Where to go for the New Year holidays

Where to spend the New Year holidays

Long New Year holidays are timed to the New Year celebration. During long weekends people go to friends, exchange giveaways, champagne and fruits, congratulations and wishes. Some spend the New Year holidays on the couch watching TV shows.

Friends, the New Year holidays are not suitable for such trifles, because you can lie on the couch and watch your favorite TV show on the weekend. Strive to make the holidays turn into a fairy tale.

  1. Decide on the wishes and financial opportunities. Based on this information, choose a place for a New Year's holiday.
  2. Want to forget about the cold and frost during your winter vacation? Any travel company will offer a ticket to a warm country. If you decide on such a step, you run the risk of acquiring a sea tan and many pleasant experiences.
  3. If winter and heat are not comparable things, go to a ski resort or ski resort. Such a pleasure will offer Norway, Sweden or Finland.
  4. Long flights are not terrible? Spend your New Year holidays in Iceland or Greenland. These countries are famous for their natural beauties and entertainment facilities.

As you can see, the choice of places for the winter holidays is excellent.

Inexpensive options

New Year holidays - a reason to relax. Sometimes the achievement of the maximum effect is accompanied by significant financial expenses, if you do not find a place where you can relax inexpensively.

Traditionally, people celebrate New Year as follows. They set the table, buy gifts, spend time cooking. Do not forget about cleaning, putting yourself in order, christmas hairstyle and buying an outfit. Can it be more profitable to travel abroad as a family?

  1. It is better to buy a ticket a few months before the holidays. If you purchase a tour in mid-summer, you can save at least 25% of the cost.
  2. Decide which country you intend to visit. Write down the holidays that fall in these countries at the end of December. The list should include Catholic Christmas. Americans and Europeans, for whom this holiday is most beloved, celebrate it on December 25th. They prepare very carefully for this day, decorating houses and streets.
  3. Be sure to list Orthodox Christmas and New Year, which are celebrated in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries.
  4. In modern life, even in an Egyptian hotel, a big banquet table is customary for this holiday.
  5. The list is ready. Now decide on the date.


Photo of winter Prague

Travel agencies reduce the cost of New Year's vouchers after the holidays. The largest price collapse is observed after January 10th.

  1. Weekly New Year holidays in Prague, starting from December 28, for one person cost from 600 euros.
  2. If you go to the Czech capital after January 7, the cost will be reduced by a third. If you get to Prague on your own, with transfers, the discount can reach 50%.

New Year Prague

Prague Christmas


The cost of the New Year holidays in Egypt after Christmas from 350 dollars per person. Exotic countries are not friends with an inexpensive New Year.


New Year's tour costs from $ 700 per person. On New Year's Eve dinner for one costs at least $ 250.

As you can see, I failed to give an exhaustive answer to the question. In each country, on the eve of the New Year, prices are rising rapidly. If you dream of an inexpensive vacation, put it aside one week after the holidays.

The best places for the New Year holidays with children

New Year is a magical winter holiday. Adults and children are looking forward to it. The unique spirit of celebration makes you believe in a miracle, and a great vacation is an excellent occasion for communication in the family circle.

New Year holidays provide an opportunity to go on vacation with the whole family and enrich the body with a portion of new experiences.

So that domestic inconveniences do not overshadow the holidays and holidays with children were a success, make an interesting route and foresee everything.

Holidays in Russia

  1. Great Ustyug. The most popular destination during the holiday season is Veliky Ustyug - the birthplace of Santa Claus. Here sledding, participating in competitions on snowmobiles, ice skating or skiing.
  2. People get access to comfortable rooms in the hotel, good service, exciting games and attractions, and theatrical performances.
  3. In Veliky Ustyug, they visit the zoo, conservatory, and wizard's palace. During the tour, Santa Claus will personally present the children with gifts and take a picture for memory.
  4. Kostroma. Take a look at Kostroma - the homeland of the Snow Maiden. Her magnificent tower is located on the banks of the Volga. Grandfather Frost’s granddaughter has fun for children: walks in the ice halls, visits to museums and even moose farms.
  5. Coast. The trip program provides for walruses swimming in the sea, beach pleasures, visiting attractions. You can go to frozen Baikal. The unique beauty of the lake will remain in memories for a long time.

Holidays in Europe

If you want to spend family vacations in a European country, go to France. It will delight famous sights, fine cuisine and ski resorts. Believe me, children will be delighted with Disneyland and Monte Cristo Castle.

