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Eurovision is a music contest held every year among countries that belong to the European Broadcasting Union, and therefore countries outside of Europe, for example, Israel and Australia, are allowed to participate. Each country sends one representative. The winner is the one who scores the most points as a result of voting by a professional jury and viewers.

Eurovision was first held in Switzerland in 1956 as a modification of the San Remo festival and an attempt to unite nations after the Second World War. Today, this event is one of the most popular competitions in the world of music, watched by more than 100 million people around the globe.

In 2019, Eurovision will be held in Israel, as the winner of the competition in 2018 was the representative of this country.

Place and date

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Semifinal competitions of the competition will be held on May 21 and 23, and the grand finale - on May 25, 2019. The host of the competition will be Israel, the city of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

The dates for the competition in 2019 have moved slightly due to the UEFA Championship and the celebration of Israel Independence Day.


If Israel chooses Jerusalem as the capital of the song contest, some European countries have promised not to participate in the event. The Israeli side is inclined to believe that only the Teddy and Jerusalem Arena stadiums located in Jerusalem meet the requirements imposed by the European Broadcasting Union.

There are also difficulties in conducting Eurovision in the capital of Israel. Residents of the country honor religious traditions, according to which Saturday is considered a special day. The holiness of this day cannot be broken.

Israel still has “reserve options”. Cities and possible venues for Eurovision (stadiums, palaces):

  • Tel Aviv - one of the pavilions of the center of fairs (requires the consent of the mayor of the city).
  • Eilat - there is no site, but it is possible to combine two existing buildings in the Eilat port area under one roof.
  • Haifa - there is a Sammy Ofer stadium, open, without a roof (according to EMU requirements, only covered premises are suitable).
  • The area around the ancient Masada fortress.

Hosts and Arena

The Israeli fairs center is a complex of pavilions. New Pavillion (No. 2) is considered as a platform for Eurovision. It can take up to 10,000 spectators, and this is enough for the competition.

Some UEFA Cup football matches in 2019 will be held at the stadium in Haifa. Preparing this venue for Eurovision will be problematic.

Eilat Bay is one of the 40 most beautiful bays in the world. The idea of ​​building an indoor concert hall in the seaport was borrowed from Copenhagen.

The names of candidates for the leading places in the 64th Eurovision Song Contest are named:

  • Bar Rafaeli is a top model.
  • Galit Gutman - model, actress, led the project "Americas Next Top Model".
  • Ayelet Zurer, Noah Tishby, Meirav Feldman - actresses.
  • Guy Zoo-Aretz - actor.
  • Geula Even-Saar, Rumi Neumark - news anchors.
  • Lior Souchard.
  • Erez Tal, Lucy Ayub - TV presenter.
  • Dudu Erez is a comedian.
  • Esther is a singer.

Russia at Eurovision 2019


Russia may participate in the competition, but it is not yet known for sure whether the country will send its participant to Eurovision or not. After the failure in 2018, we can hope that they will choose a representative for the contest taking into account the talents and opportunities available to the performer.

Who will go from Russia

The contractor from Russia has not yet been named. Applicants for the right to represent a country in an international competition:

  • Manizha.
  • Svetlana Loboda.
  • Olga Buzova.

The list of possible Eurovision participants is approximate. Sergey Lazarev, Julia Samoilova, Alexander Panayotov do not exclude participation in the competition. The latter reported that the issue of his performance at the Eurovision has been resolved. He reinforces his statement with the prediction of one of the psychics. The European public is already familiar with Sergey. His second attempt could well have brought victory to Russia.

Polina Gagarina also has a beautiful voice. The songs in her performance are pleasant to listen to. Three years ago, Polina established herself as a talented performer, she took 2nd place in the competition.

Song of Russia

At Eurovision, you can only speak with a song that was first performed after September 1 of the previous year. Some Russian artists have talented authors who can write a catchy hit.

Philip Kirkorov has already turned to Mikhail Gutseriev. The latter may well write a song for Eurovision, with which you can win the competition.

Who and what will perform at Eurovision 2019 from Russia is still unknown. One of the contenders for the contest (Manizha) said that she already has the song “I am who I am”.

List and songs of participants from other countries

View from the hall to the stage

The desire to participate in Eurovision-2019 was officially expressed by 12 countries. Together with Israel - 13. Kazakhstan is also planning to participate in the song festival, but so far it is not on the list of participants because the country is not a member of the Council of Europe.

Five states, the creators of the song festival, automatically fall into the final:

  • United Kingdom.
  • France.
  • Italy.
  • Germany.
  • Spain.

Countries that refused to participate in 2019:

  • Andora.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Slovakia.

It is known that the Russian singer Daryana will represent the state of San Marino. The names of other performers, representatives of participating countries, are still unknown.

Who will go from Ukraine and with what song

Ukrainian Eurovision fans nominate the following applicants:

  • Michelle Andrade.
  • Zhizhchenko.
  • Max Barsky.
  • Hamza Trio.
  • Aidu Nikolaychuk.

There are a lot of applicants, even Alekseev, who represented Belarus in 2018, is nominating. Disputes about who will go are already underway. But only after the national selection, the name of the performer will be known.

Who will represent Belarus

According to the regulations, even foreign citizens can represent a country at a competition. However, the inhabitants of the country themselves would like to see their own, and not the legionnaires, at the song festival.

