2018 FIFA World Cup

Football field

In December 2010, representatives of the FIFA organization named the country in whose territory the 2018 World Cup will be held. It turned out to be Russia. I will share verified information regarding this important event in the world of football.

Many countries, including Spain, France, England and Italy, dreamed of meeting the twenty-first championship on their territory, but luck was on the side of the Russian Federation. Here the most important stage of the championship will take place - the final. Our country was first awarded such an honor in the entire history of the cup. It is not surprising that this event excites the mind and created a lot of trouble for the authorities.

Championship Mascots

The mascot of the upcoming event was determined by voting. The largest number of votes, or more than 50%, was gained by a funny wolf cub nicknamed Zabivak. He by a considerable margin identified competitors in the face of tigers and cats.

The emblem was no less interesting. This is a soccer ball located on the top of a complex weave. For fans of the championship symbolism caused a number of associations, including a nuclear explosion and even a razor consisting of knives.

Cities and stadiums

Soccer ball on grass

The members of the football commission held a lot of closed meetings, which determined the cities and stadiums for the matches. The list of these cities and stadiums is already in the public domain. See if your hometown is present in it.

  • Moscow - Luzhniki and Spartak;
  • St. Petersburg - “Zenith Arena”;
  • Kazan - “Kazan Arena”;
  • Sochi - Fisht;
  • Volgograd - “Victory”;
  • Samara - “Space Arena”;
  • Saransk - “Mordovia Arena”;
  • Nizhny Novgorod - the eponymous stadium;
  • Ekaterinburg - “Central”;
  • Kaliningrad is the eponymous arena.

The FIFA Commission allows international football matches only at stadiums that meet stringent requirements. Therefore, before the start of the championship, some football arenas are brought into proper condition, while others are rebuilt.

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Presentation of Russia (2018 World Cup)

Match Dates

Every football fan knows that the main part of the championship consists of four stages, in which a series of matches is held. Where and when will these events take place?

⅛ finals

  • June 30 - Kazan and Sochi;
  • July 1 - Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow;
  • July 2 - Rostov on the Don and Samara;
  • July 3 - Moscow and St. Petersburg.

¼ finals

  • July 6 - Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan;
  • July 7 - Sochi;
  • July 7 - Samara.


  • July 10 - Petersburg;
  • July 11 - Moscow.

The final

  • July 14 - Petersburg;
  • July 15 - Moscow.

The schedule of matches is quite tight, but if you wish, you can catch all the most important events and become an eyewitness of the most amazing moments.

Fan passport - what is it for, how to get it?


A fan passport is a Russian innovation that has no analogues. For the first time, this system was used during the Olympics in Sochi, where it worked well. The organizers of the upcoming championship decided to use the innovation after preliminary improvement.

A fan passport is required for both Russians and foreigners. The main task of the innovation system is to provide fans with safety and comfort.Additionally, this electronic document will provide the owner with several benefits:

  • Free travel in rail transport between the host cities of the championship;
  • Free travel on special and public transport;
  • Visa-free entry to the territory of Russia for foreign fans.

You can apply for a fan passport in two ways - in the Issue Center and through the website www.fan-id.ru. The document processing procedure is as simple as possible.

  • Buy a ticket for the upcoming game. To do this, visit the official FIFA website or look at the sales center in one of the participating cities.
  • Submit an application. To do this, visit the fan-id.ru resource, select the language and fill out the questionnaire, indicating the ticket number, full name, gender, date of birth, passport details and citizenship. Upload a photo. If you want to get a certificate at the issuing center, look at the department, grabbing your passport and ticket.
  • Leave contact information and wait for the result. The application will be considered within 3 days. After receiving the appropriate notice, look at the issuing center with a passport and collect the certificate. If there is not enough free time, order the delivery of the passport by mail.

Be extremely careful when filling out the form. Indicate only reliable information. If you make a mistake or incorrectly indicate the passport series, you will be refused. Even a photo that does not meet the parameters can cause disappointment.

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How much are the tickets

Professional sport brings unbelievable profit to the organizers, and this is a fact. It is not surprising, because the fans, regardless of the cost of tickets, are not able to miss another sporting event. I think the upcoming football championship will not be an exception. Ticket prices are already known, and you won’t call them democratic.

Fortunately, the event will not hit the wallet of Russian citizens so much, because they, being the owners of the championship, have the opportunity to buy a pass to the stadium at a reduced price. By the way, tickets are divided into four categories.

  • The first is the central stands.
  • The second - the edges of the central stands and places outside the gate.
  • The third - separate seats behind the stands.
  • Fourth - tickets for the Russians.

Now about the prices. The minimum ticket price is 1280 rubles. More expensive. Entrance to the stadium for the opening match with the participation of the Russian team will cost 3200 rubles. For watching the final match, sitting in a budget place, you will have to pay a little more than 7,000 rubles.

As for foreign fans, getting the next portion of emotions and impressions will cost them much more. The minimum cost of a budget ticket at 105 US dollars. Well, those who will not regret 1,100 dollars will be able to get to the final match.

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Ticket sale for the World Cup starts in Russia

What we have? The picture of the 2018 FIFA World Cup impresses with the price range of the organizers and clearly demonstrates the lack of financial modesty. I hope that the entertainment of the football event will compensate for everything.

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