to buy a cheap iron, which will cause inconvenience and quickly fail. However, you choose. Good luck with your purchase!

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