Michael SOUL announced his participation in the national selection for Eurovision-2019. The people also offer Anton Sevidov - the leader of the Tesla Boy group. The latter closed, and the young man began a solo career.

Favorites in 2019

Fan Shooting

It's too early to talk about who will be the winner. Even the predictions of bookmakers drawn up just before the start of the competition do not coincide with the results.

Winners of the past 5 years

The countries in which Eurovision was held in 2014 - 2018:

  • 2014 - Denmark, 1st place - Conchita Wurst.
  • 2015 - Austria, 1st place - Mons Zelmerlev.
  • 2016 - Sweden, 1st place - Jamala.
  • 2017 - Ukraine, 1st place - Salvador Collected.
  • 2018 - Portugal, 1st place - Netta Barzilai.

Junior Eurovision 2019

Singer with microphone

A children's song contest has never been held in Russia. But the victory of a Russian participant in the JESC 2017 final inspired the organizers of the national qualifying round to apply for the right to host the finals of the 17th International Children's Song Contest.

The country has universal venues for events of an international level. One of them is in Sochi. The Governor of the Krasnodar Territory is ready to accept the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2019.


The international stage of the children's song contest is traditionally held in the last decade of November. The exact information on the date of the Junior Eurovision will be known in early 2019. If you look at 2017 and 2018, the start of the national selection should be expected in February. The final is likely to take place in June.

The early determination of the winner of the final of the national qualifying round, according to the organizers, allows the contestant to tune in to the performance and prepare well.


Contestants at the time of the event should not be older than 14 years. National qualifying contests will be held only at the beginning of 2019, so it is not yet possible to name the participants.

Helpful information


Countries that violate the rules of the competition may be fined. So, in 2017, due to the fact that Ukraine did not allow a participant from Russia to enter the country, the hostess of the competition was fined. For the refusal to broadcast Eurovision on official television channels in the same year, Russia received an oral warning.

Changes to the Rules

After the events in 2017, EMU decided to add some points to the regulation. They relate to:

  1. Performers (the representative of the country at Eurovision should not be on the black list of the host country).
  2. TV channels of the host country (if they did not have time to prepare for a certain time, the venue of the competition may be rescheduled).
  3. Jury members (jury members, contestants and songwriters should not be bound).

Logo and tagline

From 1956 to 2001, competitions were held without slogans. The innovation came in 2002. The right to determine the official slogan belongs to the country hosting the Eurovision. The exception is 2009. Moscow did not come up with it, giving each participating country the opportunity to put forward its own slogans.

2018 Competition Results

The winner of Eurovision 2018, held in Lisbon (Portugal), was Netta Barzilai from Israel, who scored the most votes, with a total score of 529. TOP-10 places of the competition:

  1. Israel.
  2. Cyprus.
  3. Austria.
  4. Germany.
  5. Italy.
  6. Czech.
  7. Sweden.
  8. Estonia.
  9. Denmark.
  10. Moldova.

Yulia Samoilova, who played for Russia in the semifinals, did not reach the final stage.

Russia at Eurovision 2018


Russia is again participating in the 2018 competition, which was not admitted to Ukraine in 2017 due to the participant's arrival in Crimea.

Who spoke from Russia

The country was represented by Julia Samoilova. At 13 years old, the contestant became disabled in the first group due to spinal muscular atrophy, having the ability to move only in a wheelchair. Nevertheless, this did not prevent Julia from an early age to take part in various musical competitions.

Song of Russia in 2018

In Portugal, Julia Samoilova presented the song I Won’t Break, which means “I won’t break”. The authors of the composition: Leonid Gutkin, Natta Nimrodi and Arie Burshtein, who also wrote the song “Flame Is Burning” for last year’s contest, where they didn’t let Yulia go. According to the contestant, she likes the new song more, it has a certain core, and it better matches her personally. With her, the singer performed on May 10 in the second semifinal of Eurovision 2018.

Video plot
Julia Samoilova I won't break Eurovision 2018

Who spoke from Ukraine

From Ukraine, the singer Melovin participated in the competition program. He has rich experience in successful performances - winning the sixth season of the vocal show “X-factor”, third place in the selection for Eurovision in 2016, and winning in 2017. On February 24, 2018, Melovin became the official representative of Ukraine at Eurovision with the song “Under The Ladder” ".

Who represented Belarus

Belarus in Lisbon was represented by a performer of Ukrainian descent Alekseev with the song “Forever”. On February 16, he officially won the right to represent Belarus at the competition. The composition had a scandalous background; some saw it as a violation of competition rules. But after a thorough check of the European Broadcasting Union, the uniqueness of the song and the admission to Eurovision 2018 were proved.


INTERESTING! Noteworthy is the curious list of prohibited items in the contest, published on Twitter.In addition to the usual alcoholic, explosive and firearms, Eurovision should not include chairs, golf balls, microphones, cups, helmets, adhesive tape, work tools, shopping carts, monopods for selfies, as well as discriminatory or political information.

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Eurovision has been going on for many years, but nonetheless retains its popularity. Some countries do not have high achievements, but from year to year they continue to participate in a music competition. This is a grand show, and a competition of young talents. There are many examples of how little-known performers became stars after participating in Eurovision, therefore, interest in the song festival only grows over the years.

Unfortunately, recently the connection between Eurovision and politics has been increasingly felt. I want to believe that in 2019 we will see a positive event, filled with beautiful songs and bright show moments. The wait is not long.

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