I shared my personal opinion about the New Year holidays with children. Of course, my opinion may not coincide with your vision of the situation, because each person has his own tastes and outlook on life.

Where to spend New Year holidays in Europe

Europe is enchanting in winter, fresh in spring, appears in all its glory in summer, and makes one admire in autumn.

I will tell you which European cities are suitable for the New Year holidays.

Winter Prague

  1. Europeans like winter Prague. They dream of becoming eyewitnesses of the magic created by the townspeople and mother nature. Regardless of the weather, in December the Czech capital is covered with white snow.
  2. People are happy to participate in festivities and willingly abide by Czech traditions, which makes their stay in the city interesting and unforgettable.
  3. An integral part of the Prague holidays is the Christmas characters, St. Nicholas, the devils and angels. These participants in the celebration celebrate theatrical performances on the streets that delight adults and entertain the kids.
  4. Prague New Year's Eve is characterized by bright fireworks, festivities, a noisy and joyful atmosphere. New Year's trip to Prague - a way to a fairy tale.

Rome, Venice, London, Berlin, Amsterdam

  1. Rome provides an opportunity to see Santa Claus, shepherds with bagpipes and enjoy the taste of wonderful New Year's salads.
  2. Venice welcomes guests with large sales, smart streets, gondolas and carnival masks. Winter is the best time to discover Italy’s cultural and architectural treasures.
  3. London traditionally celebrates the New Year with grand sales, ice rinks with free entry, a huge parade.
  4. Guests of Berlin can participate in the Pancake race. The main action of New Year's Eve takes place in the open air at the Brandenburg Gate.
  5. During the New Year holidays, Amsterdam resembles a sparkling Christmas tree. Numerous bridges across the canal are decorated with festive garlands.

Wherever you go, fun and good mood await you everywhere.If you dream of a European winter holiday, put off things, forget about the problems and go. Europe will meet with a kaleidoscope of New Year's festivities, which will remain in memory for a lifetime.

Where to spend New Year holidays in Russia

Not every family can afford winter vacations in a warm country under the rays of the tropical sun. Some do not want to go to a foreign country for the New Year, because in Russia there are a lot of places where you can spend the New Year holidays.

  1. Homeland of Santa Claus. Even if the child does not believe in Santa Claus, a trip to the Great Ustyug will bring great pleasure. The city is characterized by clean air, mild climate, pine forests, amazing nature.
  2. New Year's Petersburg. In winter, the city is unusually beautiful.
  3. Sochi. With luck, the air warms up to 15 degrees Celsius. Developed infrastructure, picturesque nature and first-class hotels.
  4. Krasnaya Polyana. Ski slopes, mountain landscapes, snow-white clouds that seem to lie on the mountain peaks.
  5. Moscow region. Beautiful estates, which are famous for feasts and balls. Citizens honor traditions and provide a wonderful holiday.
  6. Homeland of the Snow Maiden. The snow maiden was born in the wrong place where Santa Claus lives. Her hut stands on the territory of the ancient Russian city of Kostroma. There is an ice room in the hut, the temperature of which is 15 degrees below zero. The interior of the room, tables, chairs, walls are made of ice. Even the glasses on the bar are icy. Real only tinctures.
  7. Snow safari. Altai offers such a pleasure. You can go to a wild place on a modern SUV, moving on snowy roads. During the trip you can engage in photo hunting, contemplate animals, and after stopping, go snowboarding or skiing. Upon returning to the camp, a bath with fragrant honey and local herbs awaits.
  8. If the listed options do not fit, pay attention to Ukraine. It is known for its excellent historical sites, ski resorts, unique cuisine.

No matter where you spend the New Year holidays, I wish you a pleasant vacation! Appreciate and love people who are always there.

New Year's Moscow


If you like to spend the holiday in the old way, do it. Set a chic table, prepare gifts and costumes, get fireworks, make Christmas decorations and decorate the tree. Try to make the celebration different from the previous ones.

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The next day, family go for a walk in the streets of their hometown. During the trip, you can look into the theater or cafeteria, visit the entertainment center or skating rink. There are many entertainments. Good luck to you!

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    My boys themselves offered a New Year's holiday to me and my husband. Ride on New Year's Eve and holidays in Sochi to meet in a fairy tale and participate in the New Year's fairy tale parade with Santa Claus.
    In principle, not a bad decision. Why not diversify the holiday. And a miracle will not hurt us ourselves!

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